Germanwings new livery on an Airbus A320. Photo from Germanwings.

Germanwings new livery on an Airbus A319 (D-AGWT). Photo from Germanwings.

Behold Germanwing’s new livery which was recently painted on an Airbus A319 (D-AGWT). The change is more than just a new design; they are altering the way that they do business as well.

Germanwings was founded in 1997 as a German based low-cost airline and in January 2009, they became a subsidiary of Lufthansa Airlines. Germanwings currently operates a fleet of almost 40 Airbus A319 aircraft, but it will soon grow.

Lufthansa will start moving aircraft to the “new” airline and Germanwings fleet will grow to about 90. Germanwings is set to take over all of Lufthansa’s domestic and European, non-hub flights.

Germanwings previous livery on an Airbus A319. Photo by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren.

Germanwings previous livery on an Airbus A319. Photo by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren.

Christoph Franz, Chairman of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG stated: ’œWith the ’˜new Germanwings’ we are going on the offensive in respect of point-to-point connections. We have developed a convincing array of products and have many years of experience in the low-cost and premium segments. We will combine elements of both in the ’˜new Germanwings’ and set new standards in our home market of Europe. This will enable us to operate profitably away from our large hubs again while also exciting our passengers with a modern offering.’

Germanwings new pricing structure is a bit easier to follow than other low cost airlines. Image from Germanwings.

Germanwings new pricing structure is a bit easier to follow than other low cost airlines. Image from Germanwings.

On July 1, 2013, the official “new Germanwings” will start operations with only economy seating, but with three types of service (see the chart above).

Lufthansa’s website states, “True to the motto ’œReasonably priced but not cheap’, the airline’s employees will focus all the more on meeting customer’s wishes to the fullest in the future. Passengers will be able to choose from three basic Economy Class modules for this ’“ Best, Smart and Basic.”

The more you pay; the better service you get. Not too difficult.

What do you think of Germanwings new livery? Photo from Germanwings.

What do you think of Germanwings new livery? Photo from Germanwings.

The new livery is a pretty radical departure from the previous one. It moves to a more conservative look, that mirrors Lufthansa.

As far as European-white liveries, I think this one does quite well. The swooping, colorful “W” on the tail goes well with the titles on the side. I only wish that color would have been added to the winglets, but maybe that would have been a bit too much. Lufthansa has probably one of the most simple, yet regal liveries and probably wanted Germanwings to have a bit more of a “fun” or “cost effective” look, while steering clear of the Spirit Airlines or Wizz Air look.

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Jeff Mueller

I like the new font of “germanwings” which obviously aligns with Lufthansa, but I kind of like the yellow tail on the previous livery which really made the whole thing “pop”

I definitely prefer the look of the new paint scheme. The operations thou would be interested to watch. As well as what happens to Lufty’s people that are working all of the Lufthansa non-hub flights right now. This is all really about cutting down costs (hence the Lufty union strikes this fall) so I am guessing not everyone is going to be happy about that.

I much preferred the older colour scheme – that silver looks much better than boring white in my opinion. But I guess they want to appeal more to the business traveller now.

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