This story was originally posted on Jan 12, 2014 and re-posted with updated details on Feb 12, 2014. 

Unite AvGeeks! This weekend is it – Aviation Geek Fest 2014 – and to say that we are excited is an understatement. Personally this will be my fifth AGF and I am more excited about this one versus any of the others (and the others were awesome).

A HUGE thanks to Sandy Ward & Toni Olson at the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour for organizing most of these great activities. 

I wanted to share all the newest updates to help you prepare for the weekend.

A Boeing 747-8F as seen from the Everett Delivery Center | Photo: David Parker Brown

A Boeing 747-8F as seen from the Everett Delivery Center – Photo: David Parker Brown | AirlineReporter


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15th: Paine Field Day

  • Meet and greet at the Future of Flight at about Noon – follow the AGF14 signs. I will say a few welcoming words at about 12:30pm, we will get organized, and first tour starts at 1:00pm.
  • All transportation to the activities will be provided, just get yourself to the Future of Flight & Boeing Tour.
  • Take VIP Boeing factory floor tour
  • Visit the new Everett Delivery Center (where Boeing delivers airliners to customers)
  • Close and personal photos of a Dreamlifter and the Operations Center
  • Special access to interior cabin testing
  • Food and prizes back at the Future of Flight starting at about 5:00pm
  • After things wrap up, those who still want to talk aviation are invited to a VIP after party hosted by AirlineReporter inside the Presidential Suite at the Hilton Garden Inn.
Although it didn't make any of last year's Top lists, taking a VIP tour of the 737 line was pretty rad too. Photo: David Parker Brown

The 737 factory is not open to the public, but it will be open to AGF14 attendees. Photo: David Parker Brown

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16th: Boeing Field Day

  • Can go to the Museum of Flight starting at 10:00am, do NOT wait in the normal ticket line, by-pass the line and check in at the table by the elevators. Make sure you arrive by 12:30pm.
  • We will have the View Lounge  with coffee and WiFi and hang out from 10am to 12:30pm (follow the signs)
  • Tour the Boeing 737 Factory in Renton (transportation will be provided), will be leaving at 1pm and coming back at about 2:30pm
  • Time to tour the Museum of Flight (50 lucky people will get access to the NASA Space Shuttle Trainer Crew Compartment)
  • VIP tour of the airpark, including interior access to the first Boeing 747 (City of Everett) and the Lockheed Super Constellation (both not normally open to the public)
  • Wrap up in the Charles Simonyi Space Gallery
A bunch of airline fans at the Future of Flight for Aviation Geek Fest 2013.

A bunch of airline fans at the Future of Flight, for Aviation Geek Fest 2013 – Photo: David Parker Brown | AirlineReporter


Tickets went on sale at at 2pm PST on Wednesday, January 15th and sold out in just three minutes. We ended up having some additional slots open up, but we know there were quite a few of you who wanted to join in and were not able to make it.

You must have a ticket to attend any of the events. There were 200 tickets available and everyone gets to do all the things listed above… well, almost. The first 50 people who registered will also get access to the Space Shuttle Trainer Crew Compartment and then 150 folks will have to be jealous.

There will be a few ticket options:

  • Only Feb 15th: $30.00
  • Only Feb 16th: $30.00
  • Both Feb 15th & 16th: $50.00
  • There will also be a nominal fee from (the service we are using) on top of the ticket price

Tickets include access to all the above events, plus free access to the Historic Flight Foundation, The Flying Heritage Collection and the Museum of Flight Restoration Center, all located at Paine Field.


We have secured a special Aviation Geek Fest $89/night rate at the Hilton Garden Inn, located right at Paine Field (check out my review of them).  This deal includes the room and breakfast for two. When booking a room use the Reservation Code: AGF14.

For down south, when you might want to stay around SeaTac and Boeing Field, we have a new hotel partner you can book with. The Radisson Hotel Seattle Airport has provided us with a special rate of $109 (plus tax)/night and that includes breakfast and complimentary parking. The hotel also offers free Wi-Fi. The hotel is located directly opposite SeaTac Airport, with a complimentary shuttle to and from the terminals and adjacent to the hotel is the Link light rail which connects directly into downtown for a small cost. To book it, visit the link above or call them at 206-244-6666 using Rate Code AGF14. The hotel rate is on a best available rate so the sooner you book in, the better!

