Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900 takes off from SEA - Photo: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900 takes off from SEA – Photo: Singapore Airlines

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I get excited every time a new airline flies out of my hometown airport and I am guessing that you can relate. Especially when it involves an aircraft that is rare for the airport, and it also becomes the longest flight out of the airport. This was the case recently when Singapore Airlines (SQ) started service from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) to Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) using an Airbus A350-900.

Here is the sweet 1:400 scale Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900 model you can win!

Here is the sweet 1:400 scale Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900 model you can win!

And I know you are already wondering “How do I win that Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900 model? I bet he is going to make me read his story and look at photos before telling me the deal.” #nailedit Keep on reading…

About the SEA-SIN Singapore Airlines Flight

This is not the longest flight in the world, but at almost 16 hours and 8,070 miles, it isn’t short. Seattle becomes the fourth US destination (after LAX, EWR, and SFO) to be served by non-stop flights to Singapore. It makes me sort of proud that “my” airport is among such great company.

Current schedule of Singapore Airlines flight from SEA-SIN - Image: SEA

Current schedule of Singapore Airlines flight from SEA-SIN – Image: SEA

To start, flights out of SEA will operate three times weekly before increasing to four per week in October of this year. Not only is this a nice addition for Singapore into the U.S., but it is also a great international expansion for Sea-Tac Airport. This route is the 12th new international service that has been added since 2017. The airport is now the 10th-most connected international hub in the U.S. and the eighth-most traveled U.S. airport. Sure, that is all great for my flight options, but I will say it makes the airport pretty darn busy!

The flight might be long, but at least you will be rocking it in style in a Singapore Airbus A350. Although I haven’t flown in one yet, I have flown in an A350 and was quite impressed (might have said something about it being my new favorite). I also had the opportunity to fly on the world’s two longest flights with Singapore.

Way back in 2013, I got to fly on Singapore’s A340-500s before they retired them from LAX-SIN-EWR. With the flight times being 18 and 19 hours on those, the 16-hour Seattle flight is cake. Those birds were configured in all business class, with an older product, and if those flights weren’t so bad, then the new product on the A350 should be a breeze.

You also have a few more class options since this A350-900 is configured with 42 business class, 24 premium economy class and 187 economy class seats (SQ has since started service back to LAX and EWR using the A350-900ULR, and that aircraft is configured with just 67 business and 94 premium economy seats). 16 hours in economy might not be a passenger’s first choice, but I’d rather do one long flight, versus having two flights with a long, multi-hour layover someplace.

SEA's fire crew welcomes Singapore's A350 to Seattle - Photo: SQ

SEA’s fire crew welcomes Singapore’s A350 to Seattle – Photo: SQ

How to Win the Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 Model?

Congrats, you made it to the part about winning! It is easy and fun. Just leave a comment on this story sharing what your favorite Singapore Airlines aircraft type is and why (if you need help). And yes, you can choose historical planes, cargo, even SilkAir if you want (but I am not sure why you would want to).

At 5:00 pm Seattle time on Wednesday October 2nd, I will close down the comments. I am going to use a random number generator and pick an eligible winner. The contest is open to everyone (except AR writers, or me — even I am not above the rules). You have to promise to display it, no keeping it in the box to show off to your kids (who likely won’t care) years down the road — this baby needs some visual love! One comment per person. You cheat, you are out (and I will likely publicly shame you in some fashion). Good luck!

And if you have some experience with an ultra-long flight… feel free to share that in the comments as well (but that is more for fun, it won’t affect the contest).

Thank you to Singapore Airlines for providing the model. 

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Bill Tanksley

My longest flight was just over 14 hours (SFO-SYD), but this flight should be very nice with Singapore Airlines legendary service.

A350! Those racoon eyes belong with me at work!

Gregg Wiggins

I have yet to fly one of the newer Airbus options so I’ll stick with an aircraft I have flown aboard; the “Queen”, Boeing’s 747.

Leonard Assante

Easy call: The Concorde. It was a joint operation with BA, but still it used SQ crew and one side of the plane was painted in SQ livery. Hope I win!!

