One of two TAM Boeing 777-300ER models you could win - Photo: David Parker Brown

One of two TAM Boeing 777-300ER models you could win — we kind of want to keep them for myself, but we are givers – Photo: David Parker Brown

We have these two awesome, 1:200 scale (aka, about a foot long) 777-300ER models from TAM Airlines that we don’t know what to do with. Why not give them away? That is exactly what AirlineReporter is doing and one of these fine models can be all yours! This is all you need to do:

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FAVORITE STORY: List what has been your favorite TAM Airlines’ story that we have done recently:

Two models -- ready to go to a new home! Photo: David Parker Brown

Two models — ready to go to a new home! Photo: David Parker Brown

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The New Eastern Air Lines Takes Delivery of First 737 in Miami

I always like the special trips you take, but my favorite was the uniform shop story. I always wondered how some airlines handled that type of thing.

I really liked the story about the museum. The planes were awesome. And the trip report was also very detailed.

(oh and I follow you on twitter and facebook)

Danny Jackson

Love the report on the maintainence operation! Really like seeing the variety of work they do in house!

Robert Rich

I really liked the article on the maintenance facility. It’s always interesting on what goes on behind the scenes with keeping these birds in the air.

I check this website daily, and I really like all the trip stories you post. My favorite TAM Airlines story was the VIP Tour of TAM Airlines’ New First Class on a Boeing 777-300ER. I particularly like’s stories about first class and business class offerings so I can live vicariously through the website. I fly frequently for business, but first class has been out of reach for business trips (banned by the company) and family trips (too expensive for a family of four).

Your pictures and trip reports on different airlines are helpful to me when booking trips. It’s always nice to hear what others experience before making a decision on where to go and who to fly.

Glad to hear that we can make an impact on your decision of what product to try next!

David, AirlineReporter

I loved the TAM Museum article. It was great to see airlines catering for us avgeeks.

Viorel Chiricioiu

My favorite TAM story on your website was the one about their Maintenance Operations, it was really interesting to see some behind-the-scenes photos and details.

Mark Johnson

The great thing about the airlinereporter website is that I become more versed in airlines all over the world. Often times we get caught up in what the USA carriers are doing. It’s very refreshing to see pictures and details on airlines throughout the world. The TAM story opened my eyes to a different perspective, particularly the jungle survival course. Overall a fascinating peek behind the curtain. Thanks.

Hey Mark,

It is amazing how much different some international airlines can be than ones based in the US :).

David, AirlineReporter

Gerardo Bentancor

This is the story I liked best: Touring TAM Airlines” Maintenance Operations in Brazil

I really enjoyed your story on Museu TAM. It makes me want to go back to Brazil!

love the 777….what an awesome bird

Rick Huffer

I liked the VIP Tour of TAM Airlines” New First Class on a Boeing 777-300ER story, I love exploring a whole plane.

Joel Ridgway

just walked off of a B777 to see this. Must be a sign

Glad to see that once you get off a flight, you are checking our AirlineReporter :).

David, AirlineReporter

Ben Granucci

My favorite article was the one on maintenance operations. But they were all very good.

Jayakrishnan Thankachan

I liked your article on TAM’s maintainance ops. People (media) love the glitz and glamour and tend to focus on that as they sell easily. To go behind the scenes and see for yourself makes the difference. Fascinating article with copious dose of Avgeek and drool stuff too. Looking forward to more such articles. Twitter is my preferred medium to share your work. Cheers.

My favorite was — Flight Review: Flying Business Class on TAM Airlines.

Craig Musicant

I liked the article on the maintenance operations. I follow you on Twitter and Facebook. Great Web site and blog!

Mike Combs

I liked this story: Flight Review: Flying Business Class on TAM Airlines. I follow you on twitter. @transiting

My favourite article was on the TAM museum visit and I follow you on Twitter.

Stan Tolliver

I enjoyed the article VIP Tour of TAM Airlines” New First Class on a Boeing 777-300ER. Great pictures of a great plane and company.Follow you on Facebook and Twitter.

