It is time to start planning for Aviation Geek Fest 2013. No details are even close to share, but please add yourself to the Aviation Geek Fest 2013 e-mail list to be on top of any developments.

NOTE: If you were on the list for 2012, you should have received an email from me with a link to confirm you want to be on the list for 2013. You are not able to add yourself from the link above — yes, I know that is very annoying, but what my host provider is doing to cut down on spam. If you have trouble still, email me: da***@ai*************.com.

I got to drive around Paine Field an a fire bus. Others went on the factory floor, the Dreamliner Gallery and more. What will #AGF13 hold? I am not sure.

I got to drive around Paine Field an a fire bus. Others went on the factory floor, the Dreamliner Gallery and more. What will #AGF13 hold? I am not sure.

Not sure what Aviation Geek Fest is all about? I can tell you that if you have any remote interest in aviation — you will love it. Check out what went down in previous years:

Aviation Geek Fest 2009
Aviation Geek Fest 2010
Aviation Geek Fest 2012 

I plan to speak with some AvGeeks at the DorkFest at LAX this weekend to get ideas, but also feel free to post in the comments on any ideas you might have for #AGF13.  The sky is the limit (literally, because I doubt we could get on Virgin Galactic).

We are looking to hold it before summer in 2013, but other than that, there are no other details — stay tuned.

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Video of NASA’s Boeing 747-123 (N905NA) Last Take Off as a Shuttle Carrier
Alan Girvan

vote for best view of an airport from a fast food restaurant. In’n’Out LAX already known about.

Thomas Cook

Tried to sign up. It said it was less than two days since I tried to sign up. First try. As far as suggestions… What about a ride in any plane. Boeing preferred but bizjet or warbird will work.

Hey Thomas, it is not letting me put your information in either. I am thinking something is up with my server and hoping it fixes itself tomorrow. I will let you know.


Ditto to Thomas Cook’s comment: I tried to sign up and it also gave a warning that it was less than 2 days since I last tried to sign up.

Really weird. For both you and Thomas, it will not even let me manually enter your information. Let me try again tomorrow – maybe it will fix itself.


Ah, I hadn’t checked my inbox, which already had the 2013 announcement since I was on the 2012 list. So maybe that error was just a less-than-optimal way to say “you’re already on the list.”

Doctor Smith


Aaron Rosell

David – Any interest in Zenith Press involvement with this? I’d be interested in discussing it with you more, and running it by the folks in charge here.

Thomas Cook

I too have the email announcing the 2013. Probably why the error message.

For suggestions – how about getting Boeing simulator time? Definitely looking forward to whatever happens!


Thanks, but I know that t he schedule won’t work. As for the AvGeek this weekend, with Bret and friends, I hope it is fun! Don’t eat too many of those I&O burgers; this is an aviation-related blog, not a Fast-Food blog, right? That said, if one is limited to I&O burgers and other treats for a couple of hours – ahem – go a bit on the hungry side. Those burgers are seriously habit forming. Your waist line – and mine, are ample proof. I’ll expect some good pix.

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