We have seen the new American livery on a Boeing 737,  Boeing 777 and a Bombardier CRJ700. Now, there has been a newly painted American Airlines Boeing 767-300ER spotting in the wild; LAX to be exact.

SpeedBirdHD caught N7375A taxiing back and taking off — once again, another great video.

American Airlines Boeing 767-300ER (N368AA)

American Airlines Boeing 767-300ER (N368AA). Photo by SpeedbirdHD

It seems that more and more of you are starting to either be okay or (heaven forbid) actually like the new livery. I just can’t wait to see it on the Boeing 757, which I think is the aircraft that almost all liveries look best on.

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Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Air to Air Video

I want to see the new livery on the 777-200ER. Also can’t wait to see it on the Airbuses.

First shot of a new-livery 763 appeared on jetphotos.net almost a month ago (February 20th): http://jetphotos.net/showphotos.php?regsearch=N368AA

Based on some information from someone in an airliners.net forum that appears to work at American, there are no 757s scheduled (as of a week or three ago) for the new livery. He’s been spot-on thus far when it comes to listing which planes are being painted in which order, so I’m inclined to believe him (even if I do make a point of avoiding the a.net forums like the plague).

Photos being out there and photos I am able to use are two different things :).

I also read A.net often, but normally take everything said on there with a grain of salt :).

I hope to confirm with AA this week about the 757 paint schedule.

Oh…and there are shots floating around of American Eagle Embraer metal in the new livery, too…

I’m sure if you shot a message to one of the photographers on jetphotos.net, they’d be more than happy to let you use their photo on the blog. 🙂

I just felt like passing the link on to point out that there have been several “in the wild” spottings of new-livery 763s within the past month or so. Wasn’t sure if you were thinking that this was the first one…

I was seilsuory at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

As a side note: Why do so many of American’s 763s -that are used on long-haul international routes-still not have winglets? I have to wonder if they just enjoy burning unnecessary fuel, or what?

They’ll use a 763 with winglets on a trans-con US route, but they’ll send a 763 without winglets from Miami to Europe. Yeah…that makes plenty of sense.

I wanna see the new livery on the 757-200͵ 767-200 and the md 80

All in good time 🙂


The new livery E145 has flown into KSYR, Syracuse NY, twice already.
Videos :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-zt7kz8rFk

Looks great, too bad they didn’t use the old logo…

Love the 767, hope they’ll paint many of them.

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