Eastern Air Lines' first 737-800 flies over Miami - Photo: Airways News

Eastern Air Lines’ first 737-800 flies over Miami – Photo: Airways News

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Nearly 24 years after the original Eastern shut down on January 18, 1991, the new Eastern Air Lines welcomed home its first new aircraft on December 19.  Ex-Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 ’œThe Spirit of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker,’ N276EA, arrived from Shannon, Ireland (SNN) via Portsmouth, New Hampshire (PSN) into the airline’s base at Miami International Airport at 3:13 p.m. local time on Runway 8R to a water cannon salute.

The flight crew outside of EAL's first 737 in Miami - Photo: AirwaysNews

The flight crew outside of EAL’s first 737 in Miami – Photo: AirwaysNews

EXTRA: Flashback Friday; The History of Eastern Air Lines

The fanfare reached far beyond that of a traditional airline launch, particularly in Miami. Miami was the original Eastern’s headquarters, and the carrier was the city’s largest employer from the mid-1970s until its 1991 shutdown.  It was evident that the event and ceremony were an emotional, tear-felt occasion for the new team, and especially for the retirees and former employees of the original Eastern.  Their turnout was quite moving.

A water cannon salute at MIA greets Eastern's 737 - Photo: AirwaysNews

A water cannon salute at MIA greets Eastern’s 737 – Photo: AirwaysNews

The airline has 10 Boeing 737-800s on order, with purchase rights on 10 737 MAX 8s. Moreover, the company announced in July 2014 that it had placed an order for 20 Mitsubishi MRJ90s, with rights for an additional 20 of the regional jets. Eastern starts flying in March 2015 and will initially operate as a charter carrier, with scheduled operations due to begin in the next 12 to 18 months following FAA certification.

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I really hope that the new EAL succeeds!

The livery …!!!

at least they kept the Good Paint Design , the Old Retro’ Livery, and not 1 of these crappy plain jane boring designs, by some braindead idiot, that has no Paint Design or any idea what their doing.

I never rode EAL, i was born after they went away. But i hope that this new EAL suceds and that i may be able to ride with them.

Andrew S.

To me, this paint just says: “Hey (chin-up nod), we know what we’re doing!” It exudes total confidence. I love too they kept the Boeing typeface for the model number on the tail. “You wanna know what you’re flying in today? This. 737, got it? Alright, now get on board, we got this.”

The yellow. Got to go, the way they came back with white and blue still impressive but that 2 simbol got to go. Do not re- invent the wheel.

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