The bold green tail in the sun at Paine Field

The bold green tail in the sun at Paine Field

I was recently given the opportunity to check out EVA Air’s new livery on a brand new 777-300ER at Boeing’s Everett Delivery Center.  I have always been a fan of EVA’s green and orange livery, and I am quite impressed with the new design.

Although images of the new EVA Air livery had leaked on Twitter a while back, there is a big difference between viewing small images online and seeing a new livery in person. With a “Dreamliner-esque” line going down the entire fuselage, the new design is more evolutionary than revolutionary, but I think it works.

Although, at first glance, the new livery might appear to closely resemble the old one, upon closer look, one might notice a darker green on the belly of the aircraft and the removal of the orange on the rudder.

EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER photographed on October 31, 2015 from Clay Lacy Astrovision Learjet.

EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER, photographed on October 31, 2015 from Clay Lacy Astrovision Learjet – Photo: EVA Air

The changes at the airline are not just on the outside. This new design is part of EVA Air working to become a five-star airline in the next five years. To learn more about the airline’s future, not only did I have a chance to tour the inside and outside of their newest 777-300ER, but I also had a chance to sit down with their president, Austin Cheng, to get a better understanding of the airline’s future.

EVA Air Chairman K.W. Chang, on the left and president Austin Cheng on the right

EVA Air chairman K.W. Chang, on the left and president Austin Cheng on the right

The evening before the official event, I was able to sit down with Cheng, along with a small group of other media. It is not common for the president of an airline to take much time with a small group of people. Even if they do, it is typically for a short amount of time, they usually give some pre-approved talking points, and sometimes allow a question or two. This interaction was much different…much better.

Cheng spent over an hour with us, talking in-depth about EVA, his experience with the Evergreen Group (he joined in 1984 – moved to EVA Air in 1992) and his vision for the airline’s future.

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One of the biggest changes that EVA is implementing is improving in-flight customer service. They will be giving additional training to their 3,000 flight attendants and improving some of the other on-board experiences.

The seat products will not be changing, but EVA already has a pretty nice three-cabin setup on the 777. However next time you board, listen carefully, you might notice a change. The airline worked with soundtrack master Ricky Ho to create music for the boarding experience, with the goal of better relaxing passengers.

Side view from the delivery center

Side view from the delivery center

According to the airline, Ho used the ocarina, an ancient wind instrument and type of vessel flute, to create three melodious pieces, ’œLove is the Answer,’ ’œHorizon,’ and ’œAll Things Bright and Beautiful.’

Ho’s task was much more than just creating music in a studio. He methodically tested and adjusted the bass and treble mix in different cabins on several aircraft to achieve the desired sound. That is the sort of dedication to small details that can be seen all throughout the airline’s operations.

You can really see the sparkle

You can really see the sparkle

When I arrived at the Everett Delivery Center, it was darkish and it took the sun coming out before noticing that the plane seemed to have a special sparkle.

The paint is not a flat white, but has mica in it, which causes it to shine more than your standard paint. This was more evident getting up close and seeing the plane in the sun.

EVA's newest 777-300ER at the Boeing Delivery Center

EVA’s newest 777-300ER at the Boeing Delivery Center

EVA explained the changes to the livery in the following way:

EVA’s new corporate identity retains its original compass design, borrowed from the logotype of the respected Evergreen Group and symbolizing the airline’s seamless network and services. In the livery, the simplified tail design establishes the compass as the focal point for the EVA Air brand and represents the carrier’s commitment to quality service and flight safety. The elegant curve that flows the length of the aircraft and the dark-green belly emphasize ’œThe New EVA Difference’ in the livery design. Together, these livery design elements represent EVA’s strong commitment to becoming a globally respected airline and to maintaining consistency in its core identity and values.

EVA's newest 77W at the Boeing Delivery Center

EVA’s newest 77W at the Boeing Delivery Center

EVA  plans to be a major player in the world of global airlines, and the 777-300ER is an important part of the effort to modernize their fleet. EVA currently has 21 777-300ERs, and will take delivery of another seven by the end of 2016. This aircraft type has allowed the airline to grow its international presence and will enable EVA to continue to expand service to additional North American cities in the years to come.

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’œEVA was a launch customer for the 777-300ER in 2005 and the aircraft has become the backbone of our long-haul fleet. By the end of 2017, we will be operating more than 30 Boeing 777-300ERs,’ said EVA Chairman K.W. Chang.

’œWe launched our new generation Boeing 777-300ERs last year and significantly upgraded our inflight services and cabin environments. Today, we unveiled a new livery design to herald our continuing commitment to service innovation. We aim to give our passengers flying experiences that are even more comfortable and enjoyable, and that include fun and entertainment along the way.’

Looking beyond the 777, EVA is also considering placing orders for other aircraft types to expand their reach to new destinations in the future.

The really cool part about Chairman Chang – he is a captain, who is rated to fly the 777-300ER. Not only did he enjoy checking out his new airplane, he is also the one who flew it from Paine Field to Taipei during the delivery flight.

Front of the 77W from the ground

The front of the 77W from the ground, after the weather cleared

In more ways than one, I keep being impressed with EVA Air. Almost every employee that I have interacted with (on and off record) seems to have a real passion for serving customers and for the company. It is more than just a job, but a family. Any airline can say those words, but it seems they are actually living it.


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blair kooistra

A BEAUTIFUL aircraft. I’m with you David: I’m impressed with the change in livery, and their commitment in providing original boarding music to help passengers relax–I certainly didn’t expect them to invite the artist aboard to make sure the sound is properly balanced and played at the right volume. All in all, I agree with EVA’s belief that changing the livery and removing the orange on the tail will help the achieve their strong commitment to becoming a globally respected airline and to maintaining consistency in its core identity and values.

I lover the new livery. It looks much more elegant and stylish than the second generation. It also echoes the first generation livery ( almost all white with only green on the tail). The second generation is just too bold and lack of subtlety to my like.

I agree that it is a nice fresh look, but obviously still EVA.

David | AirlineReporter

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