One of two Singapore Airlines' A380s in special livery - Photo: Sinagpore

One of two Singapore Airlines A380s in special livery – Photo: Singapore Airlines

NOTE: The contest has now ended. If you didn’t win, but still want of these sweet models — you can still buy one direct. Thanks for participating and wait for our next one!

Luckily for us, many airlines have come up with special liveries over the years creating an extra sense of wonder when you spot one out in the wild.

Recently, Singapore Airlines unveiled a livery to celebrate the country’s 50th anniversary (SQ50) and we wanted to do a little celebrating with them and you. The airline was nice enough to offer two (very nice) models of the Airbus A380, wearing this livery. Read on to learn more and to possibly win!

The 1:250 model up for grabs - Image: Singapore Airlines

The 1:200 model up for grabs – Image: Singapore Airlines


According to the airline, this model is, “a limited edition replica of the Singapore Airlines SG50 livery aircraft. Made of hard ABS plastic with a perfect snap fit construction, this highly detailed superior graphics true-to-scale 1:200 A380 model comes with landing gears and a display stand.”

This model is legit and not small. It’s length is 14.3” and the 15.7 ” wingspan is impressive.

If you do not end up winning and still want to get one… you can. They are $128 (plus a 10% discount going on right now) on the Singapore Airlines Kris Shop.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-841 (reg: 9V-SKI) landing at Zurich - Photo: Aero Icarus | FlickrCC

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-841 (reg: 9V-SKI) landing at Zurich – Photo: Aero Icarus | FlickrCC


There is no missing this livery, especially when it is on the giant A380. On both sides of the aircraft is a large Singaporean flag-themed design and the inboard engines have a SG50 logo. Making a design like this isn’t easy - here are some interesting facts about the design:

  • The special decal used for the large flag portion was divided into about 50 panels for each plane
  • The printing of the decal took about five days, on a 24/7 basis
  • 12 rolls of decal materials were used, and each roll was about 4′ by 164′
  • The amount of decal material used can cover 56 double-decker buses
  • The decal application took about eight days
- Photo: Singapore

Close-up of the design of the SQ50 A380 – Photo: Singapore Airlines


To further celebrate Singapore’s 50th Anniversary, Singapore Airlines is not only making fancy models, but letting you fly for pretty darn cheap. They are offering $850 Economy Class fares to Singapore from its four US gateways: New York (JFK), Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), and Houston (IAH).

The special deal started on Singapore’s Golden Jubilee on August 9, 2015 and they must be booked by September 27, 2015 for travel between September 1, 2015 and May 31, 2016. Book your flight, learn more, and read the restrictions on their website.

The livery looks slick with a blue sky in the background - Photo: Lorenzo Giacobbo | FlickrCC

The livery looks slick with a blue sky in the background – Photo: Lorenzo Giacobbo | FlickrCC


NOTE: The contest has now ended and comments are now closed. If you didn’t win, but still want of these sweet models — you can still buy one direct. Thanks for participating and wait for our next one!

Let’s get to the good stuff. You probably want one of those sweet SQ50 A380 models. Answer the question below in the comments and the person closest to the right answer will win.

What was the price of a cocktail, in economy, on Singapore Airlines during its launch year (in US dollars)?

Also make sure that you are following @AirlineReporter and @SingaporeAir on Twitter (while you are at it, make sure you like us on Facebook and follow our Instagram).

One guess per person. If you cheat, you are not eligible. At 5:00 pm PDT on Saturday, August 29, 2015, we will close the comments. The two people that are closest to the correct answer will win. If there ends up being more than one person with the right answer, we will randomly pick two winners.


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Flying a Thai Airways A380 in Royal First Class
Erik K. Weseman

This is great

Lachlan Campbell

Let’s take a stab in the dark and guess US$1.78?






I’ll take a wild guess and say 50 US cents.

Chris Bastian

Trick question – drinks were FREE in economy. Including takeoff glasses of champagne. (I was 15 at the time, and they never refused me).

Keith Hitchman

I think it is on the order of 25 US cents.

Goh yu xiong


Yuta Miura

Cocktails were free I guess for Economy Class. I guess ._.

Harrison Moore

$0.00- Free

Corey White

$0.00 (Free)

$0/free (that could get dangerous quickly)

45 cents

Ernesto Perez


Joshua Levy

They were free.


0$-Muhammad Raza Siddiqui


0.35 cents


Alex Nieves

It’s SQ…I think it’s gotta be $0…FREE!

