Eastern Airlines Boeing 727 at the Future of Flight.

This is a front section of an Eastern Airlines Boeing 727-200 located at the Future of Flight. There are two things not quite right with the photo (except half the plane missing). Can you tell what’s wrong?

Tomorrow I will give the answer and a nice little story how it was fixed.

UPDATE: This story has gotten more interesting than I thought. I will be posting the answer and story on Monday.

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Eastern logo is small and the “Eastern” name not in the same font/size as it was originally

Eastern Logo is pointing the wrong direction as well as the incorrect Eastern font.

Wrong way? That depends which way the fuselage section is pointing? I’ve never been to Everett so I presume I’m allowed to answer… The Eastern logo apparently doesn’t match because it had to be painted back on after FedEx retired the 727 and donated it to the museum. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Eastern-Air-Lines/Boeing-727-25C/1044290/M/ And previous views of Eastern N8160G/FedEx N124FE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/30761171@N05/4194303736/


There’s something wrong with the logo.

Jerrid Mutter

Shouldn’t there be a forward fuselage door.

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