I personally loved the story about the maintenance garage. It is about the people who are behind the scenes and get less credit than they deserve, yet they’re the ones making sure our birds are flying safe and sound in the air!


I have flown TAM both within Brazil and to/from Miami… and that article about the uniform store was fun. It brought back to mind the extremely polished cabin staff on the TAM flights.

My TAM international flights were on 767 and 330 equipment, so I did not fly on the 777. But I was especially sad that we didn’t get an equipment sub to the MD-11. 🙂

Great site but please, please, consider events that are not during president’s day/valentine’s day? Other times would be appreciated.

Brandon Kuyers

777-300ER is my favorite bird, although the new 777-9X may take over the top spot in my book

Tom Horngren

All the TAM articles were good. But to pick a favorite I would have to say the Article about Flying 15,000 miles to spend one night in Brazil was probably my favorite. Was a great story by David Parker Brown. Could totally relate to doing this. I once jumped on a plane from LAX to San Diego- spur of the moment round trip.

Loved the uniform story. Great inside look at an airline’s operation!

While I enjoyed the trip and the aircraft review…the museum stand out as my favorite. It shows a commitment from the airline that they enjoy the activity of flight and not just a business.

Love all the articles, particularly the ones not easily accessible to the public like those of training centres, catering centres, etc. Might I add these would all be amazing AVGeekfest ideas? 😉

My favorite story was: Touring TAM Airlines” Maintenance Operations in Brazil

Mike Chicago

Excited to fly TAM Business on my next trip to Sao Paulo based on the “Flying Business Class on TAM Airlines” report!!!

I found them all interesting, but the uniform shop stood out: I don’t recall seeing anything like that before.

As an aside, I recently had the opportunity to visit Hawaiian Airlines’ archives, and they were sad that they didn’t begin saving samples of their uniforms until recently.

Curt Portland

As a closet AV geek, I love this site. Really enjoyed the article Flying 15,000 Miles to Spend One Night in Brazil. It’s just the sort of thing one does, right?
Keep up the great reporting!

Thanks for this! I love a good trip report so that’s one of my favs but I actually loved all the other “behind the scenes” stuff that ordinary people like us will never get to see (flight attendant training, maintenance). Keep up the good work.

My favorite TAM story was the flight attendant training because it was unique and it focused on the crew for a change. Well done!

I love trip reports, especially in premium cabins, so the business class review was my favorite 🙂

Corey White

My favourite article was the Photo Tour of TAM Airlines” Flight Attendant Training. I think it’s really neat that an airline would teach their staff wilderness survival. Also, hello from the other side of the continent 🙂

Bob Gustafson

I like just about all of your stories. The TAM story about Flight Attendant Training was pretty good.

The TAM 777 would be a neat contrast to my oldest airliner model, a TWA 727-131 from about 40 years ago.

Anthony Ashley

would be a great addition to my collection.

Matthew Sugandhi

Without a doubt, my favorite TAM related article is the flightreviews, which are generally my favorite articles.

I love model aircraft !

Daniel Scott

My favorite was the photo tour of the plane if course.

Daniel Scott

My favorite was the photo tour of the plane.

Definitely the Uniform Shop article. Always wondered how airlines handled that sort of thing. Not a Social Media follower but have emailed more than several friends to follow Airline Reporter. Go, AvGeeks!! Go, ‘Hawks!!

Mike Antonelli

I’m a daily reader but would appreciate this not for myself but so I could ship it to my 10 year old grandson and creat a potential new AvGeek . He’s at the age where he loves new things and this might inspire an interest in aviation.

Please help me invest in his future…thank you for your consideration.

I liked the TAM First Class preview on their new 777. What a beast that plane is…

I like the 15,000 mile trip. I don’t need the TAM model but it would be nice to have. If I won I’d ask that you give it to a worthy child who would be thrilled with it….a sick kid, a poor kid, mentally disadvantaged…..whatever you thought.

My favourite story was the VIP photo tour of the new first class on the 777-300.
Have not had the opportunity to fly on the 777 yet but hope to soon. Maybe a model will do for now.
Great stories, keep up the good work.