The Dreamlifter Operations Center at Paine Field. Image: Future of Flight

The Dreamlifter Operations Center at Paine Field – Photo: Future of Flight


If you are not familiar with the area, Future of Flight, at Paine Field, is located about 40 miles north of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). There is really no viable public transportation for getting up to Everett. The Museum of Flight, at Boeing Field (aka King County International Airport), is located about 5 miles north of SEA.


If you are not from Seattle, make good use of your visit here. Some things of interest:


If you have questions, please leave them in the comments, as others probably have similar ones to you and we can answer them there for you.

Also be sure you are already on the Aviation Geek Fest email list and follow #AGF14 on Twitter.

We are super excited about this year’s event (I think it will be the best so far). There will likely be a few other surprises for the group (we’re not 100% they will come through) but even as-is, this is going to rock. I cannot wait to hang around a bunch of AvGeeks for the weekend.

The group of Aviation Geek Fest geeks in front of a GE90 engine on a brand new Boeing 777

The group of Aviation Geek Fest AvGeeks in front of a GE90 engine on a brand-new Boeing 777


Chances are you are on social media, be sure to be following the following:


EDITOR-IN-CHIEF & FOUNDER - SEATTLE, WA. David has written, consulted, and presented on multiple topics relating to airlines and travel since 2008. He has been quoted and written for a number of news organizations, including BBC, CNN, NBC News, Bloomberg, and others. He is passionate about sharing the complexities, the benefits, and the fun stuff of the airline business. Email me:
A War Nerd Goes to New Britain + Tower Visit

Any photography or video restrictions?

Yes, as with previous years, photos will not be allowed during the factory tours. We will have someone with Boeing who will be taking photos and sharing them with the group.


Doug Blackie

Hi David…

Pretty pumped and will be ready at 1400 in Wednesday. I assume this is open to Canadian residents?


Hey Doug,

Yes, Canadians and those from other countries are welcome to attend!


Hi David,
Where will it be possible to buy tickets?


Tickets will be up on, we will be sharing the link when we have it ready.



You leave us east coasters with some tough choices. Fly out the morning of the 15th at 0-dark-30 and hope to make it on time or fly out Friday night — Valentine’s Day — and risk the wrath of a significant other. The fact that I’m even thinking of flying out Friday night tells you how dangerously I live, or how much of a geek I am.

Let’s hope for good weather and no flight delays!


Kai Hansen

Looking forward to the weekend and will be part of the Canadian contingent :-)).

We love having guests from Canada!


Will the Dreamliner Gallery be on the tour?

This year, the Dreamliner Gallery will not be a part of AGF. We wanted to be able to add enough new things to allow people to come back and that was one thing that was cut. It might show up again in future years.


Say what’s the wrap up on Sunday all about? Just curious as I’d like to try to get some night photography in of the static F-14 :-).

I’m in, got my hotel reservations made & paid for.

Also I have AIRBOYD’s question on photography restrictions :-). I’ve followed your blog for so long I know the factories will restrict – anything else?

The wrap-up on Sunday has not been fully hashed out yet. And yes, there will be no photos allowed during the factory tours :(.


Looks great! What are the age restrictions? Would like to bring my 4 year old son along – is that possible for the 2nd day?

No one under 12yrs old is allowed on either the Boeing Factory tours :(.


What is the limit of tickets per purchase? I am interested in buying 2-4 for my family. Also is there any special notes we need to know when purchasing the tickets such as receiving them, etc.

There will be a 3 ticket max per person. You can have someone else in the family also order a ticket if you need three.

You will be able to print off your ticket and bring them to the event.


One more question but if I don’t have access to a printer to print the tickets when I purchase them, is there a way to receive them in a different method.

I think eventbrite (the site we will be using) has apps you can use the ticket. I also think it can be sent over to Google Wallet.

Worst comes to worst, we will have the list of people and can confirm you paid with ID. One way or another, if you get a ticket, you can get in!


EventBrite doesn’t require you print them right away — you can just store the tickets the account for later. Last year I bought my tickets on a smartphone…

I, too, would like to know the photography restrictions. I have seen photos from “VIP tours” of the Everett factory, so I know it’s not impossible. I’ll sign up if the photo restrictions for this tour are more relaxed than usual.

Unfortunately, there will be no photos allowed in either of the Boeing Factories. However, like previous years, they will be taking photos and share them with the group.


The outline for 2014 will probably follow the outline for 2013.

@Doug Blackie Not only is this even open to all Canadians, but all nationalities as far as I know.

@Veronika Sipeeva The event for the past few years has used to sell tickets. There will be no physical sale of tickets. Only through the official website at 2pm pst this coming Wednesday.

