There are so many travel-related websites out there, it can become a bit overwhelming — especially if you are looking to receive the best rewards possible. A new player to the field, TripStreak, is the only flight search that allows you to select and save your travel preferences, resulting in customized results that go beyond fare and schedule.


Many of you probably do not just care about schedule and pricing. You want to know how many Elite/Premier Qualifying Miles (EQM/PQM – to earn status) or Redeemable Miles (RDM – to get tickets/upgrades) you can get with each transaction.

With TripStreak®,  you can rank your priorities among nine different aspects of travel: preferred airline/frequent flier program, miles/points type, type of aircraft, layover duration, fewest connections, lowest cost, prefer/avoid redeye flights, refundable flights, and WiFi onboard. Sweet!

And oh yeah… keep reading and you can end up winning a model of a Northwest Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Yes… they do exist!

How I ordered my

How I ordered my priorities

I  had the chance to give TripStreak a spin and it is pretty amazing. Looking at a future trip from Seattle to New York, I was able to create my account, select my priorities and get my results. Next to my flight options was the TripScore, which is based on what I want most out of my flight. There are also plenty of other filters to better fine-tune my search as well.

The TripScore is based on the information I gave TripStreak

The TripScore is based on the information I gave TripStreak

If you look at the screen shot above, you might wonder why the top listing is not the cheapest. That is because of the filters and priorities I set. Based on those, TripStreak is suggesting a flight that might cost more up front, but is giving me the things that are more important to me, such as more EQM miles and shorter layover duration. This, no question, saves some time (and frustration) not having to calculate all the cost benefits on my own (yes, I will often use spreadsheets to compare).

The site uses the data you offer (don’t worry, they aren’t doing anything evil with it) to give you the best search results possible. You can save your itinerary to TripIt with one click to make it easy to organize your travels.

They also plan to add on hotels and rental cars to maximize your rewards even more!

You can win this Northwest Airlines 787 model

You can win this Northwest Airlines 787 model!


NOTE: The contest has now ended. Comments have been closed. 

Oh right… the contest.

I recently had the chance to speak with TripStreak CEO, Charles Ralston — an AvGeek and pilot (flown aircraft from the Cessna 172 to seaplanes to the Super King Air 200). When we brainstormed on how to introduce TripStreak to our community, he was all-in for giving away some cool stuff, because who doesn’t like that? He chose a Northwest Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner model. Of course, that livery will probably never see the Dreamliner (one can always hope for a special retro livery), but what a slick looking model!

So how do you win? Easy.

Simply do a flight search on TripStreak.com, and leave a comment below to let us know what you think (it doesn’t have to be a real flight — you can just take it on a test drive flight)!

You need to be in the US, only one comment per person, and the contest will close at 11:59pm PST on February 15, 2016. At that point a random, qualified person will be selected and mailed the goodies. Good luck!

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Tim Edmon

Pretty slick website. I like the +- 3 days feature and allowing you to look at nearby airports. Seems very good for finding a good deal.

Chad Harris

Tried out the flight search option and I have to say my honest impressions are that I love it. I was surprised how many filter options you can set to priortize results. I have mine set to Delta frequent flyer, Medallion Qualification miles, lowest cost, widebody aircraft and fewest connections. I can definitely see myself using this site when looking for flights. Lots of potential.

ORD Flyer

I tried it out and love that you can set your airline and even level of elite status as a filter. That worked great!

It’s a cool idea – i’m still used to just making these determinations myself, so i’d like to be able to see more results to make my own determination if the higher price is worth the benefits i’m getting.

Hi BC – noted, we’ll take that into consideration!

Very smooth page navigation and a very snappy result. Definitely bookmarking this for trip research moving forward. Great planning tool and hassle-free features. A+++++

Good navigation and a more advanced search for the real frequent flier.

Josh Homer

Mobile didn’t work too well for my older phone. Couldn’t get it to load flight info. Like the design though!

Hi Josh – if you could send an email to in**@tr********.com with the mobile version and which page you were on, we’d appreciate it.

