Remember a few weeks ago when I posted the photos above and asked for you to guess the airline and aircraft type? Well, it is time for the answers. If you haven’t guessed already, feel free to head back to the original story and do your best, and then when you are ready, keep reading and I have the answers below.

First off, a huge thanks to our friend Ken Fielding for letting us use his photos. Each of the links in the photo captions go to his photos on Flickr, and he always tells the whole story of the aircraft from delivery to destruction, which is amazing (and sometimes a little sad). He is constantly re-scanning old photos, along with adding new ones, so you never know what you will get in his Flickr feed!

So how did you do? This was a hard one. I wasn’t worrying too much if someone guessed CS300 vs Airbus A220, or if you didn’t get that it was a prototype L1011 vs one already with EAL — I am not that tough of a guy. Some of you got very close, but the first to get them all right was StaySky, so big tip of the hat on that one. I will be following up with everyone who “played” via email to see if you would like some free stickers, since everyone is a winner (I am assuming everyone had fun).

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Retro Flight Review: OneJet Plus Kansas City to Pittsburgh Aboard An ERJ
Michael Moscaritolo

Wow. Okay … here. Here is my spotter’s card. I failed miserably!!! LOL!

is that Comet still flying!?!? LOLOL

If it makes you feel any better, I couldn’t remember what they were when I was prepping the answers and I am the one who edited all the photos and got them prepped 🙂


I thought about participating under another name because I had all the answers.. but no! No:1 was a bit of a trick question and I guess most people said Air Aruba. Of course it was Britannia Airways, just back off lease to Air Aruba. Thank you David, for the ‘plug’. My Flickr page visits have jumped today. As always I’m happy to help…

Ken Fielding

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