Pavel Kubat

I always like your trip reports as they take me to different places I have never been!

John Spencer

The VIP tour was my fave. I follow you on twitter.

Kevin Brennan

My favorite story was the one about the flight attendant training facility tour. I always have wanted to jump down one of the emergency exit slides too.


My favorite story is ‘Visiting the World”s Largest Airline-Owned Museum — the TAM Museum in Brazil’. Wish I could visit that museum, but Brazil is very far from where I live.

I have followed you via RSS for some time already, but I will follow your page in Facebook, too: there’s no such thing as too many aircrafts in a news feed! 😀

Maria Cristina Montes

I really liked the story about the museum, I want to visit it on my next trip to Brazil!

My favorite story was about TAM’s flight attendant training. It was very cool to see that the Brazilian government makes airlines do jungle survival training and to see how much money they’ve spent on training procedures and equipment over the years. As a future flight attendant, that story was like candy for a little kid.

Your TAM trip inspired me to take a one night layover trip to JNB just to see how it feels. Yeah I’m still recovering. 🙂

Matt Baillie

I enjoyed the look at TAM maintenance. I follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Most def enjoyed this story:
Flying 15,000 Miles to Spend One Night in Brazil

Fatmir Jusufi

Thank you for sharing such very detailed trip reports on Brazil. This country has very much to offer, including aviation as well.

When it comes to the best part of the story, pictures of your tasty dinner on TAM got me mesmerized. I think it’s just because I’m spending last minutes at work while reading your trip reports I really enjoyed that.

Keep up the good work.

I love it when you guys to trip reports, when I get that email in the morning it makes my day better!

I’d like to contribute a story or a behind the scenes article for the website. I currently volunteer at a major US airport and I’d like to share that experience or offer some inside look. In any case, my favorite article with TAM was, Flying 15,000 Miles to Spend One Night in Brazil.” Seems like a crazy trip to me but I’d do it too!

Dhairya Yadav

my favourite was the flight training centre one. the cafeteria location was awesome!

TAM Museum in Brazil was my favorite. Maintenance facility was cool also.

Joseph Pfeiffer

I very much likes the business class flight review! Always makes it a good day reading trip reports,

Like TAM’s livery; almost as good as China Eastern’s !


the business class review and museum tour which i would love if could be more detailed were the favourite of mine

Brad Kratz

I enjoyed the story about flying 15,000 miles to spend a night in Brazil. I’m new to following on Facebook but I have been a FOD (friend of David) on Facebook for awhile now.

Scott Shearer

“Flying 15,000 miles to spend one night in Brazil” was my favorite! I’ve done stupid stunts like that during my 30 years at Delta.

Harrison Scott

I was especially enthused by the TAM museum article. It’s airline-owned (let alone the largest of its kind in the world!), you are able to walk through one of their Fokker-100s, and it’s right beside the TAM MRO Operations Center.

I have only recently been receiving AirlineReporter articles through e-mail for a couple months now. I appreciate the diverse amount of reading material that I am sent, and I am sent new material frequently.

I have flown a 767, 747, and an a340 before, but not a 777. Flying on a beauty as depicted in the model would be the experience of a lifetime!

jose orellana

it was really interesting to see that they have an amazon training facility! i have flown tam’s 777 in both configuration and its amazing!!!

Brad Coath

My favorite (and it was difficult because I like them all) was “flying 15,000 miles to spend one night in Brazil ” Hope I win. I look forward to all the stories !

James Burke

My favorite TAM story is about the TAM museum in Brazil. Love model airplanes and love flying on the 777, just recently flew on a Alitalia 777-200ER from Rome to Miami.

Bernard B

I prefered the TAM Museum story, but all are interesting reading.
I am social media limited… so I’ll email your site link to REAL friends.

Keep up your good work!

I liked the traveling 15,000 miles story because that is the kind of adventure you talk about for years to come.

Hi guys! My favorite recent TAM article was the touring of their huge museum! And I follow you guys on twitter and facebook! Have a Merry Christmas!