Michael Moscaritolo

I flew a DL 350 from DTW to LAX in a revenue ferry flight to put the airplane in place for their asian market. It was really a cool airplane … and yes… the previously mentioned raccoon eyes are totally unmistakable along with the sexy wing tips!

Favorite SA aircraft – DC-10 30

Why? – That tail!!! Great ramp presence. Room in the passenger cabin to slam dunk. Loved their steep climb outs. Flew in many an AA 10 variant between ORD and DFW back in the day and shuttled over to ORD from DTW and vice-a-versa too. Was to take one from ORD to LAX back in the summer of 79 with my parents to visit relatives in Long Beach but the flight 191 accident changed all that…. took the workhorse B-707 instead. Just missed catching the sole AA 747-100 back to ORD after my stay in Long Beach, bummer. Anyway, did I say “That tail!!!”?

Ken =)

Reggie Dixon

My favorite SQ plane is the 78X. I think the -10 variant is the best looking of the 787 family.

Charles Ralston

Have yet to fly the 350, but I was luckly enough to fly the A340-500 just before they closed the route. Gorgeous airplane in the SQ livery, and it was amazing to board a WB and see so few rows/seats. To top it off, it was a great flight (my longest to date).

Andrew Taylor

777-300! I just really love the 777, and the SA livery looks amazing on it.

Paul Mazur

Last Winter flew EWR-SIN-EWR on a brand new A350-900ULR; great flights !

My favorite one is A380. I am always amazed at its huge size. Its disappointing that airbus has scrapped its A380 program.

Chuck Krauss

Flew from PDX to LAX just to fly on a SA A380 to NRT. I had my seats for months, which were upstairs in the first row of economy with unlimited legroom but no window. I”ll make that tradeoff any time. Seated directly across from us as we descended into Tokyo was one of our flight attendants wearing the typically beautiful uniforms SA is known for. We were able to talk to her about her job and life in Singapore for a good twenty minutes before landing. The A380 was so quiet and smooth. Now my favorite plane I”ve ever flown on after the 747 and A330.

Bruce Hiatt

My longest flight was a 777-300 China Southern from L.A. to Guangzhou. Would love to make the trip from Sea-Tac to Singapore.

A380 because it provides great competition on FRA-JFK 🙂

Marcus Bening

777-300ER – so comfortable and that’s the plane I associate most with SQ’s fantastic service.

Brendon s

The 757-200
Even though it was only operated for 6 years, the 757 is definitely my favorite commercial airliner, and it would be a crime if I did not choose it as my favorite

Andrew VANE

How can you not love the A350? Never flew on SA but perhaps some day when the kids are older and my wife and I can travel more.

My favourite is SIA’s A340-500. Such an elegant looking 4 engine aircraft in the SQ livery which were named “Leadership”, a nod to the carrier’s 2004 launch of the longest non-stop commercial flights in the world on the SIN/LAX and SIN/EWR routes.

Dave Sommers

I flew the longest flight in the world last month–SQ from EWR to SIN and return on the A350. The entertainment aboard was great and made the flight time seem a lot less than it really was. For that reason, SQ’s A350 is my favorite model and if I won I would have fond memories of my flights whenever I looked at it in my reading room.

Ricardo Ramirez

My favorite aircraft is the A350.
It is simply, powerful, and elegant. The 350 makes passengers feel more comfortable with all features it has no matters how much time you spend on it. I hope to be able to fly it one day.
It is the future of aviation.

Uri Hadelsberg

Looking forward for my SFO DXB flight next month! You can guess the carrier!

Edwin Yuen

Either the great 747-300 with the Big Top logo or the short-lived DC-10s.

Scott Shearer

My favorite aircraft is the iconic B747-400. Have made several trips in the upper deck, but the ultimate was when I secured two first tickets on SQ using Delta Skymiles from JFK to SIN via LHR. Unfortunately, a last minute “life happens” thing prevented us from experiencing the renown SQ service, and not too much later SQ dropped out of the SkyMiles alliance.

