Gogo's 737-500 N321GG, a.k.a. the "Jimmy Ray" - Come fly with us!

Gogo’s 737-500 N321GG, a.k.a. the “Jimmy Ray” – Come fly with us!

UPDATE: Entry for the contest ended on Wednesday, February 17th. Stay tuned for the announcement of winners and to follow along with us on the big flight!

This is big. Really big. The biggest giveaway we have offered at AirlineReporter. How would you like to fly on Gogo’s own private Boeing 737-500 (named “Jimmy Ray”) on March 13th? Oh heck yes you would!

Gogo uses the plane to test their awesome technology (many of you have probably seen/used their in-flight WiFi). It is decked out in a VIP configuration and two of our readers can see for themselves by winning a free trip from Chicago to Austin — where SXSW will be going down.

Our Johnny Nguyen got to fly on the plane a while back and I loved watching his experience — I wanted to fly on it too. Join me, JL Johnson, and Dave Delagarza on this very special SXSW party flight. Keep reading to learn more and enter our contest!

On board Gogo's 737: Looking aft.

On board Gogo’s 737: Looking aft

GOGO CONTEST – What each of the two winners get:

  • Two tickets (one for you and a friend) to fly on Gogo’s 737-500 from Chicago to Austin on Sunday, March 13, 2016
  • Flights to/from any domestic U.S. airport to Chicago (on Saturday, March 12), and then from Austin back home following the Gogo flight
  • One night hotel in Chicago (plus transfers)
  • Cool Gogo giveaways
  • Awesome memories and, hopefully, great photos to make your friends jealous

GOGO CONTEST – You must:

  • Be a resident of the United States
  • Be an AvGeek or fan of aviation
  • Be able to make the flight dates (March 12-13)
  • Be age 21 or over (including guests)
  • Provide valid contact information (we are doing nothing more with it than contacting the winners)
  • Want to have an amazing time
Gogo's 737-500, N321GG a.k.a. the "Jimmy Ray."

Gogo’s 737-500, “Jimmy Ray”

GOGO CONTEST – How to enter:

Unfortunately, entry for the contest has ended.  The contest opened at 10:00am PST on 2/10/16 and closed at 9:59am PST on 2/17/16.

The winners have been chosen and verified. They are Meghan and Shams. We are excited for them to be joining us on this flight!



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My Inner Seven-Year-Old Hangs Out with the Paine Field Fire Department
Paul Ramonas

A great photo op!!!

Can we assume that Jimmy Ray has a bit more legroom than typical cattle cars?

Lots more!

David | AirlineReporter

I sent it via email and posted to my Facebook but I’m not getting my extra ten entries …..

Hope everything else I did was enough. Thanks for surprising us every year!

john hoda

great contest

marylou boryta

Hi Marylou, please see above for the contest entry details. Comments are not valid entries.

marylou boryta

cant wait to win

J A Brandon

Sweet. I have to win!

john hoda



J A Brandon

OK! If I win I’ll take you and if you win take me. Either way good luck to all who enter. Someone is going to have a great avgeek time with this.

Marysia Davidson


Robert Davis

Great contest. Thanks for posting. Excellent promotion opportunity too.

Brad Coath

Darn, I dont tweet…cant..but I know the lucky AvGeek and companion are going to have a blast ! Awesome prize you guys !

Hey Brad, You do not have to do all the things to enter. Just the more you do, the more entries you will have in the contest.

David | AirlineReporter

Brad Coath

Thanks ! Great Work, BTW. Really enjoy this site. I am former PSA (California 1980) and PA ( until late 80s) F/A. AvGeek all the way !

Thank you for the chances to fly with these jets

Brad Coath


What if we are going to be 21 in April?

That will be exciting for sure, but winners and guests need to be 21 at the time of the flight :(.

David | AirlineReporter

Robert Nordmark

Please send me on this trip.

Nice! I’ve never flown on a 735 🙂

Martin Williams

Loved last years AvGeek festival in Seattle. This would be icing on the cake!


I love gogo internet and am a yearly subscriber. Their service has really helped me increase my productivity and is a great value!
Please pick me for this great trip!

Scott Riseling

Frances Moore

win beneath my wings

Ken Bateman

Never been on a 737-500, sure would be a blast………………..

Mrs. Monica Krasniak

Fantastic voyages upon one of man’s greatest inventions. Traveling through time &…

wesley baysinger

I love flying!!!!

Bob Travis

My son and I would love to take this trip together. Thanks for the opportunity.

Bob Travis

My son and I would love an opportunity to take this flight. Thanks

Clement Seepayl

This will be a trip of a lifetime.

Mary Hoover

Wow never been to Chicago or Texas!

edward movido

This will be my first trip to Austin – on a private plane – wow! Let me WIN – ro*******@ma**.com

rodney charles knoll

I would love to experience this flight.

R Esposito

never been on a plane or to Texas

Myron Ross Corbin

How fun love to fly

Let’s get flying!!!

Gary Norton

Trip of a lifetime riding a 737-500 private jet.

I’ve never won anything. This would be a trip of a lifetime and I would love to experience it.

Clark Hickman

BBJ’s Rock. Clever contest.

Hi Clark… technically not a BBJ, since N321GG had a previous commercial life, and it’s set up as a very comfortable 2-class airliner. Not the luxuriousness of a blinged out BBJ, but it will be a blast anyway. Trust me! https://www.airlinereporter.com/2016/01/flying-gogo-boeing-737-500-first-class/

John | AirlineReporter

robert kelley

would love to see the windy city 🙂

Murray Buzzard

as a former airline employee, anxious o give it a try!

Love Chicago.

Never left Alaska trip would be a bad ass memory I would rember for life

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