Air to air shots of Alaska Airlines Boeing 737s? Yes please.

If you are looking for some hard hitting plot, you won’t find it in this video. However, if you are looking or some great angles of the 737 and some cheezy music (yea you might want to hit mute), then you have come to the right place.

If you do not have the 12 minutes to watch the video above, then check out the much shorter Alaska Airlines video taken in Hawaii.

Thanks Michael K for the heads up.

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Grooving at 8:20, nice track, not cheesy at all! Ok, at 9:32, cheesy. LOL!!!


Who knew that the tubby little thing with the sewer pipes under the wings 40 years ago would grow up to become that beautiful aircraft that flies halfway across the Pacific every day?

Also, this video is missing the 737-400 Combi, is it not? 🙁

Very nice footage.

I did not see the combi either. But this was made by Alaska’s marketing department and I doubt the combi is super popular with most passengers, just AvGeeks :).



This is truth. But Mrs. A and I flew on one JNU-YAK-CDV-ANC during our Alaska trip in ’08 and it was a hoot. Not a bad way to see Alaska.

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