How well do you know airline liveries?

How well do you know airline liveries?

Alright, we had quite a few people via the site and social media take a stab at the 7th Ultimate Livery Challenge and I have to admit that it wasn’t easy. I don’t think I would have been able to get all of these, if I wasn’t the person making up the contest. But here are the correct answers with links to the full photos:

#1 Monarch Airlines Airbus A321
#2 London European Airways BAC One-Eleven
#3 Piedmont Airlines Boeing 767-200
#4 Inter European Airways Boeing 737-200
#5 Air India Boeing 787 Dreamliner
#6 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines Tu-154B
#7 Hapag-Lloyd Express Boeing 737-500
#8 Yakutia Boeing 757-200
#9 Air China Airbus A330-200
#10 VietJet Airbus A320
#11 Spirit Airlines Airbus A320
#12 TAM Boeing 777-300ER

All the photos were taken by one person – our friend Ken Fielding (thanks Ken for letting us use them).

Always amazing how ridiculously-knowledgeable some of you AvGeeks are. The first one with answers, James, ended up with them all correct (nice work James!) So which ones were the easiest and which were the hardest?

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You’re welcome David. Actually it’s just as well I was barred from entering as I’d have got one wrong… DOH! At first glance I thought No:3 was PanAm, until I looked a bit closer!

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