I have loved following Allegiant getting their new Boeing 757’s. I find it very interesting when an airline runs only one aircraft type, then gets another. Recently I shared one Boeing 757 with Allegiant’s old livery (N901NV) and then got photos of a second Boeing 757 with Allegiant’s new livery (N902NV). I was told that this new livery would be added to their fleet of MD-80 aircraft and now we have our first look. Now we get a look at Allegiant’s new livery on an MD-82 maddog.

After seeing the first 757 in old livery and the second 757 in new livery, I wasn’t sure how I liked it. Now with more time I am liking the addition orange on the aircraft. Now, it is time to try to see one of these badboys (err maddogs) in person.

Photos from Allegiant

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Jonathan Anderson

Just out of curiosity, do you know where Allegiant paints there aircraft?

Jonathan Anderson

*their :S

“901 was painted at Flightstar Aircraft Services in Jacksonville, FL and 902 was painted at Aviation Technical Services in Everett, WA.”

Ok. They partly paint in Everett. Now I am trying to see one :).


Jonathan Anderson

Hmmm 1 painted in Florida, and 1 painted oh so close to BLI. Maybe they’ll trans-con soon just to test these babies out? BLI-SFB?

I think they look nice. But it’s kind of like a new car–always looks good when it’s fresh!

Jonathan Anderson

and leave them out in the sun at LAS or PHX (dare say HNL) and say goodbye to those rich colors! I always love seeing the planes that are stationed in pHX and when they come to BLI you can see the old SAS paint underneath.

haha, now that would be an awesome photo! 🙂


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