Using words and photos to describe something as amazing as taking a flight on a Beechcraft Starship is not enough. On October 16th I had the opportunity to take a ride on NC-51 Starship owned by Robert Scherer from Aspen, CO (ASE) to Page, AZ (PGA) and finally Orange County, CA (SNA). Above is the video of the adventure — enjoy!

My Quest to Ride on a Beechcraft Starship:

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Cool video, David. Was there a First Officer? I heard him call out speeds and give the gear up commend.

Me? Nope, no first officer. I see quite a few pilots do call out speeds, even with no one in the right seat. Or I guess I have been in the right seat :).


Cool David. I didn’t know there were any Starships still flying. The Beech folks were a little worried that their Hawker 4000 could go the way of the Starship, but they seem to have figured that problem out.

Although the Starship wasn’t economically successful, it did teach Hawker Beech what they needed to know about building new composite aircraft like the 4000. Flew it a few months back. Really sweet airplane.

Yea, that has to be a sweet plane. I mean it is CRAZY to think that the Starship was mostly conceived in the early 1980’s. It felt much more modern.


That was a cool video
Would love to get into the Beech Starship cockpit.
Currently fly the airbus 330

I would love to get in the A330 cockpit. I currently fly on Flight Sim :)!


David, LUCKY!!! When I was taking lessons at PDK (mid 1990s) I would always stand at the fence out side the Beech facility and drool, hoping I would get to see it take off. On the plus side, at the time I was living in an apartment complex on the approach and a couple times a month I would see one fly over. Very unique sound; I would practically tear the door off getting outside to catch a glimpse…

We need a photo of the Hawker 4000 and starship together on the ramp since not a lot of them exist.


I found this on Google Earth one building down from our FBO in Addison. TX.

32°58’3.50″N 96°50’3.34″W

Nice catch Natasha. I need to share this on Twitter 🙂


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