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S7 Airbus A310 VP-BTJ

S7 Airbus A310 VP-BTJ

You aren’t going to miss this livery rolling the down the runway. OJSC Siberia Airlines (but just call her S7) was founded in 1992 and is based in Novosibirsk, Russia.

The airline’s old livery was just a bit drab. With only color on the tail, a white body and some red writing. No one can say the newer S7 livery is bland. The interior is just as festive, check out this photo of the interior of an S7 Airbus A310; almost makes your eyes hurt.

Although the green livery looks good on the Airbus A310, A320, Boeing 737 and Boeing 767 fleet they currently fly, I think it looks best on the classic Tupolev TU-154 that they stopped flying in 2008. The TU-154’s were still flown under the GloBus livery which flew tourist flights until 2009.

In 2007 S7 put in an order for 15 Boeing 787 Dreamliners (would have loved to see that livery on a 787), but they were canceled in 2009 by S7. Just this month S7 was added to the Oneworld alliance, sponsored by British Airways.

Image: Anatoliy Zhuravlev
Malev Hungarian Airlines Boeing 737-600 (HA-LOE)

Malev Hungarian Airlines Boeing 737-600 (HA-LOE) in snowy Moscow

Malev Hungarian Airlines was founded back in 1946 as the Hungarian-Soviet Civil Air Transport Joint Stock Company (that’s a long name). The airline is based out of Budapest and flies to 50 cities in 34 different countries.

Malev has 22 aircraft, including 6 Boeing 737-600’s, 7 737-700’s, 5 737-800’s and 4 Q400. They used to fly Boeing 767’s which make the livery look good as well.

I love this livery with the blue nose, why don’t more airlines do this? Oh I have seen a few liveries with the nose a different color, but it wasn’t meant to be. Although I do like the blue nose best on a Q400.

Image: Aleksander Markin
United Airlines Boeing 757 (N542UA) with special Oprah livery

United Airlines Boeing 757 (N542UA) with special Oprah livery. Click for Larger.

Man, United Airlines and their new livery has made a lot of blogs on here recently. Oprah has been making pretty good airline news as well. She gave her entire audience a trip down to Australia with Qantas and now she has her name on a United Airlines Boeing 757.

When I first received the press release all I could do was laugh, but okay I guess it makes sense. United is based out of Chicago and so is Oprah. But doesn’t Oprah always say “travel accommodations provided by… American Airlines?” I dunno, I haven’t watched it in years. Anyhow, United wants to help celebrate Oprah’s final season by creating a special livery.

Not only does the exterior have Oprah stuff, but the interior does too. On the inaugural flight, passengers had a special video message from Oprah and one lucky passenger won enough United Mileage Plus miles for a trip around the world. Everyone else got a special fleece blanket.

If you weren’t on the first flight, don’t worry. United is having a contest and giving away a million miles per month through May 2011, which is when the special Oprah livery will be taken off the aircraft.

* Time lapse video of the Boeing 757 being painted
* Video of Oprah’s welcome message

Videos and Image from United Airlines
British Airways Boeing 757-200 (G-CPET) in retro colors. Click for larger.

British Airways Boeing 757-200 (G-CPET) in retro Negus & Negus colors. Click for larger.

For me, liveries seem to always look better on a Boeing 757. What better combination of a nice retro livery on a Boeing 757. Unfortunately, this livery is to commemorate the wonderful service the Boeing 757 has given British Airways, since they plan on retiring them shortly.

British Airways has received their second new Boeing 777-300ER and plan to use the additional ones on order to replace the Boeing 757 by the end of the month.

The airline was the global launch customer when the first Boeing 757 took to the skies in 1983 and grew to a fleet that was 54 strong. The aircraft became a familiar sight to customers on British Airways’ shorthaul and domestic network. Three now remain, all of which entered service in 1997.

One of them, G-CPET, has been painted in the origional livery the Boeing 757’s flew in 1983, the “Negus & Negus” livery. So where did the livery get that name? British Airways told me it came from the design house that worked on the livery.

The remaining 757’s will be sold for cargo use, so they will at least still be flying for quite some time!

More please:
* 99 Photos of G-CPET during its life on
* Video of the airplane landing with retro livery
* Photo of the Lockheed L1011 in the Negus & Negus livery (which is my favorite combo with British Airways)

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Boeing 747-400 ( B-LFC) at Vancouver

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Boeing 747-400 ( B-LFC) at Vancouver

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines used five Boeing 747-400’s to provide low-cost service from Hong Kong to London and Vancouver, but it didn’t work out for them.

The problems they encountered during the first flight, should have been weary. The airline’s first flight back in October 2006 had its fly-over rights pulled by Russia just an hour before take off. This caused the flight to be delayed for 24 hours…not a good start.

The airline’s low fares were popular, but they weren’t enough to cover their costs. In April 2008, the airline went under.

One of the cool things about it going under is there are quite a few cool pictures of four of the Boeing 747-400’s hanging out together.

The livery is nothing too special, but I think it works. Big writing with the name going down the side of the aircraft and the tail looks like a party.

Image: SteveWilcox