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One group of AvGeeks enjoy the American 727 - Photo: Francis Zera

One group of AvGeeks enjoy the American 727 – Photo: Francis Zera

At the end of September we got to enjoy another amazing Aviation Geek Fest. If you follow the site, the name probably sounds familiar. It is a VIP-access event that allows AvGeeks to get together and experience some pretty cool things not typically open to the general public. This year we had people converge from around the world (guests from Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, & USA) to Seattle, WA to partake in this three-day aviation-themed event. How cool is that?

As it has been the last in previous years, the events and activities are amazing, but you cannot beat hanging around a bunch of other like-minded folks for a few days! Everyone gets to tell their airplane stories and everyone actually wants to listen!

Humble beginnings: the original Boeing HQ - Photo: Alastair Long | AirlineReporter

Humble beginnings: the original Boeing HQ – Photo: Alastair Long | AirlineReporter

I was very lucky to get a ticket to this year’s Aviation Geek Fest Seattle from April 8th to 10th. As one of the biggest AvGeeks on the planet (or so I wrongly thought…), I had been savoring the prospect of flying to the US west coast to visit Seattle, and Boeing’s spiritual home, since the ticket had come through.

Double trouble (the good kind) - Photo: Future of Flight

Double trouble (the good kind) – Photo: Future of Flight/Boeing

I opted for a London to Seattle direct flight with one of British Airways’ own Queen of the Skies — the 747. I flew in her World Traveller Plus (premium economy) cabin and the flight was surprisingly empty, which suited me fine and dandy. It was a peaceful flight and a Thursday lunchtime arrival into SEA, a day and a half before the event, gave me a chance to check out the city.


UPDATE: 12:15pm PST. Tickets have sold out! You can still join the waiting list however!

Today, Aviation Geek Fest Seattle 2016 tickets will go on sale. Make sure you are pre-registered by noon PST today and queue up for your tickets. You can see all the steps, updates, and sign up for our email list below:


(that page will be updated with any new information/changes)


We are happy to share some more details on Aviation Geek Fest Seattle 2016, including ticket sale dates. What is Aviation Geek Fest (AGF)? It is a chance for a group of people to experience airline/aviation things that the general public typically does not get access to. The 2016 AGF in Seattle will be held over the weekend of April 8-10, 2016, and it is going to be AWESOME!

All 250 tickets sold out in 30 seconds last year, and this year we have a different online ticket purchasing program that will hopefully make it easier, more fair, and less stressful (yay). That said, the event is still in high demand and tickets should go fast.

Do not worry. We are in process of looking at potential future options to help grow potential AGF experiences to other places around the globe.

A group of AvGeeks in front of a Boeing 747-8I - Photo: The Boeing Company

A group of AvGeeks getting a VIP factory floor tour by a Boeing 747-8I – Photo: The Boeing Company

Aviation Geek Fest Seattle 2016 Weekend Details:

It is almost time! Next weekend will be Aviation Geek Fest Seattle 2016. We apologize for the delay, but on Monday, at Noon PST, you will be able to choose your tracks of what you will do when. Everyone will be able to do everything during the main event, it is more about when you want to do it.

Please review the track choices so you are ready to sign up on Monday, April 4, at 12:00 p.m. PST. At that time, look for “Aviation Geek Fest Tracks” at this link:

You will need to have your Aviation Geek Fest ticket number to sign up.
Also, you will need to print all your tickets and bring them to Geek Fest with you.

Your shoes must be flats, no high heels, open toes or ballet-style flats allowed, at least on Boeing property. Also, no cameras or electronics will be allowed outside of FOF or MOF. There are free lockers at the Institute of Flight and we will have a system to secure your cameras.


AGFSEA16 Day 1 – Saturday, April 9, 2016

Future of Flight/Dreamliner Operations Center/Boeing Everett VIP Tour

NOTE: You will be required to select what time you would like to attend the Dreamlifter Operations Center tour, which leaves from the Future of Flight. Once selected, you will be able to sign up for some of the other tracks.

Everett VIP Factory Tour
Experience the VIP walk of the factory floor for the closest possible views of 747, 767, 777 and 787 Dreamliner in the world’s largest building by volume.

Dreamlifter Operations Tour
View one of only four Dreamlifters, the 747-400 specifically modified to transport the major assemblies of the 787 Dreamliner. The Dreamlifter team will share information about their operations and the global role that it is playing for Boeing.

Guest Speaker: Randy Tinseth
Randy Tinseth is vice president of Marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes leading the teams responsible for global go-to-market strategies and analysis in support of sales and product strategy. He also hosts the Boeing blog, ’œRandy’s Journal’. For the Aviation Geeks, his topic will be ’œBuilding Tomorrow’s Airplanes Today’.

Drone Zone: During this special low-fly version of the Drone Zone program, participants will have a chance to test their skill at navigating quadcopters through a challenge course and practicing precision landings, while also experimenting with a camera-equipped rover and exploring hidden areas.

