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Remember a few weeks ago when I posted the photos above and asked for you to guess the airline and aircraft type? Well, it is time for the answers. If you haven’t guessed already, feel free to head back to the original story and do your best, and then when you are ready, keep reading and I have the answers below.

Way back in April 2010, I had this crazy idea to put snippets of airliner pictures out there,  asking you to guess the livery. Then I got a bit more creative with showing different parts, angles, designs etc.  Then I totally just stopped. I am not fully sure why. Maybe because I was getting jealous that many of you knew liveries way better than I did, or the fact that this setup actually takes quite a bit longer to get published as a story than one might think. No matter the reason… IT’S BACK!!!

Take a good look at the photos below and see below to learn how the game works. Hey, if you guess enough, maybe I will mail you a few sweet AirlineReporter stickers!

Rules are easy. In the comments, list the airline AND/OR aircraft type for each photo. Some are easy. Some might be nearly impossible. If you only know a few, that is okay, leave your answers in the comments. The big thing is no cheating, such as Google image search or looking at other people’s comments before you make your guess (often people are wrong anyhow).

Don’t feel bad if you only know a few (or even one). I think if I wasn’t the one making this, I would get half at best (okay, maybe only 25%). Then next week, I will share the full photos and see who won! And by win, if you had fun, I will send you some stickers! Good luck!

How well do you know your airline liveries?

How well do you know your airline liveries?

I think this challenge was a nice mixture of easy and hard liveries/airliners. Some of you were amazing and got all 12. Many of you were very close. Others took a nice stab at guessing. Without further adieu — here are the answers:

#1: TAM Airlines Boeing 777-300ER by David Parker Brown
#2: Fiji Airways Airbus A330-300 by Jason Rabinowitz
#3: Alaska Airlines Salmon-Thirty-Salmon livery on a Boeing 737-800 by Bob Garrard
#4 Mongolian Airlines Boeing 737-800 by Bob Garrard
#5 China Airlines Sky Team livery on a Boeing 747-400 by Bob Garrard
#6 Biman Bangladesh Airlines Boeing 777-300ER by Bernie Leighton
#7 Fly Dubai Boeing 737-800 by Bernie Leighton
#8 Delta Air Lines Air Freighter Lockheed L100 Herecules by Bob Garrard
#9 TWA Convair 880 by Bob Garrard
#10 Air Malta retro jet livery on an Airbus A320 by Ken Fielding
#11 PGA Portugalia Airlines Fokker 100 by Ken Fielding
#12 Volotea Airlines Boeing 717 by Ken Fielding

It seems that #5 and #10 threw off quite a few people. I was surprised how many of you got #9. As always, I am super impressed with how you fine folks do. I don’t think I would have gotten but 75% of these if I wasn’t the one tracking down the photos.

Have a great weekend!

How well do you know your airline liveries?

How well do you know your airline liveries?

It is that time again to show how awesome you are at guessing airline liveries. How this works is I give you 12 small parts of an airliner and you need to tell me: #1 what airline does it belong to and #2 what kind of airplane is it?

Some are a little easier and others will be a bit tough, but can you guess all 12? Put your guesses into the comments (don’t cheat and just look at others’ answers). In a few days I will post all the answers with links to the original photos.

Game on!