One of the seating areas for the new Alaska Airlines Board Room at SEA's N Satellite. Photo: Neil Enns | Dane Creek Photography

One of the seating areas for the new Alaska Airlines Board Room at SEA’s N Satellite – Photo: Neil Enns | Dane Creek Photography

As of November 10, customers visiting Seattle-Tacoma International Airport’s North Satellite terminal will have an enhanced passenger experience. After several months of delays and postponements, the new and highly-anticipated Alaska Airlines Board Room opened for business between Gates N1 and N2.

The N Board Room supplements the main location in the D Concourse of the main terminal, allowing passengers to have lounge access closer to Alaska’s departure gates in the remote terminal. This lounge is meant as a stopgap until a permanent lounge opens in 2018 as part of an overhaul and expansion of the North Satellite building.

When the project was first announced in December of 2014, the original target opening date was mid-2015, but postponements kept rolling in and pushing the date further out. Coupled with little information about lounge design and amenities, the anticipation grew, especially within the frequent flyer community on Flyertalk.

For months, passengers saw only a wall between Gates N1 and N2. Photo: John Nguyen | AirlineReporter

For months, passengers saw only a wall between Gates N1 and N2 – Photo: John Nguyen | AirlineReporter

After months of waiting, the new lounge finally opened its doors to customers on Tuesday evening, and an impromptu meetup occurred with several Flyertalk members who happened to be arriving or departing Seattle at around the same time.

Though a smaller temporary location, the new Board Room has all the amenities passengers have come to expect, including a full bar, self-serve soda fountain and coffee machine, and food items such as soup, snacks, and Alaska’s famous pancake machine. Noteworthy is the addition of several power outlets throughout the space.

One visitor, Neil Enns, was gracious enough to share his photos with AirlineReporter.

Have you been to the new Board Room in the N Satellite yet? Are you looking forward to your first visit? Let us know in the comments below!

Special thanks to Neil Enns of Dane Creek Photography.

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Well this is a real win for me. 100’s of times I have arrived at the N terminal with the connecting flight also at an N gate. Maybe with an 1 hour layover, and boarding in 40 minutes, just wasn’t worth it to take the train to D. This will be especially helpful if you have friends that are flying in and you are all leaving for a common destination together at the N gates. Good place to wait for them. Long over due, especially given the sometimes crowded conditions at the main louge on the D concourse.

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