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Welcome aboard! Photo: Kristin Atkinson

Your first time is something you’ll always remember. Maybe it was with the love of your life or you were even with your parents or had a close family member nearby. You may be nervous, not fully knowing what to do. Feelings of excitement, joy and even some bumps up and down happened. But a helpful hand guides you through a very exciting ride and you end up with a great touchdown.

Yes, that first time you ever fly in an airplane is pure joy and everlasting.

Yet for some, the thought of going through a crowded airport, getting into a pressurized tube with wings flown by a total stranger at speeds exceeding 500 mph, thousands of feet in the air, can be terrifying.

Thankfully there are programs at many airports to help nervous travelers.

One group of AvGeeks enjoy the American 727 - Photo: Francis Zera

One group of AvGeeks enjoy the American 727 – Photo: Francis Zera

At the end of September we got to enjoy another amazing Aviation Geek Fest. If you follow the site, the name probably sounds familiar. It is a VIP-access event that allows AvGeeks to get together and experience some pretty cool things not typically open to the general public. This year we had people converge from around the world (guests from Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, & USA) to Seattle, WA to partake in this three-day aviation-themed event. How cool is that?

As it has been the last in previous years, the events and activities are amazing, but you cannot beat hanging around a bunch of other like-minded folks for a few days! Everyone gets to tell their airplane stories and everyone actually wants to listen!

Neon vests required for Aviation Geek Fest 2016 – Photo: Future of Flight/ Boeing

IT’S HAPPENING! Aviation Geek Fest 2017, is a go! There was a lot up in the air (heh), so things were kept a bit hush-hush, until we knew we could announce something. Here is the announcement coming from the Institute of Flight:

The international Aviation Geek Fest 2017, the most important event for commercial aviation fans from around world, is set for September 29, 30 and October 1 at the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour at Paine Field, Mukilteo. The annual confab brings the top AvGeeks for three days of intense networking, VIP tours, special speakers, drone flights and more. Presented by the Institute of Flight with sponsorship and support from Details are being finalized. Preregistration will open in August.

I know. That doesn’t give you much time to plan and you have lots of questions. Things are going to be moving fast, so hold on to your AvGeek boots. Be sure you have joined our e-mail list — folks on that list get all the juicy details as they go live. Also be sure to check back on our page


Aviation Geek Fest is an opportunity for fans of flight to get together and experience some awesome behind-the-scenes aspects of airlines, airports, and aviation. Much of it — is not open to the general public. The event can be as small as 10; the largest we have had so far is about 350.

The last event was held in Seattle in April of 2016, and 250 tickets sold out almost instantly. The demand is high for people who are interested in aviation to have a unique, special, and fun experience.

Previous events have done VIP tours, including the Boeing wide-body factory floor, the 737 factory, Dreamliner gallery, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Alaska Airlines maintenance, and much more!
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The first 737MAX-9 with Seattle in the background – Photo: Boeing

Boeing’s 737 MAX 9 took to the skies for the first time on April 13 from Boeing’s plant in Renton, Washington. I had the privilege of being able to watch it take off with fellow aviation geeks on a hill overlooking the airfield. After takeoff, my photographer and I headed to the Boeing Delivery Center at Boeing Field in Seattle, where the plane would land that afternoon.

The Boeing 737 MAX 9 flies for the first time - Photo: Jonathan Trent-Carlson | AirlineReporter

The Boeing 737 MAX 9 flies for the first time – Photo: Jonathan Trent-Carlson | AirlineReporter

As we waited for Captain Christine Walsh and First Officer Ed Wilson to complete their tasks in the air, Boeing treated us to boxed lunches. As we ate, Boeing Vice President/Chief Engineer and Deputy Program Manager for the 737 MAX program, Michael Teal, talked to us about the airplane and the 737 MAX family.