I was sort of hoping this would factor in your elite status and give you different fare bucket options. Like lowest cost is X but to move up a fare class it’s X and give you blank more miles.
I tried it out with United as the Preferred program any my number 1 priority, but it was just displayed Air Canada flights without the accompanying breakdown of what I would earn on my United account. I’d have to play around with it more to see if it works for some of my future flights

Hi CS – the first idea is something that’s on our radar, so stay tuned. Please keep us posted on the second issue – please send any details to in**@tr********.com

My favorite part is the mileage earned display. With the miles earning based on spend with certain carriers, I like that it is clearly defined what you will be earning.

I tried TripStreak. I thought the functionality was really good. A couple of things that I found helpful are the ease of navigation and the intuitive search options.

I signed up for it actually and it’s pretty cool that it lets you use all of the somewhat unique filters. a lot of us AvGeeks sometimes have strange requirements for our trips that would require a real amount of work outside of this website.

TripStreak provides a great number of options. I like the detail, including Flight, Fees, etc. I would like to see equipment added as part of the flight detail. I was a little surprised to see AAL as the only option for the first 7 pages. Is there an affiliation with AAL, or is that simply due to how the offerings score per TripStreak?
Very good offering.

Thank you

Hi Major – no affiliation with AA (or any specific airlines). This was likely due to the search set.

I may like this as another option for future flight searches. It was nice to see the mileage details for the flight I choose as an example( SEA-JFK) with the airline I prefer to use. Once the filters are set and the options are saved it may be that other option for a quick look for fares.

Really slick site and I like being able to choose slightly more unique filters. Wish I could set optimization of total travel time instead of just number of connections — I’m willing to take 2 connections that result in 15 hrs travel time for $1500 instead of 1 connection for 14 hrs travel time for $2k.

Hi J – we actually have a “Flight Duration” filter, so check it out when you have a chance. If you had something else in mind, definitely let us know!

Ah I was hoping that Duration could be something I could set/rank as a priority (so that it always applies when I search).

Ah ok. I misread the comment then. Got it now, and we’ll look into it.

i liked that you can organize preferences for nonstop, cheapest, etc

Harrison M.

I love the level of detail you can dig into in selecting your flight

I like that the Fare class is displayed in the results. I’m wondering about the business model however and the longevity – if people are just hitting the engine to get results (which they are charged api fees) then booking elsewhere – how will they make money?

Hi KONGXL – unfortunately, this is one of those unavoidable things in the industry. The upside is that everyone deals with this problem.

Clean UI, concise results and good deals!

Really nice looking site with a great concept. It will take some getting used to to not be thinking about all those factors. Would love to be able to exclude specific aircraft (CRJ200/ERJ145).

I like that you can search multi city

Isaac Schwartz

Very easy to navigate and definitely is unique by allowing the user to chose the order of preferences before searching for a flight. Canthe wait to use this tool for a real flight soon

Slick interface, would be nice if calendar popped up automatically for the next date on R/T searches as it does on other sites (a la Hipmunk)

Hi John – good idea. I’ve added it to our list.

Fyi, this will be fixed in a release later this week.

Added to my bookmarks. Very clean.

A great and easy way to find the flights that I want!

Didn’t get any results from my international search.

Hi Jason – sorry to hear that. Would be useful to know the search parameters. Please ping us on in**@tr********.com if you have a few minutes!

Thought of another suggestion: saved searches!!!!!!! I entered in a multi-city search and I definitely don’t want to have to enter it again.

Yep, that’s already on the to-do list!

I like it but a better mobile rendition would be nice, as I would often look into before getting back to a full PC. Hope I win the model. I am collecting NWA 787 models!

Hi Edwin – we tried to make the site as mobile-friendly as we could for the first iteration without breaking the bank. That said, if things go well for us, then we’ll definitely look into a native app.

This new entry into an already busy field looks interesting. While not of particular need at his instant, I’ve saved the link into one of those special corners that we all have. Let’s hope that they stick around for a while and do not try to sneak in a lot of blind up charges.

Thanks for all the feedback – makes all the hard work worth it! We appreciate it!

I’ll reply to the specific questions individually.

It looks very nice, but it is hard to like when the AAL “Book It!” links are broken. It would be nice to combine this interface with Kayak’s functionality.

Hi Ben – we’re seeing the same on our end and are looking into it.