We love SQ megatop!

Blatant SEA-ite… 777-300ER …was the first and will continue to be the best with the X! “If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going!” 🙂

Gerald Thulbourn

Got to be the 747-400. Shame they have gone away.

I love that A380! Full upper deck of business class *heart eyes*

Concorde – the 50:50 man livery was pretty unique!

Definitely the 747-400F because it is the only time a SIA aircraft has come to my airport (PTP/TFFR) carrying two manatees for local zoo in August 2016.

Vitor Freesz Pinto

That would be a B77W – and a very specific one: 9V-SWE.

SWE was the very first SQ plane I flew, on the SQ67 route!

Spruce Mouthman

747-400. Iconic plane, espcially with the singapiore livery painted on the sides.

Favorite SQ aircraft flown, so far, would have to be the A380 in Suites Class (no matter which configuration). In terms of external appearance, the A350 is a pretty sleek looking aircraft. I had an opportunity to ride in the main cabin on AY last year.

A350. First time flying on it was the Singapore ULR version LAX-SIN. Extremely quiet and smooth ride, coupled with the fantastic SQ service.

The A350-900, is just such a pretty plane. It’s hard to choose just one for so many reasons, but I’ll settle for the new kid on the block. 🙂

Longest flight ever @ 15+ hours from LAX to DXB on EK.

Michael Y Chang

My favorite SQ plane is still the 777-300. Beautiful plane and massive engines.

Gavin Wilkes

My favorite SQ plane has to be the A350. The livery sours the lines of the plane very well.

Gavin Wilkes

Should be “suits,” not “sours.”

Everton Francis

My favorite Sq plane is A350 this plane is a beautiful plane

Charles J Taylor

I want to fly all the body types in the Singapore fleet, but my new favorite is the A350. My trip to Singapore is overdue. I have done my research on what to see and where to eat .

Abhijeet Mishra

It has to absolutely be the A350-900 flying on the New York to Singapore route!!
Not only is it the longest flight in the world, It has only premium economy and business class!
I surely want to fly on that flight!!

Alex Nieves

The A340-500! Love the 4 larger RR engines.

I have never flown on SQ before. Don’t really have the funds to do a lot of travel. But I do enjoy reading your web site on airline stories. I will say I am glad SQ has the new Airbus A350 in there fleet now. Love to have a model airplane of it.

A350 – great aircraft

Shams Shaikh

I still remeber very clearly how stunned and amazed I was entering the immense A380 for the first time. You can’t judge the volume of that plane from the windows of terminal, it’s when you step in you realize and appreciate the minds of the humans.

This is such an impressive article. Thanks!

Arijeet Pal

The SQ 747, my favourite airline and favourite aircraft (hands down the best aircraft to ever take flight… such beauty). Flying on an SQ 747 almost 25 years ago is my first memory of ever flying, I remember being so fascinated in the window seat watching the huge wings and engines lif that massive plane off the ground. That flight definitely planted the seed of my now almost unhealthy obsession with aviation.

Melvin A.

Excellent article David! I flew on SQ several times on 777-300 from IAH-DME (that was a few years ago) then DME-SIN. SQ has now changed their routing from IAH-MAN, then MAN-SIN. So the 777-300 is my favorite on SQ for now but the A350-900 is definitely in my bucket list.
My Ultra-long flight was IAH to TPE, 15 hours and 50 minutes on BR.

this would be amazing

For me the Concorde briefly shared by BA, followed by 747 – my favourite airplanes of the ones I’ve flown

I flew on Singapore Airlines A350-900 a few months ago from San Francisco to Singapore. The non-stop flight was 15 1/2 hours. I then flew round trip Singapore/Manila on the new B787-10. What a treat as it was the first time I have flown in these planes. As a fan of Boeing I liked the 787-10. It was a minor let down being on a B777-300 back to San Francisco as I have flown in that plane a few times. However, the service from Singapore Airlines from check-in to destination on all flights was great!!!

