Wine (and more) under a Starship? Sure! - Photo: Future of Flight

Wine (and more) under a Starship? Sure! – Photo: Future of Flight

On Friday, June 19th, there is going to be some awesome action going down at the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour, located just north of Seattle: Wine, Wings & More. And if you do not already have tickets — you can not only win two of them, but also a free night at the Hilton Garden Inn. The hotel is in the perfect location… like a 30 second walk away, which is great is you have a few glasses of wine. First, the details:

WHEN: Friday, June 19th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm
WHERE: Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour
HOW: Keep reading to win some tickets. Can’t wait? Get some now!

  • WINE! Yes, fermented grapes from some of the best people that know how to do it. Not a wine fan — no worries. There will also be some breweries and non-alcoholic goodness as well.
  • Classy stuff to make your stomach not hungry (aka food)
  • Some great Jazz beats from the Kerry Wallingford Quartet
  • Silent auctions (shhh) relating to all things “taste”
  • Take some selfies with a Boeing 787

The Hilton Garden Inn at Paine Field is right next to the airport and provides awesome views - Photo: David Parker Brown

The Hilton Garden Inn at Paine Field is right next to the airport and provides awesome views – Photo: David Parker Brown

So… how do you win? Easy! The first thing is make sure you are able to show up. We want to give stuff away and give you a high-five, but if you can’t make it, then it all goes to waste and we are left with our hands in the air — embarrassing.

Make sure that you are following AirlineReporter and the Future of Flight via social media: @AirlineReporter, @FutureofFlight, AirlineReporter on Facebook, and Future of Flight on Facebook. Got that? Good! (if you are not on social media, just let us know three friends you will tell about both of us — pinky swear)

Next — leave a comment on this story. Let us know what would be your favorite plane to spot from the Future of Flight’s Strato Deck. Be sure to make your comment before 7:57 p.m. (nice, huh) PDT on Sunday the 14th. Then we will use a random number generator to pick, verify that the commenter that matches that number is eligible, and BAM — a winner!

And even if you do not win, still join us? Tickets are a pretty darn good deal for all the stuff that you get!

Contest is closed. Congrats to Asp and her guest for winning the tickets!

Friendly Reminder: Photography is NOT a Crime!

Obviously I’m not allowed to win anything, but here’s my question – will you be there, Mr. AvGeek?? If so, I’ll see you there! 🙂

Elizabeth Arant

I’d love to see any of the new planes!

Id love to see anything by Burt Rutan – Long EZ, White Knight 1, etc.!

Dreamlifter – no question. Done. Give me my tickets!

Person above beat me to it but dreamlifter of course!

Christy O

I’ve always wanted to see a Beluga in person, but that Dreamliner will make me just as giddy.

Michael Cole

For me it has to the plane that but Boeing on the map the 747

Christina Lopez

I would love to see the Dreamliner! ❤️


Concorde, Dreamliner and the Dreamlifter !!!

Randy Walberg

The 787 up close and personal

steve rabin

787 baby!

Jonathan Cisneros

Cessna 172

David lopez

Concorde or Dreamliner

Gabriel Trott-Stratton

I’d love to see a raptor fly by!

I would have to go with Dreamliner! I don’t wanna just see it I wanna know I went somewhere in it!

Carlos Valdez

D R E A M L à N E R

Robert Rodden

I would love to see a Dreamlifter.


I would love to see a Dreamlifer in flight. I have never spotted up there so anything would be a treat.

BJ Lanser

747-800! Who needs the a380…give me the queen of the skies!

Rebekah Trapp

Dreeeeeaaaamliiinnerrrr!!! 🙂 Please!


My favourite flight ever was Dubai with Emirates, so I’ll say the 777X.

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