How well do you know airline liveries?

How well do you know airline liveries?

Wow, it has been years since I have done one of these livery challenges and that is just too long. Some of you old time readers probably remember (and either love or hate them), but I want to introduce them to some of the new readers.

The idea is quite simple. I give you some images of different airlines parts/pieces and you need to tell me, in the comments, #1 what airline does the image belong to and #2 what is the airplane type.

If you have your answers (you do not need to know them all) go ahead and post them in the comments to show your livery knowledge. Now, no cheating and looking in the comments for ideas. There are no prizes, just you know that you are an airline livery bad ass.

In a few days, I will post the answers and links to the full pictures. Good luck!

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Some nice obscure ones in there!

#1 Monarch A321
#2 London European BAC1-11
#3 Piedmont 767-200
#4 Inter European Airways 737-300
#5 Air India 787-8
#6 Balkan Bulgaria TU-154
#7 Hapag Lloyd Express 737-700
#8 Yakutia 757-200
#9 Air China 747-400
#10 VietJet Air A320
#11 Spirit A320
#12 TAM 777-300

Hope I got them all!!

Michael Restivo

1. Monarch
3. piedmont
4. Intereuopean
5. Air India
6. Balkan
7. Hapaglloyd express( hlx)
8. Yakutia
9. Air China
10.Vietjet Air
11. Spirit

Ha! What fun. I don’t pay much attention to visuals, so I have no clue about the posted dozen, but heck yes, go for it. We’ll hope for more relevant content before the week is out. Yup, sometimes filler is necessary. In the aftermath of a huge story (MH370) when there is noting else to report, some game time is in order. I cannot name but a few of the boxes, but the pix are good. Kudos to all. -C.


David – It would be more fun if this were confidential reply for contest. I’m going with James on answers – he seems to have already nailed it!

there is no competition or prizes. just look at the pictures and type. simple as that.

Well the idea is not to look :).

I used to have everyone email me and I would go through the answers and mail stickers to the winners, but good/bad news is we have gotten so much bigger and managing it would be a challenge :).

I will look at possible other anonymous options!



1 – Monarch A320 with sharklets
2 – bac 1-11 but no idea on the airline.
3 – …missing…
4 – Inter European Airways 737
5 – Air India 787
6 – Balkan Bulgarian Airlines TU-134
7 – (Hapag-Lloyd Express) 737
8 – Yakutia airlines 757
9 – Air China (I am going with 747 but not 100% sure)
10 – Vietjet A320
11 – Spirit AIrlines A320
12 – TAM A330

#1 – Monarch – A320SL
#2 – London European – BAC111
#3 – BOAC – B747-200
#4 – Inter European B737-300
#5 – Air India B787
#6 – Balkan – TU154
#7 – hlx B737-500
#8 – Yakutia – B757-200
#9 – Air China – B747-400
#10 – Vietjet – A320
#11 – Spirit – A320
#12 – TAM – B777-200

Without looking at the others…I’m out of time so here are the guesses I have

1 Monarch Airlines A321
4 Inter European Airlines 737-800
7 Hapad-Lloyd Express 737-700
8 Yakutia Airlines 757-200
9 Air China 777-200
11 Spirit A 319
12 TAM 777-300

I know that 4 is a TU-154 also.


1 Monarch A320 Sharklets
2 London European BAC1-11
3 Piedmont 767-200
4 Inter European Airways 737-300
5 Air India 787-8
6 Balkan Bulgarian TU-154
7 Hapag Lloyd Express 737-700
8 Yakutia 757-200
9 Air China A321
10 VietJet Air A320
11 Spirit Airlines A320
12 TAM 767-300ER


1 monarch A321
2 London European Airways BAC 111
3 pan am B707
4 inter european airways B737
5 Air India B787
6 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines TU 154
7 Hapag Lloyd B737
8 Yakutia B757
9 Air China B777
10 Vietjet Air A320
11 Spirit A320
12 TAM B777


#11 Spirit has mostly A-319s so John G is probably the only correct guesser so far.

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