@Jonathan Tread carefully with the lady.

@Jace I believe there is a max amount of tickets you can purchase. I think it’s 2 or 4. David will explain.

@NW I don’t know if it’s the best situation to bring your 4 year old on the Boeing Factory tours. Perhaps when he’s a little older.

@Ryan Looks like no Dreamliner Sales office tour this year.

@AirShowFan Photography inside the Boeing Factory tours is not changing. In other words, no bringing your own camera on them. In the age of industrial espionage, Boeing’s just not going to take a chance. I think it’s unfortunate myself but I understand their position. I’m willing to accept it for the chance to walk inside the factory. Now as for the Dreamlifter Center and the Delivery Center, we’ll have to wait and see if that’s allowed.

Let’s make sure our group make excellent guests. We want them to be glad they’ve given us this enormous privilege. The factory tour’s “no photography” rule is obviously because it’s a big target for espionage. So just follow the rule to the letter – leave your camera, cell phone and anything else that can take pictures in your car. Or get a locker at the museum.

The pictures that you’ve seen of previous tours were taken by Boeing employees and cleared for posting before being made available to us. It’s very cool of them to go through the effort since it would have been an option to just take no photos at all. Actually, they didn’t have to do any of this. So every one of us should do our part to make them happy to have hosted us.

Very good point Ian. We are VERY lucky and thrilled that Boeing is so accommodating for our group. If we abuse the rules, Boeing could very easily not want to participate anymore.


I am a first timer and was wondering if transportation between Boeing Field and the
737 plant in Renton is available or included , also how about parking at Paine Field.


Hey Roy,

All you need to do is get to the Future of Flight on Sat and the Museum of Fight on Sunday and the rest is taken care of for you.


Joe Chin

Can I get more heads up for 2015/2016? I need as much lead time as possible to make peace with the clan and plan my epic journey from London UK (especially if it will be worth my while to come the long way around 🙂

It becomes difficult. We were able to give the dates a year in advance this year, but knowing exactly what will happen has to come much closer. There will be next year (dates not set yet).

Just be sure to stay on the email list!


Hey David,
Just wondering if you are okay with me possibly reselling a ticket (at face value and to an avgeek of course). I would like to attend but my February schedule doesn’t come out till next week. I’ll hopefully be off but I might have to offload a ticket. Thanks.


Hey Kyle,

Shouldn’t be a problem. Just shoot me an email (da***@ai*************.com) and we can make sure to update your information with the new person.


First off, THANK YOU David, Sandy, and the rest of the team for putting this all together! You always put on a top notch event and I want to make sure you know your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Any status on possible access to the other aviation venues at Paine Field(Flying Heritage, Historic Flight, Museum of Flight Restoration)? Understood if no. Was hoping to catch the Boeing SST mockup currently on display at the MOF Restoration Center.

Also, besides the schedule posted, is there another programming track for people that don’t want to take the Factory tours, but still be involved with Geek Fest? I know some pilots that would love to do some flying out of Paine that day.

Finally, since Paine Field is on Sunday, I’ve had to find a new venue for the morning breakfast brunch/meetup before the event. Details of which I’ll post shortly once I’ve set things up with the restaurant. It will be a different location then last year but the atmosphere of having avgeeks sharing a meal together will still be the same.

Tickets will get free access to FHC, HFF and the MoFRest as well this year. The nice part of being up at KPAE on Sat is that the Restoration Center will be open!

People are more than free to group up and do other things outside AGF of course, but you need a ticket to participate in any of the formal events (including the socials).

Maybe I will make a separate post where people can talk in the comments about doing carpooling, meeting up for meals/drinks, and other stuff to do in the Seattle area during their visit.


Your article indicates the AGF14 Special Room rate is $89/night. Just booked at the Hilton Garden Inn’s website using your promotional code and price is $99/night. Which price should be the correct one you set up?

If you call the hotel directly (their number’s on their site, or search for Everett Hilton Garden Inn), you can say you’re booking with AGF14 and they will apply the 89 rate. I was able to do this yesterday.

Just booked my room. I didn’t realize how close it was to the field. Now I need to go bug the staff about getting a “Runway Facing” room. 🙂
John, I had the same experience when booking my room. I’m hoping it can all be straightened out.

Give them a call and they can make sure you get the correct rate + free breakfast.

It is quite amazing to sit in your room and watch new Boeing planes take off and land!


I haven’t booked my flights yet, so I’m actually thinking about flying up early, checking in Friday afternoon and getting some ‘spotting in.

I recommend you consider do that.