Personally, I liked the TAM 777 business class JFK-GRU review.

My favorite articles are often the flight reviews; I rarely use the products myself, so it is always a tribute to the writer if they can describe and show the experience in a meaningful way! Following on FB for now.

Enjoyed your write-up on the TAM museum, looks like a must see if I ever find myself there.

Check airline reporter daily. I might be the farthest reader in the world. Currently deployed to Naval Base Diego Garcia.

JL Johnson

Thanks for reading and for your service, Eric! JL Johnson, AirlineReporter

Chris Carraway

Loved the story on the TAM Museum. Hope to get there one day.

Loved the Flying 15,000 Miles to Spend One Night in my home country. Great to see stories from all over the World been published here!

Mike Grove

Always enjoy your write-ups and looking forward to your blog on the final merger to one operating airline, LANTAM.

I enjoyed the article on the uniform shop. One part of the industry often overlooked even though passengers see it everyday.

Jason Steele

I liked the article on TAM business class!

My favorite was the article on the Photo Tour of TAM Airlines” Flight Attendant Training!

Jay Hockey

i love your informative reviews. A fave website of mine. Perhaps we can share notes once I complete my Business class flight with MH from KUL to SYD tomorrow:-)

My favourite story was the F class tour on the JJ B77W. I just loved it.

Alisson Juliani

I’m all about flight reviews, so I loved the one on Business Class. I liked every other one, but I think that the most important part of an airline service is on the plane, in direct contact with the costumers, and we could have an idea about that on the review. Also, I’m Brazilian and the only national airline serving long-haul international routes for some time is TAM, so it was a very good opportunity to know opinion from foreign people.

Love following your aviation adventures and would love this model for my husband! ✈️😃✈️

I like all the articles but feel for you on the one night in Brazil article. I travel that way too.

I am a Star Alliance guy, so not likely to fly TAM. However, I love your article on flying business class in TAM. May be I can contribute some article of my flying experience (as a pax) on Asian airlines which you guys don’t do much.


Chris Tung

I love your articles! Keep up the great work!

I really enjoyed the VIP Tour of TAM Airlines” New First Class on a Boeing 777-300ER.

Douglas Wang

Love your stories about TAM. But further more, just love this website, very interesting articles, keep up the good job and happy holidays!

I really want to visit the TAM Museum in Brazil after reading the story!!!

Leo Schelvis

My daily work is at Engineering & Maintenance of KLM in Amsterdam and was very interesting to read about the TAM Airlines” Maintenance Operations in Brazil.

Per Skute

My son and I spend a lot of time to read your articles, and our favorite in this contest is “Touring TAM Airlines” Maintenance Operations in Brazil” since it gives the reader a thorough view on how they run their maintenance.

Really looking forward to attend the Aviation Geek Fest again in 2016 – greetings from Norway! 🙂

A Comment

Love this idea, and loved the post “VIP Tour of TAM Airlines” New First Class on a Boeing 777-300ER”, but I keep to myself, as I am not a member of any social media. Call me antisocial.

A super nice 777 in red and white Christmas livery!

Victoria Schmidt

This is awesome! I enjoyed the piece about the flight attendant facility. I follow you on Facebook and was thrilled to be a part of avgeek fest 14! Can’t wait for 2015!

I liked the article showing the flight attendants’ uniforms. I called my cousin who flies with LAN, asking if she gets her uniforms there, but they run both airlines separately…

I have to be honest. I geek out on almost anything you guys write about. It could be an article on how the onboard lavs are refreshed, and I’d read it start to finish. Love the pics, too! But, the article on the TAM uniform shop impressed me most, since most US-based airlines seem to have less and less investment in their people. Kudos to TAM.

As an engineering student, nothing beats sifting through photos of the inner workings of airplanes. I enjoyed the whole story, but the MRO trip takes the cake.

Thought the “Touring TAM Airlines” Maintenance Operations in Brazil” was interesting but the “Flying 15,000 Miles to Spend One Night in Brazil — PART ONE” is pure avgeek

My favorite story was the tour of the TAM maintenance facility.

