Way back in April 2010, I had this crazy idea to put snippets of airliner pictures out there,  asking you to guess the livery. Then I got a bit more creative with showing different parts, angles, designs etc.  Then I totally just stopped. I am not fully sure why. Maybe because I was getting jealous that many of you knew liveries way better than I did, or the fact that this setup actually takes quite a bit longer to get published as a story than one might think. No matter the reason… IT’S BACK!!!

Take a good look at the photos below and see below to learn how the game works. Hey, if you guess enough, maybe I will mail you a few sweet AirlineReporter stickers!

Rules are easy. In the comments, list the airline AND/OR aircraft type for each photo. Some are easy. Some might be nearly impossible. If you only know a few, that is okay, leave your answers in the comments. The big thing is no cheating, such as Google image search or looking at other people’s comments before you make your guess (often people are wrong anyhow).

Don’t feel bad if you only know a few (or even one). I think if I wasn’t the one making this, I would get half at best (okay, maybe only 25%). Then next week, I will share the full photos and see who won! And by win, if you had fun, I will send you some stickers! Good luck!

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Vitor Freesz

Good one.
But… easy ones, LOL!
Not gonna answer here so not to spoil the other participants (said no one ever, LOL!)
All the best, great job!

1 – DC10
2 – B737
3 – A319 or 320
4 – B787
5 – Comet
6 – B747
7 – B707
8 – Eastern L1011
9 – Russian something


#4 is clearly a Swiss A220/CSeries.

Michael Restivo

1. Air Aruba 767-200/300
2. Icelandair 737-400
3. Tunis Air A319/320
4. Swiss A220-300
5. QANTAS ? comet for sure
6. Syrianair 747sp
7. 727
8. Eastern L-1011
9. Antonov ?

1.Eastern 777-200 3. Mauritania a330 4.TUI fly a220 5. Condor electra/L111 8. Pan Am tristar 9. volga-dpener an-12.

1 Air Aruba B762
2 Olympic B732
3 Tunis Air A320
4 Swiss A220
5 (don’t know the carrier) DH Comet
6 Syrian B747SP
7 Gabon Govt B722
8 Eastern Tristar
9 ADB Antonov AN-22


1 Air Aruba 767-200
2 Icelandair 737-400
3 Tunisair A320 variant
4 Swiss CS100
5 Kuwait Airways Comet
6 Olympic 747-200
7 African Express MD-82
8 Eastern L-1011
9 Antonov House Colors AN-22

1. Air Aruba 767-204ER
2. Icelandair 737-408
3. Tunis Air A320-214
4. Swiss A220-300 (BCS3)
5. Kuwait Airways Comet
6. Syrian Air 747SP-94
7. African Express 727-231
8. Eastern L-1011 Tristar
9. Antonov Airlines Antonov AN-22

Brian P. Burk

1. Unknown / DC-10
2. Something Greek / B737
3. Unknown / Embraer E190
4. Something from Star Alliance / A220
5. Air France / Caravelle
6. Unknown B747
7. Kenyan Airways / B727
8. Eastern Airlines / L1011
9. Something Russian / Antonov turboprop

Madhu M Rao

1- Airbus A310
2- Convair 880
3- Airbus A320
4- Airbus A350
5- De Havilland Comet 4
6- Boeing 747
7- Boeing 737
8- Lockheed Tristar L1011
9- Airbus A400M

1. Can’t guess airline B767
2. Piedmont B727 or B737
3. Tunisair A320
4. Can’t guess airline A220 (formerly Bombardier C-Series)
5. Lufthansa Sud Aviation Caravelle
6. Can’t guess airline B747(100 to 300 series)
7. Kenya Airways B727 or B737
8. Eastern Airlines L-1011 (Whisperliner)
9. Antonov Airlines An-22 airlifter

1. Eastern Air Lines Boeing 777
2. Olympic Airways Boeing 737
3. South African Airways Airbus A321
4. ANA Airbus A220
5. Austrian Airlines De Havilland Comet
6. Kuwait Airways Boeing 747SP
7. Guyana Airways Boeing 707
8. Eastern Air Lines Lockheed L-1011
9. Pan Am Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

1. Air Aruba 767
2. Icelandair 737
3. Tunis Air A320
4. Swiss C100
5. Kuwait Airways DH Comet
6. Syrian Air 747SP
7. African Express 727
8. Eastern L-1011
9. Antonov Airlines Antonov AN-22

Andrew Dueck

Well we’ll see what we can do not all but some
3 Early Qatar
4 Swiss A220 or Bombardier CS
5 BOAC comet 7 Kenyan Airlines 737

Brennan H.

3 – Tunisair A319?

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