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JAL 18 touches down in YVR

JAL 18 touches down at YVR Airport – Photo: Brandon Farris | AirlineReporter

In what turned out to be a beautiful Monday morning in Vancouver, British Columbia, reporters and the Vancouver Airport Authority greeted the airport’s first scheduled 787 service with Japan Airlines.

Banner welcoming Passengers onboard - Brandon Farris - AirlineReporter

Banner welcoming passengers onboard – Photo: Brandon Farris | AirlineReporter

The conditions couldn’t have been any better for the carrier’s first arrival with the aircraft, as the skies were clear when the pilots flared the nose and gracefully put the aircraft (JA823J) on the ground 15 minutes ahead of schedule, to the delight of many who have been working hard on bringing the 787 to YVR.

ZB-001 (N789EX) the First Boeing 787-9, takes to the Sky - Photo: Bernie Leighton |

ZB-001 (N789EX) the first Boeing 787-9, takes to the sky – Photo: Bernie Leighton |

At 11:02am this morning, ZB-001 the first Boeing 787-9, became airworthy as it departed Paine Field in Everett, Washington on its first flight.

Boeing’s inaugural flight of the 787-9 was originally scheduled for 10am Pacific Time, but as is usual for ’œBoeing Time’ there was a few delays.  The weather may not have been as perfect as the flight tests for yesterday’s CS100 flight from Mirabel, but there was no rain, which is always a positive for Seattle this time of year.  With over 10,000 employees in attendance and lots more of the Everett flight line crews watching (plus thousands more watching the live webcast), it was a spectacle that many were anxiously awaiting.

The first Boeing 787-9 conducts taxi tests at Paine Field. Image: Sandy Ward / Future of Flight.

The first Boeing 787-9 conducts taxi tests at Paine Field earlier today. Image: Sandy Ward / Future of Flight.

Boeing has confirmed tonight that the first Boeing 787-9 flight is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Tuesday September 16th.

As of now, the first flight is scheduled for 10:00am PDT, of course the time and even the date could change based on a number of different circumstances.

Earlier today, Boeing conducted taxi tests in the Seattle rain.

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Aerial shot of the first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Photo by Bernie Leighton.

Aerial shot of the first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner (ZB001)   Photo: Bernie Leighton/

Did you just read a story about Bombardier’s first CSeries first flight potentially happening on Monday, only to find out the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner’s first flight could be as early as Tuesday, September 17th? Why yes you did. Boeing announced this week that their first 787-9 could possibly have its maiden flight at Paine Field early next week.

Yes AvGeeks, this is going to be a good week for all of us!