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British Airways Boeing 757-200 (G-CPET) in retro colors. Click for larger.

British Airways Boeing 757-200 (G-CPET) in retro Negus & Negus colors. Click for larger.

For me, liveries seem to always look better on a Boeing 757. What better combination of a nice retro livery on a Boeing 757. Unfortunately, this livery is to commemorate the wonderful service the Boeing 757 has given British Airways, since they plan on retiring them shortly.

British Airways has received their second new Boeing 777-300ER and plan to use the additional ones on order to replace the Boeing 757 by the end of the month.

The airline was the global launch customer when the first Boeing 757 took to the skies in 1983 and grew to a fleet that was 54 strong. The aircraft became a familiar sight to customers on British Airways’ shorthaul and domestic network. Three now remain, all of which entered service in 1997.

One of them, G-CPET, has been painted in the origional livery the Boeing 757’s flew in 1983, the “Negus & Negus” livery. So where did the livery get that name? British Airways told me it came from the design house that worked on the livery.

The remaining 757’s will be sold for cargo use, so they will at least still be flying for quite some time!

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Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Boeing 747-400 ( B-LFC) at Vancouver

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Boeing 747-400 ( B-LFC) at Vancouver

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines used five Boeing 747-400’s to provide low-cost service from Hong Kong to London and Vancouver, but it didn’t work out for them.

The problems they encountered during the first flight, should have been weary. The airline’s first flight back in October 2006 had its fly-over rights pulled by Russia just an hour before take off. This caused the flight to be delayed for 24 hours…not a good start.

The airline’s low fares were popular, but they weren’t enough to cover their costs. In April 2008, the airline went under.

One of the cool things about it going under is there are quite a few cool pictures of four of the Boeing 747-400’s hanging out together.

The livery is nothing too special, but I think it works. Big writing with the name going down the side of the aircraft and the tail looks like a party.

Image: SteveWilcox
American Airlines Boeing 737-800 with its retro Astrojet livery.

American Airlines Boeing 737-800 with its retro Astrojet livery. Photo from Boeing.

I am currently in Tampa, FL and while driving around I spotted a silver plane with a red logo on the tail. I could tell it was most likely a retro livery, but couldn’t place it. Luckily a few fine Twitter folk (@vivekmayasandra and @Shokikuchi) suggested it might be American Airlines Astrojet livery and sure enough it was!

This special livery comemerated American Airline’s 50th next generation Boeing 737. The airplane was delived to American at the end of 2000. The Astrojet livery was seen on American’s first Boeing 727s in 1964.

Mandala Airlines Airbus A319-100 PK-RMF

Mandala Airlines Airbus A319-100 PK-RMF

Mandala Airlines is a low cost carrier based at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakart, Indonesia. It has a fleet of only Airbus A320’s and A319’s. The airline was founded in 1969 at a time that Indonesia was re-building a devastated economy.

In 2006 the airline sold 49% stake to Indigo Partners [they also have stakes in Spirit Airlines (USA), Wizz (Europe), Tiger (Singapore), and Abnanova Airlines (Russia)]. With the change, the airline replaced its aging fleet with new Airbus aircraft. The airline currently have 30 additional aircraft on order and hope to grow at a rate of 25% per year.

The airline’s logo is a golden eight-pointed mandala showing the eight characters of humanity and the eight elements of Javanese tradition. The five-petaled lotus in the center represents Indonesia’s state ideology, Pancasila.

Thank you @racingwinds for this livery idea! If you have a mostly unknown, current airline livery you like, let me know and I might use it ([email protected]).

Mandala Airlines Website

Image: Achdiyatma Reza