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Boeing shared this photo of the 787-9 flying over Mt. Rainier.

787-9 Dreamliner flying over Mt. Rainier – Photo: Boeing

We don’t feature a lot of writers on our “Blogroll” section of the site, but All Things 787 has been a mainstay.  Started by Uresh Sheth (@ureshs) in 2008, the site digs in to the nitty gritty of 787 production and delivery details.  As a data geek, I’ve spent many hours delving in to the spreadsheets on All Things 787, and as a frequent flier, I’ve often looked at delivery positions, hoping for a future flight to be serviced by a new-build Dreamliner.  The site has had over 5.3 million views since its inception, which means many others share my same interest.

What has always impressed me the most about All Things 787 is the amazing detail (which, translated, means Uresh has to have exceptional access and sources).  As Uresh is a friend of Airline Reporter, I recently reached out to him for an interview about his site, the 787, and the readers that help fuel his enthusiasm.

Detailed delivery status of Boeing 787 - Image: All Things 787

An example of the detailed delivery status of the Boeing 787 – Image: All Things 787

The Dreamlifter Operations Center at Paine Field. Image: Future of Flight

The Dreamlifter Operations Center at Paine Field. Image: Future of Flight – Aviation Center & Boeing Tour

It is rare to catch more than two Boeing 747 Dreamlifters at Paine Field. It is even more special when one is able to catch three Dreamlifters. But three Dreamlifters and a  Beechcraft Starship (NC-50 / N8285Q)? Oh yes!

On November 10th, that is exactly what happened next to the Future of Flight – Aviation Center & Boeing Tour — and what a view. The Dreamlifters were parked at their new Operations Center and the Starship was at a fund raiser for the Future of Flight.

There are four Dreamlifters that have been built (you might have remember that one recently landed at the wrong airport) and they are modified Boeing 747-400s used to transport 787 Dreamliner parts around the world.

Time to take a VIP tour of one of TAM's Boeing 777-300ERs at Paine Field. Image: David Parker Brown.

Time to take a VIP tour of one of TAM’s Boeing 777-300ERs at Paine Field. Photo: David Parker Brown

Recently, I was invited to take a special tour of one of TAM Airlines’ brand-spanking new Boeing 777s that was parked at Paine Field. The plane was so new that Boeing was still prepping it for delivery. How could I refuse?

The aircraft I toured (PT-MUJ) and was TAM’s fourth 777-300ER, which was delivered on August 29th, 2013. The airline has ordered a total of nine of the type.

The 777 is the first aircraft that TAM has equipped with their new First Class product, and I was excited to check it out.

ZB-001 (N789EX) the First Boeing 787-9, takes to the Sky - Photo: Bernie Leighton |

ZB-001 (N789EX) the first Boeing 787-9, takes to the sky – Photo: Bernie Leighton |

At 11:02am this morning, ZB-001 the first Boeing 787-9, became airworthy as it departed Paine Field in Everett, Washington on its first flight.

Boeing’s inaugural flight of the 787-9 was originally scheduled for 10am Pacific Time, but as is usual for “Boeing Time” there was a few delays.  The weather may not have been as perfect as the flight tests for yesterday’s CS100 flight from Mirabel, but there was no rain, which is always a positive for Seattle this time of year.  With over 10,000 employees in attendance and lots more of the Everett flight line crews watching (plus thousands more watching the live webcast), it was a spectacle that many were anxiously awaiting.