I enjoyed the VIP tour of the triple 7. What an awesome aircraft!

Mark Lawrence

Loved the VIP tour – those sort of things always give a lot more info on the aircraft than you’d see just walking through it on the way back to coach – now – to save up for that experience – and being able to fly from my home international airport – MIA!!

still haven’t been on a 777 before =(

Uniform shop story.
Incredible findings 🙂

Definitely the VIP tour. Always nice to see a glimpse of something you may never have. 🙂

Haven’t seen the 777’s at JFK lately,all 763’s and 330’s last two months or so.Nice display piece would look good in computer room.

Daniel Weil

I found the story about the TAM uniform shop very intriguing and fascinating. The fact that they get over 120 employees through the doors each day is remarkable, as is the lengths they go to to ensure only authorised people can enter. The latter aspect is probably just as well given the risks highlighted in the scene from the movie Catch Me If You Can where Leonardo DiCaprio waltzed into the Pan Am uniform shop to acquire a uniform in order to carry out his fraudulent activity posing as a Pan Am pilot!

The VIP Tour of the B777-300 was interesting. Curious that they would have a library on board when weight costs airlines money and this day in age they could go digital. Enjoy your Twitter feed!

Michael Restivo

I enjoyed the flying 15,000 miles for one day story as only a true av geek would do something like this. I only wish I had the opportunity to cover stories like this. Then again I flew American Airlines last 767-200 flights between LAX to JFK and back to LAX in one day.

michael h

Flight Review: Flying Business Class on TAM Airlines

I enjoyed the story on Flight Attendant Facility and Training. Makes you realize that their job is so important and much more than “coffee or tea”.

I really loved the article on the world’s largest airline musuem-TAM musuem in Brazil! After seeing the pictures, I really wish I could go there! Its soooo cool man!

Mark Gilbert

Love every story you publish! I’ve loved aviation and planes for years, but your site finally justifies my obsession

I enjoyed the photo tour of TAM Airlines” Flight Attendant Training – so much attention is focused on the pilots and planes – it’s great to see what it’s like behind the scenes in flight attendant training.

I follow you on Twitter.

Isaac schwartz

I fOllow all day on twitter I loved the article on TAM uniform. Very detailed and exciting!

Tim Mills

Greetings from the UK! Really enjoyed your VIP tour of first class, mainly because I will probably never sit there! I follow on twitter.

I loved the “flying 15,000 miles” story, because that sounds like something I would attempt. So awesome that you get to take free international flights and write about it! Sounds like a dream job to me.

I follow you on Twitter. Thanks for all the great articles!

As a TAM employee, I really found David’s articles super interesting. It’s fun too see an outsider’s perspective on the work we do. I actually have never been to the uniform shop, so that was a bonus. Nevertheless, from an AVgeek’s point of view, my favorite article has to be the one about the Museum! I’ve been lucky enough to live in São Carlos for 6 months on an assignment at the MRO, and miss going there so much!
Best regards.

Adrian Jenkins

It was fascinating to learn more about an airline that flies routes that are a long way away from my home in Auckland, New Zealand (although they do now codeshare with LAN Chile on the Santiago-Auckland-Sydney route).

However, is this competition only available to North Americans, due to shipping costs?

The Brasilian Red Carpet for a red warm welcome into Brasil !!! Ready for great holidays !!!

I loved the report on TAM first class! Amazing product and I love this blog because each article is so amazing! Merry Christmas to all!!:)

Loved the article on the TAM Museum. It’s great to see airlines that are passionate about preserving their history!

“Flying 15,000 Miles to Spend One Night in Brazil” because these sorts of trips (even if not to Brazil) are those that always turns out the most memorable! Can’t do them too frequently, but once in a while makes you remember why aviation is the industry to be in!

i loved the story about 15,000 miles to spend one night in Brazil. Mostly being an huge AV Geek my parents would never understand that “commitment”

Hi David,
Any update on AGF15? I am eagerly waiting to attend it this year. Have booked myself as well all the way from DXB.
I hope someone deserving gets the TAM 77W models. I’m more a 1:400 die cast fan.

