I was able to meet with the Future of Flight today and we are happy to announce that the dates (yes plural) for Aviation Geek Fest 2013 (#AGF13) have been decided: Saturday February 16th AND Sunday February 17th 2013.

It is President’s Day weekend, so probably many of you also will have Monday the 18th off. There is currently nothing planned for AGF13 for that Monday, but there is plenty of other AvGeek goodness to enjoy in Seattle.

We are not able to share too many more details other than the dates right now, but rest assured, this event will be epic and well worth you making an effort to join us. We are planning to have activities both up north in Everett and down south in the Renton area.

The Aviation Geek Fest 2010 peeps pose in front of a GE90 engine on a Boeing 777. Photo from Boeing.

The Aviation Geek Fest 2010 peeps pose in front of a GE90 engine on a Boeing 777. Photo from Boeing.

I can tell you that this year’s event will be bigger and better than any previous. It will be like combining the past three AGF’s into one, then add a little magic and finally some AvGeekdom and then you have #AGF13.

As in last year, we will most likely charge for tickets, which will be going on sale over the next few weeks. Do not worry we will give you plenty of heads up (sign up for the email list).

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Should you book your airline tickets now? Yes please do. We have people from all over the US join that joined us last year and we are hoping we will have more (even from around the world) this year. It will be worth it!

Ask any questions in the comments, but I do not have too much more to give as of now. If you have not done so already, please make sure you join the Aviation Geek Fest mailing list to get all the up-to-date details.

I hope to see you there!

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Sounds like it’s going to be awesome. I’ve already booked my flights and hotel! Can’t wait to hear what you guys have in store for us! I’m hoping we don’t have the same availability constraints as last year though especially as it sounds like you’re expecting a bigger crowd. Can’t wait to see you at #AGF13

More demand, but hopefully more awesome options too!


This looks like a fabulous event! If you would like me to advertise the event for you… write up a post. Where, When, and what it’s all about and send me a couple photos. I’ll put is on the Flight To Success blog! Thanks!!!

Thanks Karlene,

Please help promote if you can!


Any idea about the start time on Saturday and end time on Sunday, re: flights? Looking forward to it!

Right now — no.

There is a big event on Sat and one on Sun and those are both running the start times and they have not been set yet. Stay tuned.


HTF have I never heard about this until now? I need to get in on this!

Better late than never 🙂

We might take a trip from Norway. I have promised my son a visit to the Boeing factory so this could be a great opportunity since this is in the start of his winter holiday. 🙂

Gordon Werner

If you can make it from Norway you have to do it. Nothing beats the factory floor tour … You can go touch and go inside the aircraft under construction. It is about 10000% better than the regular tour where all you can do is look from the balcony.

😀 – I have been at the factory once before and it was very interesting. Only obstacle right now is that we must apply for two days extra vacation from his school.

Is there any other activities in the Seattle area that you (and others) can suggest that is related to airplanes if we decides to take the trip? I can recall some kind of flight museum right outside Seattle/Bellevue – but is there other places that is a “must-see”?

We will probably be in the area for approx. 6 – 7 days. I will probably take the decision within the next 48 hours.


Gordon Werner

Museum of Flight at Boeing Field … along with the Concorde and Air Force One that you can go inside.
Also there is the Space Shuttle Crew Trainer that you can climb inside of

At Paine Field (Everett) is also Paul Allen’s historic warplane museum …

At Renton you can look at the planes that have already been built but there is no factory tour there.

Then there’s always Seattle itself … which has a lot to explore

Thank you for the tips. We have decided to attend the #AGF13, so I have one happy fellow home right now. 🙂 Now we just have to figure out where to stay. I know one hotel in Bellevue (Marriott?), but it might be better to stay downtown Seattle?

I just hope that we could have some kind of confirmation that we will be able to get tickets for the #AGF13-event so we do not travel the whole way from Norway to Seattle and then missing the event.

Anyway, we are looking forward to this event!

Make sure you are on the email list:

We are working on hotel discounts up north and down south for AGF13 attendees and all updates will be made to the email list.


Any chance that someone could give us a guarantee that we will get tickets for the event now ? If we get this, I will book the flight from Oslo to Seattle tomorrow morning.

Gordon Werner

Contact David Parker Brown directly … I am sure that he can help you out since you are traveling from so far away


Gordon Werner

let me reiterate … that the Factory Floor tour is really something special … the only time you can get up close and personal with the aircraft under construction

Aviation Geek Fest? Now what exactly do you people do when you get together? It sounds like it might be way too strenuous for a shy fellow like me.

It is a bunch of aviation nerds getting together. There are a few shy people, which is totally cool. Luckily you can start talking about airplanes and instead of people looking at you judgingly like you are a geek, you will find others want to talk to you 🙂


Isaac Alexander

Here was the schedule for the 2012 Aviation Geek Fest to get an idea what 2013 could look like.


During The Weekend: Self-Guided Aviation Goodness
We will give some options that people can participate in on their own either before or after #AGF12.

Around 12:30pm: ELITE Meet and Greet
Check in at the Future of Flight and meet the other aviation geeks participating at #AGF12.

Around 2pm: ELITE Select-a-Quest
Guests will pre-register for one of a few aviation adventures.
The first option is a Boeing factory floor tour. Another group will be able to visit the Dreamliner Gallery. A third will be a trip to the Paine Field Fire Station with a tour of the Airport. The final option is to meet up with a local flight instructor to learn what it takes to get your pilots license..

Around 3:30pm: Special Speaker
A larger group of people are welcome to come hear a special aviation-themed speaker. Speakers have included in the past the Boeing Moonshine group as well as the official Boeing Historian.

Around 5:00pm: Aviation Geek Fest Social
Food and drink will be served while you can tour the Future of Flight, get to know folks, take photos in the cockpit of a Boeing 727 and more.

Probably pretty different this year. But some similarities 🙂


Matt Baillie

Haven’t been able to make the past few AGFs due to my work schedule, but am looking forward to this one!

Clay Doherty

Excited to meet my fellow uber-airine geeks next month. As a newbie, do folks usually stay at the Hilton Garden Inn by the Future of Flight building?

Many people have before. We are currently working on a group rate that I will be sharing on the email list serve when I get confirmation.


Clay Doherty

Thanks so much David!

John Rabun

Flight is booked, car is booked, REALLY looking forward to this trip!!!

Thanks David for making it happen! Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Shams Shaik

Are we there yet

A group rate at that HGI would be awesome. It’s pretty pricey, even with my industry discount. The fun takes off a month from today!!

Michelle Bernath

Boy-child and I attended last year for the first time and can’t wait for this year! We already have it on the calendar, and are waiting not-so-patiently for the activity list and tickets to be made available. I live right around the corner from the FoF so except for having to drive to BC to pick up the offspring, it’s very convenient for me.

We had a fantastic time, and are really looking forward to more fun surprises this year. Thanks for organizing such a cool event. I can’t imagine all the work you must put into it, but we sure do appreciate it!

See you on the 16th!
Michelle and Jacob Bernath

Any updates on rooms yet? Would love to stay in the same area as others attending.

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