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This could be yours. Checkout those Evergreens in the background.

We are getting close to hitting 100,000 Twitter followers, and we should celebrate! The big question I pose to you: when will it happen? Why does the “when” matter? Well, if you guess the correct date when we hit 100,000 followers, you could win a sweet airline model!

Although I wasn’t super familiar with Bad Batz-Maru before this story, I totally respect the popularity of EVA Air’s special liveries. I get the power and draw of airlines having special liveries, and so far these designs have provided real results. Not only are passenger loads higher on these special EVA aircraft, they also make a great marketing tool (we are talking about it now right?). EVA has even created a special website for people to immerse themselves in this world and also to track the special Sanrio aircraft.

This is the real plane, but you are winning a 1:100 replica - Photo: 湯小沅 | FlickrDomain

This is the real plane (B-17001), but you are winning a 1:100 replica – Photo: 湯小沅 | FlickrDomain


You could win a super sweet EVA Air (UNI Air) ATR 72-600, 1:100 scale model with Bad Badz-Maru livery. It was new in box, but I opened it and put it together to take a photo of it, but I did not play with it. Check below on how to win.

This can be all yours - Photo: AirlineReporter

This can be all yours – Photo: AirlineReporter

Do you want to win a Qatar Airways Airbus A380 model? Of course you do! Lucky for you, we have one and we are looking to give it a new home. All you need to do is make sure you are following us on Twitter, and then retweet our contest tweet and you are eligible. The contest will be open until 5:00 p.m. PDT on Friday, August 26th and at that point we will randomly pick from the valid entries. Here, I will make it easy for you with the official tweet below:


Update: CONGRATS to @lauratherad for winning this sweet, sweet model! Stay tuned for our next contest!


Can you please give me more details about the model?
Yes. It is a 1:200-sized model (a.k.a. big — 14.5″ long, 16″ wingspan). I can’t tell who makes it, but it has a fancy wooden stand. It’s registration number is A7-APA, which makes it the 137th A380 built, and it first flew in June 2013. 

Wait, is this a used model?
The photo is of my personal model. The one we are giving away is brand new, in box. We can be model buddies.  

Who is eligible?
If you have a Twitter account and follow the rules — you are. I will ship it anywhere in the world to the winner. 

Does the model actually fly?
Yes. Once.

I work for Delta, can I win?
Of course. As long as you proudly display it at work. 

Does this come with subsidies?
Ha… funny, but no they are not included. 

Can you just declare me the winner?
Yes I can. Will I? No.

I don’t have Twitter?
That sucks. Sorry, you need to do this on Twitter to win. It’s free to sign up!

Can I enter on Snapchat?
What’s Snapchat?

It is a fun app where you can take photos and make yourself a princess or a panda bear that cries rainbows — that work?
Um… no. 

Can I just leave a comment on this story?
Sure… I probably will even reply to your comment, but it won’t enter you into the contest.

Can you wish me luck?
Good luck!


There are so many travel-related websites out there, it can become a bit overwhelming — especially if you are looking to receive the best rewards possible. A new player to the field, TripStreak, is the only flight search that allows you to select and save your travel preferences, resulting in customized results that go beyond fare and schedule.


Many of you probably do not just care about schedule and pricing. You want to know how many Elite/Premier Qualifying Miles (EQM/PQM – to earn status) or Redeemable Miles (RDM – to get tickets/upgrades) you can get with each transaction.

With TripStreak®,  you can rank your priorities among nine different aspects of travel: preferred airline/frequent flier program, miles/points type, type of aircraft, layover duration, fewest connections, lowest cost, prefer/avoid redeye flights, refundable flights, and WiFi onboard. Sweet!

And oh yeah… keep reading and you can end up winning a model of a Northwest Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Yes… they do exist!