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Me during my first visit to the Future of Flight. Since then, I have probably been about 25+ times.

Me during my first visit to the Future of Flight. Since then, I have probably been about 25+ times.

When I was still new at this blogging game, I decided to set up a visit with the Future of Flight. It was the first time I was going to some place like a museum (because they aren’t a museum) to review for the blog and I was a bit nervous. However, my nerves quickly turned to excitement after seeing all the cool things they had and meeting Sandy and Ed. I was also able to have an amazing conversation with Barry who is the Director. He is a true aviation enthsiust and quite the AvGeek (that is a compliment).

Since then the Future of Flight has become the social media aviation headquarters of the Seattle area. Hosting Aviation Geekfest in 2009 and 2010 and always being supportive of those on Twitter and bloggers. Today they are celebrating their fifth anniversary since they opened in 2005. Since then they have seen more than 850,000 visitors from 175 different countries. They continue to grow the exhibits they have and share their passion of aviation with other enthsists and of course the next generation.

To celebrate, you can enjoy what they have to offer for only $5 admission, which includes the Future of Flight gallery and Boeing Factory tour for today only. If you haven’t been before, this is a great time to check it out. If you have already been, why not go again?

A special thanks to the Future of Flight for all that they do and a very happy five years!

Aerial view of the DreamLifter and Future of Flight

Aerial view of the DreamLifter and Future of Flight taken by Paine Field

Paine Field is in the process of building additional parking spots next to the Future of Flight. The hope is Boeing 787 Dreamliners will one day be parked there, but for a little over a week, a Boeing DreamLifter has been making it home. If you are in the Seattle area, this gives you a great opportunity to pretty close to a DreamLifter.

This photo was taken from the sky by the Paine Field Airport. Check out the shadow that the DreamLifter puts on the ground (zoomed in photo), it is quite impressive, just like the plane itself.

* Larger version of image above
* Photos I took of the DreamLifter yesterday while at Paine Field

What a cool combination of things going down at the Future of Flight tomorrow, Friday August 6th.

Award-winning author and radio producer, Harriet Baskas, will be signing books  from 10am – 3pm. She is author of six books, including Washington Curiosities and Washington Icons.

Harriet writes about airports, air travel, unusual museums and other topics for, and many other outlets. She also runs the blog Stuck at the Airport.

During the book signing, the Future of Flight Store will also offer wine tasting and discounts of up to 50% on selected Northwest wines.

Go see some planes, take a tour of Boeing, get some amazing books signed. No, I don’t get any kick backs for any books sold, but they are great books. I have my own copy of Washington Curiosities and love it!

Yesterday I headed over to the Future of Flight and designed my own airplane. You have until June 7th to design your own airplane and submit it to the Future of Flight and have it displayed. Obviously you don’t need hardcore skills, just a little imagination and some crayons work! Make me proud, submit your airplane design.

More information.

A special thanks to Sandy at the Future of Flight for taking this video!