Matthew Sugandhi

I like to search on Kayak for flights during my trips. Some friends of mine are planning a trip to Jan in Summer 2017, most likely during early September. I think Ill start useng TripStreak. I like how can compare prices for days ranging from +/- 1 to 3 days.

One question, will the site include info such as fees or services?

Hi Matthew – it’s something we’re looking into. However, you’ll notice that even Kayak just has a page for things such as baggage fees, so it’s more complex than it seems.


What I really appreciate about the site is that it focuses on letting you do what you came to do… Look for flights. It is uncluttered and has a nice layout that focuses on a summary of information that can be expanded if desired. People are used to using websites for travel and you’re not burdening them with extra information. I also love all of the filter options.

I haven’t looked at it on my phone, but the responsive experience worked well enough on Safari/iPad. The header scrolled as I moved down the page and left a gap a the top, and I also ran into the broken “BookIt”, but everything else is sharp.

I also use kayak for research but will bookmark and keep for my next round of flight hunting. 🙂

The layout looks good, but I tried a simple multi-city booking from Europe to Australia that I know Expedia and other booking engines will produce results for, and this site came back with nothing.

Back to the usual travel search engines for me…

Hi Pedro – sorry to hear that. If you have a few minutes, could you please send us your search parameters? We’d greatly appreciate it! in**@tr********.com

It’s a very nice website, I really like the way it brakes down the details of the selected flights including travel class and mileage details.
The minimalist design is a win for me!

Lisa Currier

Like this a lot. Great how the price is in big bold font!

As most have said, I like the layout. 2 gripes, when I put fewest connections first, it takes a while to get to nonstops, I prefer nonstops. When I have to click a page or 2, I personally don’t like that. Second, i know the airport codes of places I’m going. I don’t want to have to click on the airport to get rid of surrounding airports. I didn’t click on include nearby airports. These are pretty minor in the big picture. Good luck! I’ll add it to my list of sites but it probably won’t be my first choice.

Ok, we’ll look into why that’s happening. Thanks for the feedback!

This looks like it will be a big timesaver for my next trip. Maximizing miles and minimizing layovers are always a priority. Thanks!


It doesn’t seem to provide the direct flights that I know are available. I’ve entered in the appropriate frequent flyer info but it seems to default to more flights on other airlines. As others have said, I prefer nonstops and surely don’t want to connect and transfer to other airlines where I don’t have status.

Ok, there’s a chance it could be route-specific, but we”ll look into it. We appreciate the feedback!

Looks like a fresh, unique platform that captures attributes that many other big search engines are missing. I’m looking forward to the ability to search by aircraft!

I’m trying it now.. Not a huge fan.. Why fill out all the info about me no then book me on a totally different alliance? I couldn’t go back to look at what I selected without restarting the whole search.

Google flights might still be my go to.. Needs some work.. Wiling to try again

Hi Jason – sorry to hear you didn’t like the UX. I’d be interested in the details so I can try to troubleshoot the issue. in**@tr********.com

Ooooh that NWA 787 is a unicorn of a model. Definite want.

A couple of suggestions re: TripStreak:
a) Provide the ability to book each leg seperately. Trying to parse the gigantic list is a bit much.
b) Provide the ability to break the airlines down by alliance (ie. Star Alliance, oneworld, Skyteam). Better yet, have the ability to simply select something like “All Star Alliance”.

This definitely has potential! Keep at it!

Thanks for the comments!
Re ‘a’, we’ll look into that in terms of the design and flow.
Re ‘b’, already on the roadmap.

And agreed on the NW 787!

Andrew Du

I like the site; however, I would like to see an improved interface for those on mobile and tablet.

Hi Andrew – this is something that’s on our long-term radar. Mobile makes for an interesting challenge in the travel space as there’s so much content to try to get onto a small screen.

Adam Pfleegor

Easy search features, specifically the reordering of priorities during the search! Will definitely use in the future.

Agree with other comments earlier about having an alliance feature 🙂

Thanks Adam! Noted re the alliance filter.

Not bad! The site has a smooth workflow to it. Looks like no SWA results on this flight search site, either

Hi Peter – Southwest is a unique case. You’ll notice that they don’t publish fares anywhere but their own site, and this has been core to their business strategy. However, it’s rumored that this may change in the near future, so we’ll see. If that happens, then we’ll definitely aim to include their flights in our search results.

