S7 Airbus A310 VP-BTJ

S7 Airbus A310 VP-BTJ

You aren’t going to miss this livery rolling the down the runway. OJSC Siberia Airlines (but just call her S7) was founded in 1992 and is based in Novosibirsk, Russia.

The airline’s old livery was just a bit drab. With only color on the tail, a white body and some red writing. No one can say the newer S7 livery is bland. The interior is just as festive, check out this photo of the interior of an S7 Airbus A310; almost makes your eyes hurt.

Although the green livery looks good on the Airbus A310, A320, Boeing 737 and Boeing 767 fleet they currently fly, I think it looks best on the classic Tupolev TU-154 that they stopped flying in 2008. The TU-154’s were still flown under the GloBus livery which flew tourist flights until 2009.

In 2007 S7 put in an order for 15 Boeing 787 Dreamliners (would have loved to see that livery on a 787), but they were canceled in 2009 by S7. Just this month S7 was added to the Oneworld alliance, sponsored by British Airways.

Image: Anatoliy Zhuravlev

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Jeffrey Sarver

The whole package is hideous. I’m grateful for you for showing us the ghastly interior of these airplanes.
If I had ever had the misfortune of just happening upon this visual nightmare prior to a long flight with S7 I’m afraid I’d run screaming from the plane and be arrested.

I’m tired of the navy blue and grey mania that is currently going on in the biz but S7 (stupid name too) gets the Alka Seltzer award for going over the top with the crayolas.

Yea, I am surprised by the colorful interior. I would have expected the neon-green theme to carry on to the inside.


I’ve had the pleasure of flying them last year from DME to PIE last year, fantastic service and the best part that you left out, smoking hot FAs :).

Just found your blog from Google news, can’t believe I didn’t come across it earlier, I love your Livery of the Week section, keep up the good work, you can bet that I’ll be visiting often.

Thanks Sam. If you also like airline livery just wait for the next Ultimate Livery Challenge (check out #3:https://www.airlinereporter.com/2010/10/answers-ultimate-livery-challenge-3/)


I guess this is in response to the old Soviet liveries of drab, drabber, and drabbest. It’s kind of like when my 9 year old son was taught to use Powerpoint to give a presentation to his class–he used every sound, moving picture and other obnoxious goodies until he realized they detracted from his presentation.

Haha, very good point. That is how my very first website looked too.


I think I’d take this over a flight on Untied any day.

Richard D

I can’t help but think how much the A310 loooks like the B737 but in wide body. The interior would give me a headache and annoy the heck out of me if I flew on that long haul.

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