Rover Construction Workshop: Using a collection of beams, connectors, motors, wires, and battery-packs, participants can experiment with different rover designs and functions, examining ways to make it travel faster, retrieve objects, and solve problems. Although the parts appear simple, they can be assembled in endless combinations, making creativity a big part of the program.

Folded Flight (Paper Planes) Workshop: This workshop examines four excellent paper airplane designs and their relationship to the Four Forces of Flight, and aerodynamics in general. The four designs will be offered as a progression, starting with a simple design and then moving forward, finishing with a flying origami project.

Makerspace (3-D Makerspace): The Makerspace is designed to introduce the concepts of 3D modeling and printing, and allow visitors a chance to design their own object using Sketchup, make changes and modifications, and then save the file for printing. Complex objects may require additional printing time and can be saved as an STL (Standard Tesselation Language) file and printed at another location, or here, during one of our Maker Monday programs.

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AGFSEA16 Day 2 – Sunday, April 10, 2016

Museum of Flight/Boeing 737 MAX Tour/Boeing Renton 737 VIP Tour

NOTE: You will be required to select what time you would like to take the Boeing 737 MAX tour, which leaves from the Museum of Flight. Once selected, you will automatically be registered for the VIP Renton tour.

Museum of Flight (MoF)
Enjoy the Boeing 100-Year Centennial Celebration, activities,
exhibits, aircraft (like the 727-022), films, and more throughout the day on Sunday, April 10,2016. Be sure to visit the gift shop and caf (lunch is on your own)

Seattle Delivery Center and 737 MAX Walk Around
Pass through the recently expanded Seattle Delivery Center outside to walk around the very first 737 MAX. Look at the unique winglets of 1A001, the first of four flight test airplanes that will be used to certify the next leader in single aisle commercial aviation.

Renton VIP Factory Tour
Take the VIP tour of the location where the world’s first successful commercial jet aircraft ’“ the 707 ’“ was built, and is now home to the world’s best-selling commercial jet aircraftthe 737.

Have more questions? Leave them in the comments here or email both to**@fu************.org and ag*@ai*************.com. Last updated: 4/2/16 8:00am PST.

The group of Aviation Geek Fest geeks in front of a GE90 engine on a brand new Boeing 777

The group of Aviation Geek Fest geeks in front of a GE90 engine on a brand new Boeing 777

OTHER AGFSEA16 INFORMATION — AGFSEA16 Tickets sold out in 9 minutes!

All tickets to Aviation Geek Fest have been sold out! You can still join the waiting list here.

At this point, we are not able to publicly announce what the tracks will be yet, but we are working on super cool stuff that we have never done before — you will not be disappointed.


Prices are shown below. They are less if you are a member with the Institute of Flight. The Dreamliner Gallery and Breakfast are not required and are add-ons for those who want to attend.

  • VIP Dreamliner Gallery and food/beverages/tour: $60 member/$70 non-member
  • AGFSEA16 both days  – $125 member/$135 non-member
  • AvGeek Breakfast Saturday morning – $20 member/$30 non-member


We have a deal with the Hilton Garden Inn at Paine Field for a special rate over the AGFSEA16 weekend (see our review of the hotel). You can book your special rate here. We are working on other possible deals.


We are excited to be able to share additional details about #AGFSEA16. This information is what we have for now, but could possibly change as we get closer to the event. Also, note that Aviation Geek Fest Seattle 2016 will have different tracks – more info coming soon on that.


Can you tell me what the tracks will be and what will we do during the event?
At this point, we are locking things in place and confirming the schedule. We will share once we know for sure what they will look like. It is likely you will need to buy the ticket before knowing the tracks. But they will be awesome.

Will AGFSEA16 be the same as previous years?
There will be a lot the same, but enough changes to keep it interesting for those who have attended previously.

Can you reserve a ticket for me?
Sorry, we are unable to reserve tickets. You will need to queue up and try for a ticket. 

Will there be a wait list?
Yes, and almost every year we are able to invite people off the wait list to join us. 

Can I bring my children?
All guests need to be at least 12 years old to attend AGFSEA16, and need their own ticket. Anyone under 18 will need to have an adult with them.

Will there be discounted hotel rates?
Yes, we are working to lock those in.

Have more questions? Leave them in the comments here or email us at ag*@ai*************.com.

One of the AGF15 groups on the 747-8 factory floor - Photo: Boeing

One of the AGF15 groups on the 747-8 factory floor – Photo: Boeing

It has been a while since we celebrated Aviation Geek Fest Seattle 2015 back in February, but I am still feeling the excitement. What an amazing two-day AvGeek event that was held here, in Seattle, WA on February 21 and 22.

This year, all 250 “Full” tickets sold out in less than 30 seconds. Less than 30% of the guests were from Washington state and the rest came from around the world. We had AvGeeks from Austria, Denmark, the UK, Dubai, India and, of course, our friends up north from Canada. It was a blast!

- Photo: AvGeek Joe

Paine Field is beyond beautiful – Photo: AvGeek Joe

For those of you not familiar with Aviation Geek Fest Seattle, it is a two-day event, where attendees get to have amazing aviation experiences with VIP access. This was our sixth time doing this, and I think the best one yet.