British Airways Boeing 757-200 (G-CPET) in retro colors. Click for larger.

British Airways Boeing 757-200 (G-CPET) in retro Negus & Negus colors. Click for larger.

For me, liveries seem to always look better on a Boeing 757. What better combination of a nice retro livery on a Boeing 757. Unfortunately, this livery is to commemorate the wonderful service the Boeing 757 has given British Airways, since they plan on retiring them shortly.

British Airways has received their second new Boeing 777-300ER and plan to use the additional ones on order to replace the Boeing 757 by the end of the month.

The airline was the global launch customer when the first Boeing 757 took to the skies in 1983 and grew to a fleet that was 54 strong. The aircraft became a familiar sight to customers on British Airways’ shorthaul and domestic network. Three now remain, all of which entered service in 1997.

One of them, G-CPET, has been painted in the origional livery the Boeing 757’s flew in 1983, the “Negus & Negus” livery. So where did the livery get that name? British Airways told me it came from the design house that worked on the livery.

The remaining 757’s will be sold for cargo use, so they will at least still be flying for quite some time!

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G J galik

David – in my opinion nothing beats the 1990s livery of BA that iconic elements of BOAC and the Speedbird along with the very classy heraldic shield on the tail. Distinct branding that was well…very British! The use of deep blue lower fuselage and nacelle paint was adopted by many other carriers – too much so today. All very delightful your blog – keep up your enthusiasm!

They’re replacing 757s with 773s. Thats almost double the capacity.

Robin Johnson

No, no, they are not replacing 757s with 773ERs.
They have been winding down the 757 fleet, used for some years only on European services, and replacing them with A320s and A321s. At the same time they are starting to replace some of the large fleet of 744s on much longer routes to Chicsgo snd India with the new 773s. The only type usedon both long snd short hauls is the 763, with different seating configurations.

british airways is the best airline that i have been into, great crew and great service.“

you can always say that british airways is the best airline on the travel industry :’~

The Boeing 757s have now left service with British Airways. However the type will remain in service with one of their divisions, but I just forgot which one. It is sad though to see the 57s leaving service with the airline after all those wonderful years of service.

You can still fly the Speedbird Boeing 757 at British Airways Virtual 🙂

Open Skies -> That is the name of the BAW Division that will still be using the type.

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