Captain Steve Rogers came on to Saturday Night Live (SNL) this weekend to apologize to Alec Baldwin for being kicked off a recent American Airlines flight for being disruptive. It is amazing how much Captain Rogers not only has three strips on his uniform (showing that he is a co-pilot), but he also looks a lot like Alec Baldwin.

While watching the video with my girlfriend she pointed out that I make similar arguments about electronic devices on the plane. Even though I might not agree with the rules and get annoyed when I am told to turn off my phone and/or camera, I do what I am told and don’t get all huffy. It is too bad that Alec doesn’t really apologize for acting the way he did, but all that aside, the video is humorous.

I reached out to American Airlines on a quote about the SNL skit and even though I was assured that many in American have seen it, they have no official comment.


UPDATE: Brett Snyder on his site Cranky Flier has some great thoughts on the whole situation. I have to say that I agree with Brett on this one.

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Alec Baldwin is a man child with an anger management problem- period. The poor little boy can’t take it because he ran into a situation where he wasn’t the “top dog” or “the big cheese” in and he threw a temper tantrum.

As a side note. When Alaska Airline started introducing their iPads to be used by their crews in the flight deck, a problem cropped up with the iPads producing interference with the CRTs in the 737NG. So this whole personal electronic device interference is for real. A manufacturer or airline cannot test every single model or type of PED and allow its use, so they take they easy way out and say no to every single one of them. It’s that simple. Imagine the announcement, “if you have a Samsung Galaxy model 10.1 you may leave that on but all iPads must now be turned off.”

If I were american Arilines, I would gift Mr. Baldwin a round trip coach ticket on Spirit Airlines and invite him not to tarnish American Arilines in the future.

Some customers are simply not woth the revenue they provide.

This was a publicity stunt… Words with Friends/Zynga went public this week. Just like when that fat azz director of Mall Rats got kicked of a Southwest flight for not buying two seats… he had a movie coming out the next week. Will the media ever learn?

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