Matthew Runo

The uniform shop story was really interesting. It was neat to see “the other side” of the business!

The story on the Maintenance Operations was my favourite out of the lot. I’m more of an operations guy anyway, so that definitely appealed to that side of my brain.

Alex Nieves

I loved all the stories about TAM but my favorites were the new 1st class (which will be going away anyway) and the photo tour of the FA facilities. I had the opportunity to fly TAM on one of my trips to Brazil and I was most impressed with the FAs on the flight (the 1st class story should’ve stopped me from flying in the 10-abreast config, but I did it anyway!). The service from the FAs made everything just a bit better so the photo story gave a bit more insight as to what it takes and what they go through to provide the service.

Nathan Kogge

Wow hard to choose between all the stories, and the photos just add that much more to the story. I enjoyed the “behind the scenes” look into the operation of an airline; if I had to choose one story, I would choose the tour of the Flight Attendant training facilities. It just shows how much more training FA’s go through then most think. Thanks!

Jose Francisco

I check daily Airline Reporter website. I am a fan.

I really enjoy your stories about your trips, it was nice hearing about your TAM experiences

James Evett

I absolutely loved the article about the TAM Museum! It was so fascinating and very detailed, it makes me actually want to go there, as well as to fly TAM! I would’ve had no idea that place existed if it weren’t for your amazing article!
Love your instagram posts also, keep up the great job! 🙂

For me, the best one was the Boeing 777-300ER Tour. It is my favourite aircraft, operating for one of my favourite airlines.

Yusuf Piskin

What an awesome idea. I really liked this article about giving away. You guys are just amazing, keep up this good work. And yes, i’ll e-mail this to at least 2 of my friends so they could read other stories. This page is amazing.

There is no long lasting aviation system without long lasting aircrafts, there are no long lasting aircrafts if there are no proper maintanance so yeah my favourite story is “Touring TAM Airlines” Maintenance Operations in Brazil”.

I enjoy the website and follow you guys on Twitter. To be honest I am just commenting so I can win the model.

I liked the story on the Maintenance Operations

Joseph Friesen

Kinda hard to choose, but I would say that the TAM Maintenance Operations article was my favorite. (I follow you guys on Twitter.)

Jose Henriquez

Awesome bird…love it.

Ref: VIP Tour of TAM Airlines” New First Class on a Boeing 777-300ER

We in SA notice the TAM airlines 777 going off to Singapore and back to get fitted, just want the airline to fly regularly to SA, not these rare flights!


I always enjoy the flight reviews, but the flight training school article definitely stood out!

John Eapen

Love model airplanes, real ones and flying small ones. Once you’re bitten by the aviation bug, nothing else comes close. Love all the articles! Happy Holidays to all of you!

My favorite was the one on the TAM Museum. It really is nice to see an airline that pays attention to its history and heritage to such a degree.

Michael Yap

My favourie article was the one on the TAM musuem in Brazil. Its so cool to be in an aircraft musuem where you can take your time to admire such amazing inventions….

Liked all of the stories, but the uniform store was cool since I was on the uniform committee at YX for a time and we didn’t have anywhere close to the resources TAM puts towards the effort. Keep up the good work!

I like the most the flight review stories, so for the contest my favorite is Flight “Flying Business Class on TAM Airlines”. I follow you on Facebook

Nancy Teow

My favourite article was on the TAM m museum in Brazil.

tam has a museum…delta has a museum…who else has one?

My fave was on the TAM museum, seems a notch above what many US airlines have, I wish it was more accessible but maybe one day I’ll be in Brazil… and fly down on TAM?!

