It is still unreal that Full Aviation Geek Fest Seattle (AGF) tickets sold out in less than 30 seconds. We know that there are many of you who were hoping to get tickets and weren’t able to get them. That bites and we are sorry – blame it on the old rule of “supply and demand.” There were also some technical issues that popped up because of the overwhelming demand that didn’t make things any easier. Again, we apologize. We are looking how to improve the process in the future (and hopefully allow more people to enjoy this epic event), but for now, we still have AGF15 to look forward to!

The sale of Mini Tickets has now closed

The upper deck (yes it is actually two stories there) of the 747-8I mock up in the Customer Experience Center - Photo: David Parker Brown

The upper deck (yes it is actually two stories) of the 747-8I mock-up in the Boeing Customer Experience Center – Photo: David Parker Brown

Because we knew the demand was going to be high (not this high), we wanted to allow more people to attend and created the Mini Aviation Geek Fest Seattle ticket option. Here is what you get with the MiniTicket:


Alaska Airlines celebrates the Marines' 236th b-day (a bit early, it is on 11/10).

Where work is done on Alaska Airlines’ planes – Photo: David Parker Brown | AirlineReporter


  • 8:00 to 10:00am- Get VIP access to the Museum of Flight from 8am-10am (it normally opens at 10am). We will have a room with coffee and Wi-Fi as our HQ. More details soon.
  • 8:00 to 10:00am- Tour the third Boeing 787 (ZA003) from 8:00am to 10:00am only  (Due to them being in the middle of construction, it is likely that we will not have access to any of the other aircraft in the Air Park. Any access that they can give will be most likely between 8-10am).
  • 8:00 to 10:00am- 30 Mini Ticket holders will be chosen to participate in a VIP ramp tour of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Those who have Mini Tickets purchased will be emailed with additional details (please read the note below).
  • 11:00 to Noon- Tour the Boeing Customer Experience Center. You need to be at the facility by 11:00am. An address will be provided to you via email. No transportation will be provided for you to get to/from the CEC. If you need a ride, leave a comment after getting your tickets and hopefully you can find a carpool AvGeek-buddy or go in together on a Lyft/Uber (those specific links will give you a discount). Guests must be at least 16 years old to do this tour. No cameras will be allowed.
  • 1:00pm to 2:00pm- 20 random Mini Ticket holders will be chosen for a VIP tour of Alaska Airlines’ maintenance facility, located at the airport. Those who have Mini Tickets purchased will be emailed with additional details (please read the note below).
  • Go check out the Northwest Aviation Conference & Trade Show at the Washington State Fair Events Center in Puyallup, Washington.

A few notes about the VIP morning tour of SEA and the afternoon tour of Alaska on Sunday: having a Mini Ticket does NOT guarantee you a spot on one of the tours. We will be emailing all Mini Ticket holders (by the end of the day 2/17) asking which tour they would want to go on. If we have enough spots (we are hoping that we will), then everyone can go. If we are short spots, then we will use a random number generator to pick who gets to go on the tours. Additional information on locations, parking, meet up spots, etc will be provided to those who will be participating. You must provide your own transportation to the airport/meetup location for these tours. To make sure that you will be considered for one of these tours, you must have your ticket purchased by noon on February 17th. After that, people will be considered on a space-available basis.

We are excited for February 21st and 22nd and hope to see you there.

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A few thoughts David:

a) It would be helpful if you gave a clear list of what the Mini ticket would do. I did what I could on one of the forums.

b) I have a friend on the waitlist for the full show w/ you, DangerusSandy Ward, Mary “Runway Girl” Kirby and me… if there’s still vacancies closer to AGF15 like on the 14th for the Mini, what should he do? Friend resides in the Puget Sound area.

c) Two long weeks ahead. Damn. Two more weeks.

A) It is listed on this story what the Mini AGF15 tickets get you and it is also listed on the previous story.

B) I am not sure what you are asking here.

C) Almost there :)!

David, AirlineReporter

As to B, I’m asking if he should also get a Mini ticket or will he be offered the option at some point?

I would suggest getting a Mini Ticket if they want one. It is unlikely that many more people will get Full Tickets from the wait list (it is a full list), although we just got another refund request today.

When the Mini Tickets are gone, they are gone and then there are no options.

David, AirlineReporter

Thanks buddy :-).

Isaac Alexander

Just so no one is surprised, if you decide to attend the Northwest Aviation Conference & Trade Show, there is a $5.00 admission fee. There are additional events you can experience there at different price levels as well.

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