Joshua S.

Good website, I definitely will use it next time I book a flight.

Sweet navigation and love the drag and drop option and the flight amenities shown on the flight results page.

Great layout, easy, clean. Right to the point info. I like it! Now I just need to find somewhere to go…

I appreciated the nice user interface with clean, intuitive design. I thrive on the ability to search over flexible travel days (+/- 3 days), and this functionality could be enhanced with the ability to apply flexibility in a single direction (e.g. -1 day on outbound and +1 day on return); I frequently use that feature on Kayak. Ranking of preferences is brilliant, and I am intrigued by the TripScore. I found my ideal itinerary at a terrific price (SEA-ORD r/t for $197!), and I would even have purchased it through TripStreak if only the page hadn’t taken forever to load. I ended up going separately to the airline’s website to book the same itinerary. Still, thanks!

Hi Bryan – thanks for the feedback. Point taken about having a one-directional +/- date range. As we already provide the ability to include +/- 1-3 days on both ends, we can definitely look into this.

On the second point, I’ve reported it to the team.

looks nice. very helpful with the open jaws stuff.

but some better way to sort arrival times would be good.

Hi Dave – thanks for the feedback, and the sorting feature is noted. Cheers!

Derek W Thomas

Like the interface (Safari- MacBook). Searched using the flight details for an upcoming trip. No SWA flights listed? That’s who I’m booked with. Overall, search experience was great and the returned flights looked right on, with the notable missing airline. Stopped short of booking. I’ve bookmarked the site. TY!

Hi Derek – as mentioned previously, Southwest doesn’t publish their fares anywhere but their own site (even Kayak just shows the flight times). If their distribution changes, then we”ll definitely aim to include their flights in our search results.

OK, Hipmunck is still my favorite and works makes me use Amex Travel, so it doesn’t matter.

I’m really a fan of the design, I’m excited to have this for planning my next flight.

I like being able to test drive prior to signing up. Many seamless and helpful filters for planning that next trip.

I like the search features and the ability to rank what I am looking for when booking (i.e cost, times, etc). Thanks AR for referring this site.

Andy Norton

Interesting features and I appreciate being able to filter based on the fields you’ve added.

LIke how smooth the website is. I tried a few searches both domestic and international. I did see that on some flights, the flight features icons displayed are not for the specific class. For eg: on an economy itinerary on Emirates, shows a lie flat seat. Also same for internet, would like an indicator like paid or free internet on board. Would like to have Southwest included in the mix for domestic service, they are also foraying into intl sectors now. Thanks,

Hi Jobin – thanks for calling out the seat icon issue. We’ve fixed that on our end.

Interesting idea re paid/free internet…we’ll look into it.

I did a domestic flight search first and found the only advantage seemed to be showing multiple airline programs on one page. But then I found it would very helpful when booking international flights on alliance partner airlines because the rules and fare classes are much more complex. I usually start my search with google flights for its speed, but i guess i will use both in the future?

Vinayak Hegde

Soon TripStreak become a game changer for travelers based on my experience during a flight search for my family to international travel. Good move. Keep up!

Sebastian Awyong

Wonderful Service! A Warm of Hospitality! Great Flight!

Very good service!

I like it

Wow – I found a cheaper flight to Vegas on your site than by going SWA direct!

Rich Young

Love the interface. Will be tough to get me off Kayak but will give this a shot.

Chris wicks

I tried trip streak.com and it was an awesome experience!

I like the layout of the website. Its intuitive and easy to understand.

I like the color scheme. I don’t like that its not entirely clear what each thing means on the results page. (like the yellow line and bubble on the left hand side with a “71” in it).

Hi Bailey – thanks for that comment. We do have a mouseover popup on the TripScore, but we’ll look into making it easier to see.

Wyatt Stoneman

Ive always thought that it would be nice if a search engine could return results as cents per mile (either redeemable or elite qualifying). Particularly at the end of the year, I find myself searching for flights to requalify for status without concern for routing, and this would be really helpful!

Bryan Canterbury

Slick! Love the search flexibility!!

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