Kevin Sullivan

My favorite TAM article was the VIP tour of the TAM 777.

vamsi krishna gali

I liked the story about TAM museum in Brazil. I will definitely visit the museum, I am planning a trip to Brazil next year 🙂

Rebeka Vujasinovic

I really liked the Flying 15,000 Miles to Spend One Night in Brazil story, because I can totally relate to that. I’ve been to Brasil in 2007 and that had been my fist long-haul flight (first flight ever, actually). I was up all night and I still vividly remember all the details from the trip. Ever since then I am totally in love with aviation and plan my voyages in a manner that I have several hours in between flights, so I can stay at the airport and absorb the atmosphere, watch the plains, the maintenance crews at work etc. The people who travel with me are annoyed by this habit, but who cares 🙂

Favourite article was the interesting article on the TAM museum in Brazil. So wanna go there one day! I’ll email two people and tell them to read your articles…

Oh sorry I put the wrong email by accident..can you ignore my previous comment and I’ll post a new one. Thanks:)

My favourite article was the one on the TAM aircraft museum in Brazil. Really wish I can go there one day and thanks Arline Reporter for the great article!


I enjoyed the article Visiting the World”s Largest Airline-Owned Museum — the TAM Museum in Brazil…I love museums that cover air transport.


I liked the article on TAM’s flight attendant training. Its so cool to see how a real emergency can be simulated so realisticaly. I will email two people and tell them to check out your website. Really hope I win!

Joanna Scott

I appreciated the article regarding the TAM flight attendant uniform shop. I never realized the flight attendant materials were available in such a facility.

The flight attendant training looked cool. Wish i could do it 🙁

Flying 15,000 miles to spend a night in Brazil.

Paupiah Darya

As weary as my friend and I were taking Tam Airlines because the cost was the cheapest to fly direct to Brazil, we were SO pleasantly surprised! Service was perfect on the flight, and we’ve never been more comfortable. We felt like we were really being taken care of, even though we were just in Economy, versus any airlines in the US, which charge you for everything. Upon arrival to your seat, you get candy and a mini care package with socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb, pen, and headphones. We also got dinner and breakfast, both of which were delicious. Drinks include juices, coffee, tea, and wine free of charge. Your entertainment collection includes plenty of movies, TV shows, music, games, and more. During our trip in Brazil, we were actually looking forward to flying back to NY with Tam. Book Tam on your South American trip with no worries!

Julien Dunet

Yeah I love this plane and TAM’s livery! 😀
Good luck everyone 😉

Marietta Landon

When we travel there are two things we seek out, pretzels and aviation museums. So I love to learn about a new museum in a city we still need to visit! Not sure if we would have as much luck finding local soft pretzels in Brazil though! This museum looks like it definitely gives the Delta museum a run for best airline museum!

I really enjoyed the article on the TAM museum. My 6 year old son loves planes so I enjoy the different pictures I’m able to show him.

Marlon M.

It’s always good to see how airlines like TAM are investing for customer products continuosly, the report about business class show a very pleasant ambient for passengers going on vacations or business. Also the B 77W, has very high standarts of flying.

All great articles! While I enjoyed the overall trip recap, my favorite article was the detail of the Flight Attendant Training article and seeing the level of training and experience the Flight Attendants go through. It’s reassuring to know how well trained the flight crews are!

Michael Blackwell

I read every article and love model planes. My favorite articles were about Flying First Class on TAM Airlines and Flying 15,000 miles to spend one night in Brazil. Sounds like something I would do.

Mark Baker

My favorite was “Flying 15,000 Miles to Spend 1 Night in Brazil.” I had a similar experience, but only flew from Chicago to Puerto Alegre (TAM from GRU) and it was for 3 nights.

Ahmed Mohiuddin

I love the B777 and do collect aircraft models.

Mike Lishewski

Adding the 777 to their fleet is a milestone and will ensure them as a major player in the airline world.

Renee Willits

My favorite article was about the uniform shop. I liked that they had a “quilt” of the old uniforms. It was really pretty and I liked the fact that it recycled the fabric instead of throwing away the fabric. Good use of a “reuse and recycle”. Their uniforms are pretty.

my favourite TAM article was the uniform “shop”. So many choices, so little time ha ha

Love the review on Bus Class from JFK! Thanks for all that you post!


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