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Airnorth operate a fleet of Embraer E-170 jets as well as E-120 Brasilia's and Fairchild Metroliners Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

Airnorth operates a fleet of Embraer E-170 jets on the longer regional routes – Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

In a country as vast as Australia, it is no surprise that the population relies heavily on air transport, particularly in the more remote regions of the country. For the residents in these regions, these air services provide a vital lifeline. In many regions of Australia, these remote air routes are subsidised by the government. While the local residents view these services as an essential link to the outside world,  for the AvGeek, it is a unique opportunity to experience some interesting aircraft types, airlines, and routes.

My Airnorth flight route - Image: Great Circle Mapper

My Airnorth flight route – Cairns to Darwin via Gove – Image: Great Circle Mapper

One such flight route that I was fortunate enough to experience recently was from Cairns to Darwin, via Gove. While there are at least three direct flights per day from Cairns to Darwin on the other carriers, I was very interested to try out the service offered by Airnorth.

Airnorth was established in 1978 and has always had a strong focus on providing air services within the remote regions of Australia’s top-end. In recent years, the company has been focusing in particular on the contract charter market, as well as FIFO operations.

The highlight of the show, the Etihad A380 Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

The highlight of the show, the Etihad A380 – Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

Ever since I booked my trip to attend the Dubai Airshow, I had been quietly hoping that Etihad would bring their flagship A380 to the static display. This was, however, a long shot, as Etihad only has four A380s in service; to take one out of service for an airshow is a big ask. Emirates had confirmed sometime out that they would have an A380 on static display, as did Qatar Airways, but these two models did not excite me nearly as much as the Etihad A380.

Boarding the Etihad A380 for the media tour Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

Boarding the Etihad A380 for the media tour – Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

I could barely contain my excitement, when on the first day of the airshow, Etihad confirmed their A380 would make an appearance the following day! As the aircraft was only scheduled to remain at Al Maktoum Airport for a few hours before returning to Abu Dhabi, it was my first priority to go see this aircraft.

We met with the PR staff at the Etihad chalet and they were more than willing to give us a tour of the aircraft, even driving to the display from the chalet in custom-branded golf carts — talk about a VIP experience.

Runners at the CLT Runway 5K Run/Walk. Photo: Rob McKenzie for city of Charlotte.

Runners at the CLT Runway 5K Run/Walk – Photo: Rob McKenzie | City of Charlotte

The vast majority of any given airport’s footprint is dedicated to a region which fills the dreams of many aviation enthusiasts. The appeal of this magical venue (which goes by many names) enchants fans across the full spectrum of “AvGeek.” It’s a stage for incredible photography. It’s where airplanes sleep, where a lucky few get to work, and the general public is almost universally prohibited.

Runners cross the threshold of IAD's 19L. Photo: J. David Buerke for Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Runners cross the threshold of IAD’s 19L – Photo: J. David Buerke | Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

The Aircraft Operations Area (AOA) is sterile and secured, yet something the flying public sees every day. Despite being ubiquitous, few get the chance to experience it first-hand. You can look, but don’t touch. Thankfully, there are exceptions to every rule and we’ve got a list of upcoming events.

Occasionally, airport operators open their gates to the masses, in support of community-engagement events. These rare occasions are an excellent opportunity to connect with aviation officials and fellow enthusiasts. More importantly, they are an excuse for plane lovers to geek out like a preteen on their first visit to Disney World. Grab your telephoto lens and lace up your running shoes, because we’re going for a runway run!

A Lot Embraer E-175 landing at Prague Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

A LOT Embraer E-175 landing at Prague – Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

Flying business class within Europe is not often an exciting nor noteworthy affair. That said, I was pleased to recently discover that it can still be a positive experience, with a lot more than meets the eye, and at a very affordable price.

I was fortunate enough to recently experience LOT Polish Airlines’ business class product from Warsaw to Prague. As part of its ongoing brand redevelopment, LOT, like many other carriers, has introduced an online bidding system for unsold business class seats, called plusgrade.

The only difference versus economy class in business class on Intra-European flights. Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

The only business class difference versus economy on intra-European flights – Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

The system allows passengers to make a bid up to 72 hours before the flight’s departure, and there is a minimum amount that can be bid (in my case, it was approximately $80). At 48 hours prior to departure, I received an email that my bid was successful, and was issued a new ticket for business class — sweet.