Justin Duval

The A350 is my favorite. I love the stremeline design as well as the rolls Royce XWB engines, and their magnificent purr. I LOVE the glass and modern cockpit of the A350, and wish to captain the A350 one day at a young age. There is much more I could say about this magnificent plane.
– Justin Duval

Atharva Kashyap

Well, I love all the aircrafts in the Singapore Airline Fleet!! But, one of the aircrafts special to my heart is the Airbus 350 for the following reasons.
1. It is the coolest looking aircraft; I don’t think anyone disagrees with this!
2. It is one of the most efficient jetliners which means that it can carry same number of passengers as any other jetliner but can fly farther! This is not only helping the environment but also, generally has lesser fuel costs.
There are many more but I don’t want to make this comment long!

My favorite is A350-900,it allows more spacious seats,quietness and the pressure maintained inside the cabin contributes to a relaxing and comfortable environment.

I have only flown the SQ 77W but the SQA380 will always be king in my book. The A350 comes in as a close second. Thanks for this BTW!

Nicholas Widjaja

Flown in one SQ’s A340-500 on a short-hop from Singapore to Jakarta many years ago – sort of warm-up flight before the ultra long flight to EWR or LAX. This aircraft is definitely a beauty.

A350! Sleek design!

Robert Hill

Great article!

Ruben Pacarat

Hi, I particularly like A350 family from Airbus. I like Singapore Airlines as well. Many reviews o GB the greatness of their services and products itself. I like A380 and wanted to have one flight Singapore to Sydney.

Danny Essner

The SQ A380 is my favorite for a few reasons. First, it was the very first A380 I ever saw live. It arrived in Frankfurt while I was waiting to fly FRA-EWR, and my jaw just dropped. It’s an amazing sight.

The second reason is that I have flown SQ three times, all on the CDG-SIN route, and all on the SQA380. What amazes me about the plane is that it has 4 different classes of service, but each one is incredible for its class of service. If I could fly SQ every time I fly I would!

Jason Chin Sown

I prefer the Airbus A380, the gentle giant of the skies. SQ did a great service to this great giant plane. Comfort, Quiet and great experience from the crew of of Singapore Airlines. A grand salute to the A380 and Singapore Airlines!!!!

Hands down, the Concorde – a half and half with BA. While it may have been impractical, it is the most beautiful aircraft!

I”m going with the Airbus A350! really love the shape of the wingtip and the exterior cockpit windows. gonna take it for the first time at the end of this year after watching numerous reviews, really excited even tho it”s not the XWB version

I always liked the Mega Ark freighters

The newer twin engines are all lovely but it has to be the 747 or A380. Bigger is always better.. 😉

The Racoon eyes remind me of Cleopatra

The A350 is far more stylish that the 787. And it we get to see it twice per day at MAN.

My favourite SQ plane is definitely the A350. You cannot beat that beauty.

Frank Berghuis

Just flew economy SFO>SIN>FRA>JFK (ticket included back to SFO on Alaska, and going to CGK). Service was great throughout. But upper deck A380 was most comfortable. So that gets my vote.

Ricky Batallones

A350 for the win!!!!!


I was on the inaugural flight SIN – SEA. It was truly a moment that I will rejoice through out the rest of my life, history being made in aviation and I was there. It took 14 hours, 13 minutes and 22 seconds, from take off spool till the landing stop at gate 11 at seatec seattle. The climax of that flight was the water cannon salute. SQ cabin service throughout the flight was excellent. The A350-900 reg number 9V-SMV was a brand new aircraft a month old. The aircraft was much quiter with large windows compared to other aircrafts except for an A380.Thank you to SQ and seatec port for making this flight a possible.

Aaron Bowden

It has to be Concorde as it is my favorite aircraft of all time and should still be flying today. Plus the 50/50 scheme looked pretty cool too.

Elias Calderon

The Queen (747-400) on BA and the DC-10-30 on AM have to be the most memorable flights to date. Hope to get that amazing model. I’ve been on it while DL was testing it and glad to see it at SEA often.

