In the darkness of night, the first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner rolled out of the factory in Everett, WA yesterday. Although the 787-9 will first sport a Boeing livery during testing, it will soon be painted into one of two of Air New Zealand’s new liveries, since they will later take delivery of the aircraft.

Final judgement might have to wait until the new 787-9 is fully painted [and seen in light], but it already appears the dash nine might look more beautiful than the dash eight.

SEE SEVEN PHOTOS OF THE FIRST BOEING 787-9 ROLLING OUT OF THE FACTORY via the Seattle PI and taken by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren.

Big thanks to Liz Matzelle for letting us use her 787-9 video!

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Visiting the Peninsula China Clipper Lounge in Hong Kong

I agree, the longer fuselage makes it look much better than the -8

Lance Mitchell

Now that’s what a well balanced plane looks like.

It looks really good! Can’t wait to see the new paint scheme on it! Just have to wait about 2-3 weeks for it to be painted.

Tee Vee Tee

Really nice. Mostly white looks much better darker color. Now the -9 is comparable in looks with the A350. I still like the 787 wings better. Look at the way they flex when flying. That should transfer to smoother ride for sure. The a350 wings are so rigid.

The 787-9 is more sleek and if it ani’t boeing, I ain’t going

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