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JetBlue puts tickets up for auction!

jetbluesept-thumb-400x266With fares up, amenities down, airlines have to get a little creative. JetBlue on Monday started to auction off more than 300 trips on ebay.

JetBlue says this is a sort of test to see if this avenue is viable for selling tickets to normally empty seats.

Based on the bids so far, it looks to be working.

Source: LA Times Image: deritastudio

Airline Livery of the Week: Alaska Airlines

alaska75th_08-23-08-thumb-400x280Alaska Airline’s 75th anniversary livery.

Image: PlanePhotoMan

Life Vests — who needs them?

jazz_08-28-08-thumb-400x286To save some fuel and in turn save some money, Jazz Airlines is going to be removing life vests from all its planes. Have no fear though, you are still able to use your seat cushions as floatation devices.

At first look this seems to be bad for safety, but really only flights that are with-in 50 miles of land can only use their seat cushions and Jazz is only a transcontinental carrier.

So, really…if this saves me from having to pay another weird fee (life vest access fees anyone) I am ok with it.

Source: USAToday Image: deritastudio

Being bald pays off!

frontierAre you bald or willing to shave your head? Well New Zealand Air would like to give you $1000 to use your head as a billboard. They want to advertise that they are doing something about long-lines waiting to check-in. A very creative way for an airline to advertise a new feature!

Source: MSNBC Image: Thomas P. McManus