If you can get to the Future of Flight skydeck by 3 PM Friday and we do NOT have fog, good spotting to be had. I’ve noticed in my trips to the skydeck some jetliners between 3 and 5:30 PM (closing time).

Done and done. 🙂

See you there… and if I’m not there right away, I’ll look around for a Steve. If the weather turns really bad some Joe sits at a table just inside and takes off his EA-18G hat.

Price comes up at $89 for me when I first search for the dates, then enter the code. Might have to expand the results box to see the rate.

You have mentioned that photography is not allowed in the factory, but what about other parts of the tour like the new Delivery Center in Everett?

Yes, photography will be allowed (there might be some restrictions, like do not take a picture of that one thing) on the rest of the event.


I have a family member that would like to attend this event, but walking long distances and flights of stairs is a problem (mile+ without rest). The public tour, as it is, is fine but borderline, since it’s indoors. What will the physical requirements of these factory tours be like? If we are climbing to the roof on stairs, it might be an issue. Thanks.

Hey Brandon,

There are elevators available everywhere we will be going. Just be sure to talk to us when you check in so we can make sure to help out your family member. We can also provide a wheel chair if that is need as well.


Thanks for the answer. Wheelchair almost certainly won’t be necessary, as long as we aren’t walking the length of the factory floor of climbing to the roof on the stairs.

Saturday will be quite a bit of walking. The tour itself is quite a bit, but there are elevators, then the walk from the Future of Flight to the Dreamlifter Ops is a bit.

But if they run into problems, just find me, someone from the Future of Flight or Boeing and they can rest and we can come back to get them or we can find some solution — leave no one behind :).


Isaac Alexander

David, I would love for you to do a post about other events going on along with #AGF14.
I’ll submit the first one now.

The #AvGeeks Breakfast
Saturday February 15th, Starting at 8:30am
Mukilteo Speedway Cafe
11707 Mukilteo Speedway Mukilteo, WA 98275

Please give me an RSVP if you plan to attend with how many in your party. It’s open to anyone attending Aviation Geek Fest. I want to give the restaurant as much heads up as possible to how many people plan to be there. Last years first Breakfast had about 20 people. I expect to double that this year. RSVP by contacting me via email at je***********@gm***.com with the subject line AVGeek Breakfast or by Twitter at @JetCityStar . Thanks and see you February 15th!

As for a Sunday morning gathering spot for a meal, anyone up for Dim Sum in the International District in Seattle before heading to the Museum of Flight? The restaurants open at 9am.

Anyone have any suggestions for where to stay Sunday night, closer to Boeing field? What is everyone doing for transportation?

I’ll be flying in Friday night and renting a car that I will have until I depart either Sunday night or Monday.

I’ve stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn by the Future of Flight and agree it was a nice hotel so I’ll probably book that myself for Friday night at least. Since we will be at Boeing field on Sunday it would seem to be preferable to stay closer to it Saturday night but if most everyone is staying near Everett that night I will stay as well.

Since the HGI provides breakfast and since I fly in so late Friday night I will stick with breakfast at the hotel so I can sleep in and recover a bit. I’m up for any dinner suggestions however?

WOOT!!! I’m IN!!!

I bought my 3 tickets, but could only select 0 or 1 for the Shuttle Crew Compartment tour. Will only 1 of us be able to do the tour?

Asking the same question here.

I was randomly refreshing the page and found I could select an additional single Crew Compartment ticket, so I “bought” another one. So now I’ve got 3 full weekend tickets and 1 CCT ticket on one order, and 1 CCT ticket on another order. Hopefully that all works out…

It shows that I have the ticket but it was after all they two day passes were sold so I bought both single day passes. I thought it was for the first 50 tickets.

Yes, how it as set up, only one of the Space Shuttle tickets at a time. Have to draw straws to see who gets to go.

If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t get a ticket myself 🙂


Wow.. looks that the tickets were sold in 2-3 minutes… Happy to ba back again this year… flying in from YUL.

Gilles, i am from quebec and flying from yul. Contact me please at da******@tr*************.com

2:08pm PST — Status: “Wait List”
Sold out quick!!!

Hey Jenn, yes they were sold out in about 3min. However, if you were on the first waitlist, you should be contacted.


That went fast! So glad I was able to get in. Look forward to meeting my 199 Av Geek Friends!

I bought my combo ticket, right at 2:00pm. But to get access to the space shuttle crew compartment trainer, was I also supposed to select that? I thought the first 50 tickets had it, but I don’t see it on my ticket??

