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UPDATE Jan 21st: Tickets will go on sale at 4:00pm PST on Monday January 26, 2015. We are set to release more details on Thursday, January 22nd on the final schedule, what tickets will be offered and how the two dates will be organized. 

UPDATE Jan 22nd: A new page has been created with much more detail about the event. Most has been removed from this page. 

Thank you all so much for patiently waiting on details for Aviation Geek Fest Seattle 2015 (#AGF15), taking place in Seattle, WA on February 21st and 22nd. Believe me, there have been many people working behind the scenes (yay Future of Flight) to make this year’s event amazing and a little different — I am really excited.  We just hit some snags, which delayed our timeline, but the wait will be worthwhile.

What is Aviation Geek Fest? It is a two-day aviation extravaganza that let’s you get access to things that the general public cannot. Check out our schedule last year for AGF14 and then check out the story covering what happened during the event.

I know many of you are anxious about getting your tickets and they will be on sale soon. Of course there are still some unanswered questions, but this is what we can share so far:


UPDATE Jan 5, 2015: I know many of you are anxious and waiting for the tickets. We are too. We have hit some snags in finalizing the schedule, which we need to do before we can sell the tickets. Do not worry AGF15 is still happening on Feb 21 and 22. We are hoping to have the scheduling done SOON, give you all a heads up on when the tickets will go on sale and then sell them. They will be first come, first serve, with a wait-list after they are sold. Thank you for your support and patience. – David

We heard the feedback from many of you! Aviation Geek Fest Seattle 2015 will NOT be over the Valentine’s Day weekend (also Presidents Day weekend). AGF15 will be held on February 21st and 22nd, 2015 in Seattle.

I know you want more details, but at this time, that is all that we have. In the next few months, we will be working hard with the Future of Flight, Museum of Flight, and Boeing to come up some great AvGeek adventures. There will be some things that look familiar and hopefully some new things as well.

If you have not already done so, please sign up for the AGF email list. Any updates will be sent via that list and posted on AirlineReporter.

A group of AvGeeks in front of a Boeing 747-8I - Photo: The Boeing Company

A group of AvGeeks in front of a Boeing 747-8I – Photo: The Boeing Company

I know, I know, you all want details, but we just don’t have them yet — but soon. If you have ideas in what you want to see for Aviation Geek Fest 2015, then feel free to leave them in the comments, but no promises.

Likely tickets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis, as they have been in previous years. They sold out in about 3 minutes last year — they are in high demand.

What is Aviation Geek Fest? Oh man… hold on to your boots — it is a two-day aviation adventure of epic proportions. See what we have done in the past:

Thanks everyone for your amazing support with this event and we cannot wait to see you in February!

A group of AvGeeks in front of a Boeing 747-8I - Photo: The Boeing Company

A group of AvGeeks in front of a Boeing 747-8I – Photo: The Boeing Company

What a ride! This year’s Aviation Geek Fest Seattle was bigger and better than ever.

I have to say that I am very honored by the fact that I get flown around the world to do some pretty amazing aviation-related things, but Aviation Geek Fest has become one of my favorites to look forward to each year. I am just so happy I got to share the experience with 300 AvGeeks!


Boeing SST Mock up in the Museum of Flight Restoration Center

Boeing SST mockup in the Museum of Flight Restoration Center


For me, the first day (Saturday the 15th) started with a trip to the Museum of Flight Restoration Center where I was able to check out the Boeing SST mockup, a Comet, the first-ever Boeing 727, and a Boeing 247.

BONUS: An Inside Look How the Museum of Flight Restores Their Aircraft

I just love the feel of this facility; it is raw. Although there were many cool ongoing projects, the best part was talking to the folks doing the restoration. They love what they do, they have a sense of humor, and they have so much amazing background on the planes.


It has been over a week now since Aviation Geek Fest Seattle and many of us still are having a hard time wiping the grins off our faces. We are still waiting on the photos from Boeing (coming soon) and when we get them, we will be sure to share.

For now, we wanted to get feedback from those of you attended and those of you who were not able to attend; What do you want to see at Aviation Geek Fest Seattle 2015? The sky (well, maybe shallow space) is the limit. What did you like? What didn’t you like? What dates work best for it? You can be honest – no feelings will be hurt.

AvGeeks endure the rain to get close to a Dreamlifter next to the Future of Flight - Photo: David Parker Brown | AirlineReporter

AvGeeks endure the rain to get close to a Dreamlifter next to the Future of Flight during AGF14                                                            Photo: David Parker Brown | AirlineReporter

Take a moment and share your thoughts in the comments, as well as read other comments and see what you think. We want to make sure the next AGF is bigger and better than ever!

Thanks to Ian (@ikluft) for making the AGF15 banner