Jasper van Lingen

Long flights are tiresome, makes me feet swell, my bud hurt, my legs cramped, checking my watch every minute, how much longer, but worth the excitement to arrive at a place far away from home without airport transits wasting time.

My favorite model is the Singapore Airlines B777-200 Jubilee- a sturdy and stable ride. A classic!

Kaustubh Pradhan

The A340-500!! The airplane that defined long-range flights and made Singapore Airlines a leader of ultra long-haul routes! It definitely changed the way we fly and helped Airbus become a niche player.

My favorite, the 747 of course. When four engine jets were common. Great times for air travel and SIA.

Definitely the Airbus 350-900!
Recently flew from Singapore To Seattle in that and absolutely love it.
Flew my parents in and they can’t stop raving about it.

Mark of OKC

Will have to go with the 773ER cause I just like the Boeing long haul product. Thanks David.

I would love to fly the SA A380 to Tokyo before they’re all gone. I see them at LAX all the time but I get stuck in 737s going to San Jose.

Cant beat the 747!

Andrew Turk

747-300M the precursor to the 747 combi!

Chew Chai Guan

Have not tried those new planes yet by my favourite is still the Queen 747-400. My homing coming flight after 7 long years oversea. (SFO-SIN). The feeling when stepping into this huge plane that is going to take me home, is something I will never forget.

Colin Scantlebury

I did JFK-FRA-SIN in the A380 and I thought I was flying on another planet! It will always be my favorite!

Jose Francisco

Never flown Singapore Airlines but I have been following the Singapore Airlines A350-1000. It is in my bucket list to fly LAX-SIN in the A350.

Jim Twyford

My favorite SQ would be the 747. However, my all time favorite is the L1011. The curves plus the technological advances were so far ahead of their time. Flew it many times roundtrip from Tampa to Atlanta.

Rhonda Gilbertson

Definitely the Queen, the 747. Seeing fewer and fewer of them every day makes me sad.

787-10 for sure. If I get the opportunity to fly SQ, that’s the one I’d want to be on — though the A350-900 out of my Seattle hometown would be a great option as well. The longest route I’ve been on was Kuwait – San Diego (NAS North Island). My unit had completed our yearlong deployment to the region and we were flown back on a chartered ATA L-1011. What a treat! The flight took a total of 24 hours after stops in Budapest, Shannon, and Bangor. The Bangor – North Island leg culminated in a localizer approach to SAN that ended with a 90-degree turn over Lindbergh Field. Being in a left-side window seat, I got a great view of the Lindbergh terminals since the bank angle had to be close to 30 degrees at that point.

David Malick

I’d have to say the A340-500 with the A350 a close second…

Andrew Dueck

Definitely the A350 such an amazing, elegant looking aircraft! Nothing about it that looks bad!!! Just sleek sleek sleek!!JFK to JNB! 18 hours in SOUTH AFRICAN A340 including fuel stop

Martin Harvey

Favourite SQ flight? Possibly the 777 LAX-SIN service – and maybe its sister SIN-SFO? First SQ flight was in 1983 fro DHA to SIN on one of my all-time faves – the rock steady DC10 – but that flight my family was stuck at the rear where in those days, they, gross alert, smoked! Unfortunately, after the 10/2 deadline, my daughter and I will be taking SQ 380 and 787 for the first time – the “fresh air” Dreamliner rapidly becoming my go-to choice.

Hoping to sneak in a 350 sometime soon and preferably with SQ!

Incidentally, I collect airliner diecasts but no SQ in my collection.

Martin Harvey

Gerald Thubourn – leaving LHR yesterday there was literally a procession of 744’s taking off. Recently I took a KE 748 which was a big treat.

Kaan Bozkurt

My favorite Singapore Airlines aircraft is A350-900. Spotting is not so tolerated in Turkey and getting in the apron is very hard. I have a Twitter account, where I post my photos (@TRPlanespotter) and Singapore Airlines Turkey team reached me and invited me for a special tour on their A350-900 in Istanbul for the inaugural flight (first SQ A359 service to Turkey, replacing 772) on the first of December. I have always dreamed to go to apron or to be invited by an airline for a special event. and SQ A359 inaugural flight let me do it. That’s why A350-900.