Yes you had to select it from the list (last item) I guess they capped that one to 50 and the other one to 200… sorry about that.

That is correct. You had to separately get the Shuttle crew tickets. You will still have access to the back of the shuttle trainer, which is still pretty rad.


Michelle Bernath

Holy cow! I guess those of us who can’t sit on the computer are out of luck this year. I tried getting on at 2:30 and they were sold out already. Have fun guys!

Sorry Michelle, they were gone in 3min this year. Last year it took about a week to sell all the tickets.


Yeah, I basically camped out in front of my browser over lunch and just kept refreshing 🙂

Normally for the Everett Boeing Factory tour, you can’t bring a camera with you, or a cell phone (this was NOT the case in 1991, when took my very first Boeing Tour, and was able to get some great photos of the new 747-400s being assembled then!!).

Since I want to take photos at the Delivery Center and elsewhere, can I carry my camera with me on the Factory Floor Tour (but leaving it around my shoulder, turned off, with lens cap in place!)?

We are trying to work out a system to ensure no photos during the factory tour, but you will have access to your camera/phone for the rest.


+1 here. I promise to keep it in its bag/backpack but would like to have it accessible throughout the day.

Isaac Alexander

@David Simple answer David. No. Boeing doesn’t want to take a chance on any camera’s. That’s part of the deal. Read Ian’s post above.

Shams Shaik

David Parker Brown and Team, Congratulations on sold out AFG14. The Aviation Geeks from all around the world appreciate what you do for this unique community.
You might start looking into holding two Geek Fests on consecutive weekends.
Counting the days from now on…

We are looking at future options — obviously there is a demand!


James Burke

Have fun everyone who got tickets… I snoozed and tried an hour after they went on sale and missed out. I am now changing gears on my weekend on the West Coast. Mission EMB-120 / Virgin America! I’ll still have fun, but I sure hope I don’t bump into anyone that got tickets…

Will get free access to the Future of Flight Center if we wanna tour it on our won time during the 15th and 16th?

And more. On Sat, Historic Flight, Flying Heritage, Museum of FLight Restoration Center. Above post has been updated with links.


Looks like I made it. Just got an email that I got cleared from the waitlist and have a spot. Super excited!! Will be my first time.

Some people had to back out, which is sad for them, but allowing others to go!

Glad you will be able to make it!


Okay, so I have everything sorted.
My flight gets into SEA at 10:14 on Friday morning, picking up the car shortly thereafter. If you’re flying into SEA Friday morning and staying at the Hilton, email me. I should have room for a couple plane geeks in the back 🙂

I am flying into SEA late Friday night (around 10:45 PM). If anyone else wants a ride to Everett/Paine Field, I’m willing to take someone in my rental car.

Just a simple suggestion – perhaps having everybody get a Boeing drawstring backpack for your camera might be a good idea. I got one yesterday since a full backpack seems a bit much. It also will serve my purposes quite well on my Whidbey Island avgeek trips to Oak Harbor Navy League, “Joe Beach” and OLF Coupeville.

Although a good idea, Boeing has pretty strict rules about there being any cameras even in the factories. We are trying to get the best solution, but we have had to lock up the cameras in previous years while in the factories.


I know there are lockers at Future of Flight for cameras etc. Are there lockers at Renton site for cameras.

There are not, but you will be able to leave them in the bus or we will be able to collect them.


Isaac Alexander

David. what if someone purchased a one day pass for Sunday. Would that pass allow them on Saturday to attend all the museums at Paine Field? Basically they’d be at HFF/FHC/MOFRC/FOF while everyone who have Saturday passes would be taking the tours.

Also, plans are coming along well for The AvGeeks Breakfast. If you haven’t sent me your notice of attending, please see the following information below.

The #AvGeeks Breakfast
Saturday February 15th, Starting at 8:30am(Restaurant opens at 6am if you want to go early)
Mukilteo Speedway Cafe
11707 Mukilteo Speedway Mukilteo, WA 98275

Please provide me with an RSVP if you plan to attend and how many people in your party. It”s open to anyone attending Aviation Geek Fest. I want to give the restaurant as much heads up as possible to how many people plan to be there. Last years first Breakfast had about 20 people. I expect to double that this year. RSVP by contacting me via email at je***********@gm***.com with the subject line “AVGeek Breakfast” or by Twitter at @JetCityStar . Thanks and see you February 15th!

I am checking in about the Sun tickets having access Saturday. My guess if you smile really nice, you won’t have a problem.


Will we be able to tour a new airplane?

