Malev Hungarian Airlines Boeing 737-600 (HA-LOE)

Malev Hungarian Airlines Boeing 737-600 (HA-LOE) in snowy Moscow

Malev Hungarian Airlines was founded back in 1946 as the Hungarian-Soviet Civil Air Transport Joint Stock Company (that’s a long name). The airline is based out of Budapest and flies to 50 cities in 34 different countries.

Malev has 22 aircraft, including 6 Boeing 737-600’s, 7 737-700’s, 5 737-800’s and 4 Q400. They used to fly Boeing 767’s which make the livery look good as well.

I love this livery with the blue nose, why don’t more airlines do this? Oh I have seen a few liveries with the nose a different color, but it wasn’t meant to be. Although I do like the blue nose best on a Q400.

Image: Aleksander Markin

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