Martin Harvey

Superb and I’m envious!

My next SG trip …
[image: 2019 YYZ-FRA-SIN-DPS.jpeg]

YYZ-FRA on LH on 747 returning on an AC 777-300. FRA_SIN legs are 380’s, and SIN-DPS is A330 returning on a 787. I should annotate the image.

Concorde – cuz the 50/50 livery was unique and it was a concorde!

The 747 and SQ’s “Big Top,” “Megatop” nicknames!

Obviously, the 350 will always be second to the 747

Nice read! Everything SQ is classy,,,, but give me the Queen of the sky”s anytime! SQ 747-400!

Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation. The most beautiful airliner ever.

Martin Harvey

Never had that enviable pleasure. My closest was a DC-7 although nit SQ.

Jackson J

Airbus A380. The cabin is too quiet, love it. Actually going to be flying it for the second time next week! Fingers crossed

Martin Harvey

My daughter and I will be on an SQ 380 in 4 weeks. Never travelled on an SQ one but did travel on an EY – my only dislike was the low flat ceilings downstairs.

I have old book and i remember A300-B4. It was beautiful plane.

747…because it”s the 747.

Mark Johnson

Love the A350. Always interested to see what potential routes the A350 will open up for Singapore. I’ve done DFW-SYD-DFW, JFK-DXB-JFK, LAX-SYD-LAX (back in the mid 90s) are probably the longest routes I’ve done.

A380 because I see it often overhead and can dream about being in a suite longhaul.


A350 , Stylish like no other……

The A350 is starting to grow on me, but the 777 is still my favorite.


777 without a doubt. A comfortable ride as a pax and a beautiful bird to spot

Chris Claridge

A330-300 for sure. After working a few of them on the ramp, gotta say I have a sweet spot for the 330s. Hard pill to swallow for a former Boeing fan boy.

A350-900ULR – a technological marvel making the world a smaller place

Lauren Lehrer

A380 Sydney to Singapore-lovely flights.

Roni Grad

I like the A380, the very thought that a machine that big can become airborne just blows my mind!

Adam Man

A388 for its sheer size and fear of engineering.


For me it has to be the A380. From seeing the very first one touchdown at Changi on 17 Oct 2007, while stood in the nearly completed T3 building, to today when I occasionally catch it, I just love the aircraft.

A350! It”s performance and capabilities help to make so many parts of the world that much more accessible

Vince F

The Singapore Airlines ”Megatop” Boeing 747-400 is always my favorite aircraft. Not only is it my favorite aircraft, but there was a lot of special memories for me. It was the first aircraft I”ve ever flown when I was just slightly over a year old. I flown on the 747-400″s many times to HKG. I can never forget the excellent service offered by the stewardess. I was always given a model of a 747-400 megatops airplane every time I flown with them. Boarding this plane at Kai Tak airport was also special for me. The plane would always park at a remote gate stand. The passengers would get shuttled on a bus from the terminal to the remote gate. Stepping off the bus and seeing how big the aircraft up close in person is a moment I will never forget. I hope Singapore Airlines would consider adding the 747-8I into their fleet one day.

Jason Chin Sown

Thumbs up! great story….Could not agree with you more on the 747-8l

Dat Luong

I love SQ 787-10. It appearance and performance are out of this world. I”d love to fly on SQ 787-10 someday.

Issac Tang

Most love the 777-312(ER)
Most clean, reliable, and comfortable plane I”ve ride!

Jacob G

A350 is my favorite aircraft! It’s so sleek and modern!

I’m flying on SQ22 (longest flight in the world) in a couple months, so I’m very excitied!

Joe Novakowski

A350! Only Singapore plane I have flown from EWR-SIN and it was my favorite flight ever!

Alan Dukor

The A350! Flies so peacefully and quietly and love the eyes

Aaron S

I like Singapore’s 777-300ER, their livery looks amazing on that long fuselage with the massive GE90s

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