There will not be. There is a tight schedule Boeing tries to keep with building and delivering their planes, so it becomes very difficult to make this work. We came really close last year, but too many issues got in the way, so we weren’t able to try this year.

You will see plenty of planes though — do not worry!


Staying at Doubletree at SeaTac during the weekend. Will have car for max two people needing a lift on either or both tour days. Give a call at 561-350-4476.

What time will the FFT Crew Compartment tours occur on Sunday?


I am finding that out for you Liem…


Okay folks, checking the weather for Friday.

Looks like some rain. Which isn’t all that bad if you’re into extreme weather aviation photography. Hoping for no frog.

Will spend most of Friday afternoon at the Future of Flight skydeck. Hope the batteries to my air control radio scanner hold out!

P.S. Am including my Flickr link so I can join the AGF14 Flickr group.

I’ve set up a Flickr Group for AGF14 here:
Please send me your Flickr username so I can send you an invite.
You can start posting from when you leave home to get to AGF14 🙂

I expect I’ll be at the Hilton Garden Inn around noon Friday and probably start ‘spotting about 10 mins. after that 🙂

Thanks Steve — please add AirlineReporter 🙂


Check your Yahoo/Flickr mail for an invite !
See you soon!

Steve…please add eileenwood123

please add


@=A and 0=o


Please add kinghuiyvr

I think there are some lockers at the Museum of Flight, which we can use during the excursion to the Renton Plant. Probably safer to leave your cameras in a locker instead of in your car, but who knows, I think the car is safe too. My father worked at Boeing in Renton and at Boeing Field for 37 years, and I was lucky enough to attend a family day at Renton in the early 1980’s. At that time they had two Boeing 737 simulators we could sit in and try to land the airplane. I remember sitting in the pilots seat, feeling rather small, and the gentleman in the co-pilots seat was operating the throttles. I didn’t know anything about watching the instruments, so of course I landed well short of the runway. Still, thrilling to have “flown” a 737 at age 13!! We could also walk through the mockups of the 737 and 757, I loved that! I don’t remember seeing the factory floor, but we did walk through a server room, with a raised floor and everything. So cool!! Can’t wait for this weekened!

Any further details on being able to see restorations like the SST ? One of my favorite toys when I was a kid was a die-cast 2707 with working swing-wings 🙂

Oh right. That is at the Restoration Center at Paine (which we have free access to on Saturday).

I haven’t seen it yet but sure as heck am know where I will be on Saturday morning 🙂


Can we get access to the extras such as the Resoration Center prior to the 12pm meet-up?

Isaac Alexander

Rick, yes you can attend the other museums before the official events start on Saturday at Paine Field. I and my crew plan to head to breakfast, then the Flying Heritage, then the MOF Restoration Center, then get back to FOF for official festivities. Makes for a jammed packed day! Just show the museums your ticket to Geek Fest and enjoy!

Boarding Virgin America in Las Vegas today to wing my way to Seattle for my first Av Geekfest. Got my AvGeek stickers from David so am fully armed and ready to fly. I have tickets for Sat and Sun but may not make it to Saturday but will definitely be there for Sunday. Am excited to meet the other 199 “geeks” and hope to network with some other interested in av photography. See you all there!


Well, there will be plenty more stickers to enjoy too, but getting them mailed just feels better.


First time flying Virgin America. WOW factor!

I’m hoping that the wind and rain will not affect our ability to board RA001 and the Connie on Sunday. Normally in stormy conditions, to protect the airplanes, they will close the Concorde and Air Force One to visitors…

Also, the 5:00pm food a prizes on Saturday, is that happening at the Future of Flight, or at Doubletree? And does anyone know what the prizes are? Inquiring minds want to know!!

Fingers crossed for Concorde. One of my all time favorite beautiful bird

I started posting pics of the trip to SEA on Instagram if anyone is on it with hash tag #agf14.

King F Hui

To David and your team, a big thank you.

King, Kevin and Eugene

Thanks for coming! Glad you guys had a nice time.

Thanks David and your awesome team! Geekfest was a huge success!

Great! Glad you had a nice time!


Hello guys, when does the report from last week SEA event and our group pics are coming ?

King F. Hui

A Flicker group ACGeekFest 2014 has been started


Please add me to the Flickr group. I sent a request via Flickr as well.
Thanks much

David, are plans on for AGF 2015? If yes, would it be around the same time in Feb? We are a bunch of avgeeks from the othe side of the globe keen to part next year. Advance information will help in gettings Visas sorted.


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