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Dubrovnik MD-82 doesn't look the best.

Dubrovnik MD-82 doesn't look the best.

You might want to make sure that the kids are out of the room when looking at this livery — it is not pretty. A while back I put on Twitter that I think the worst liveries I have covered were Air Do and Air Midwest. I asked people if they had any that might be worse and @BrunetJohn stepped up with Dubrovnik Airlines.

For a livery to get on a plane, there have to be multiple people that approve it. I mean it costs the same amount of money to paint a good livery or bad one — which always makes me wonder how liveries like this every see the light of day.

Sure, the concept of putting a pretty photo to show where you fly is not a bad idea (and it is pretty — close up shot). However, this looks more like it was designed in Microsoft Word than almost any livery I have seen.

The word “airline” doesn’t even match up with the name and is oddly next to that picture. On the left side of the plane, it is no better with the name being oddly close to the picture.

According to Flight Global, the airline suspended operations on October 23, 2011. There is a possibility they could come back into service and I wish them the best — I only ask to think about going with a new livery.

There have been many times where I have dis-liked a livery and some of you have dis-agreed with me. Can anyone disagree with this one?

Image:  Tab59

I have loved following Allegiant getting their new Boeing 757’s. I find it very interesting when an airline runs only one aircraft type, then gets another. Recently I shared one Boeing 757 with Allegiant’s old livery (N901NV) and then got photos of a second Boeing 757 with Allegiant’s new livery (N902NV). I was told that this new livery would be added to their fleet of MD-80 aircraft and now we have our first look. Now we get a look at Allegiant’s new livery on an MD-82 maddog.

After seeing the first 757 in old livery and the second 757 in new livery, I wasn’t sure how I liked it. Now with more time I am liking the addition orange on the aircraft. Now, it is time to try to see one of these badboys (err maddogs) in person.

Photos from Allegiant
A McDonnell-Douglas MD-82 of American Airlines takes off from LAX.

A McDonnell-Douglas MD-82 of American Airlines takes off from LAX.

Terry Williams, an American Airlines flight attendant, is suing Boeing after having a mist spray on her from the ventilation system from an MD-82 (Boeing bought McDonnell Douglas, which built the MD-82) aircraft. Williams states she has been suffering from chronic pain, tremors, migraines and vision issues.

Williams and her attorney allege that the ventilation system on the aircraft is faulty and the air is heavily contaminated. Her attorney said, “We believe the hazard is preventable. Sensors and filters are available. It’s up to the aircraft manufacturers to put them on.”

Boeing’s spokesperson Bernard Choi responded, “We believe that the air in airplane cabins is safe.”

This is not the first suit of it’s kind against Boeing. About seven years ago, flight attendants sued Boeing over hazardous air conditions, but the jury found Boeing not liable.

Source: KOMO
Image: rjmcconnell