Singapore airlines was the first airline in the world to offer free cocktails in economy class in the early 70s, so the answer is 0$


Sean Roebuck


Jake Pedersen

$0.00 USD for a cocktail

They were free.

$0.00 (Free)


Gordon Hohapata


Free of charge: USD 0.00

No charge

Jeff Wallace


Nathanael Brown

$0.00 (Free)

Cocktails were complimentary then. USD0.00.

Free! $0

Free, no charge. A perk for flying with Singapore.

I believe it would have been free.

James Patrick

$0.00 USD

Clive Dlima


I would guess it’s free.

Andrew Liu

Free. SIA went against the regulations set by IATA by serving free drinks and amenities in economy class in the 1970s.

Joseph Friesen

Singapore Airlines offered cocktails for free.

Uncreatively guessing free!

SQ offered free cocktails. $0.00!


Exactly $0.00

Daniel C

Absolutely nothing – Singapore Airlines subscribes to the theory that “once a passenger pays
for his or her ticket, there should be no more charges on the airplane”

Will lessard

Cost $4.00 USA

was free for all the passengers

Carl Enzor


Adrian in NZ

Zilch, nada, nothing, free, as proven by section 1.3 of this document – If I win, would you send this to New Zealand?

Free Yipeeee…


I believe SQ did not charge for drinks in economy at that time.

Ben Mowat

As one of the best airlines it was free. This would be right after it’s split with Malaysian Airlines after Singapore became independent.

Allen C.

Gratis – FREE!



George Torry

US$00.00 Free.


Question :
What was the price of a cocktail, in economy, on Singapore Airlines during its launch year (in US dollars)?

I’m gonna guess back then, it was figured into the price of the ticket anyway, and claim cocktails were “FREE” !!


All Food Drinks on my Vintage Jetliner Flights are FREE !

which incl. the Boeing 707 – 727 – 747 200’s and DC-8’s and Convair 880’s & 990’s

Just click on my user name to book your flights, seating is limited 🙂 !

Captain Jetranger / Sim Hanger


Glen Towler

I am going to go with free

Bronwyn Thompson


Lloyd White


It was USD0.00. Thanks.

Nasir Rakhangi


50 Cents

Simon Cumminga

I would guess that they were free.


I’m going to go with $0.00.

Zero, nothing, free, 0.00$ !

Matthew welton

I think if was free so $0.00.. But you were only allowed one free cocktail

Was just a twinkle in my parents eyes back then. But my Dad believes they may have been free.

Followed by a comment that “noting is ever free nowadays”

0.00 USD

Vincent Ng

It was free!!! $0.00 =)

US$ 0.00. Free

Jack Kreckie

Free drinks! $0.00


I think it was free and many have already mentioned it. So I am going with $0.01

Free! Nada. $0.00

Ignacio Colino


It would be free. In the “good old days” of flying weren’t the drinks free???


50 Cents US.

They were probably free.

Enrique Carbonell

Trick question. They did not offered economy class in 1947!!


Very nice!

Zack Rules

Free, I think they have always offered this.

Jose Henriquez


Greg Hill


Don Noble



It was free, that was the differnce with other airlines

Mike Butorac

If you go back to the origin of the airline in 1947 (thanks Wikipedia!) I doubt there were any cocktails served. But going with the 1972 date, I’ll go with free.

atul jain

It was free in economy class!




Dante De La Pava


Brandon Scott

I’ll say $3.80

Justin D

Free! $0 (USD)


They were free.

Joseph Barrow

I guess $0.01 very nice model


$0.00 USD

José Marcano Lainez

0 USD. Free.

Free: $0USD



FREE! $0.00 USD

Andrew Dudik

I’m guessing free, since I think they still are.

$2,04. É o meu palpite.

Freeeeeeeeee just like flying first class on SQ (according to a few blogs… Multiple credit card apps not included) smile

Jim Adams


Free. $0.00 USD

B.J. Guillot

Free. No Charge. Zilch. Nada.

Leo Schelvis

For Free.



Khing Ho

$0.00 USD

There were offered free of charge I believe, that is US$0.00.

Mike Flesher

$0.00. And for a while they ran a special – 2 for the price of 1!!



Jordan Hillier

I’m going with free, 0.00USD

Curtis Temo Lindelof

Zero $0.00

Free! $0.00

Christian Winter

For free, that is $0.00


0 $



$0 – ie, free

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