A JSX E135 wearing the old livery at Seattle's Boeing Field on its July 1 inaugural arrival.

A JSX E135 wearing the old livery at Seattle’s Boeing Field on its July 1 inaugural arrival

At the beginning of August, JetSuiteX went through a rebrand and announced its new identity as JSX, accompanied with a new website jsx.com. JSX’s new name is a testament to its evolution since its inception in 2016. The company has always aimed to provide ’œJoyful, Simple Experiences’ in its innovative form of air travel as a ’œhop-on jet service.’

JSX currently offers publicly available charter flights on 30-seat jets from private terminals out of seven airports: Burbank (BUR), Las Vegas (LAS), Orange County (SNA), Napa/Concord (CCR), Oakland (OAK), Seattle-Boeing Field (BFI), and Phoenix (PHX).

Lovers of aviation make up a unique community unlike any other, and JSX’s experienced travelers seem to be the most in-the-know thanks to its elevated and efficient service on short distance flights in highly desirable markets. Luckily for frequent travelers, the company continues to work toward improving the aviation industry. As JSX’s co-founder and CEO Alex Wilcox shares, ’œit’s an industry that once you start working in, it’s really hard to get out.’

JSX's new livery retains the red stripe and adds the new logo.

JSX’s new livery retains the red stripe and adds the new logo

Wilcox has been spearheading advancement within the aviation industry since the beginning of his career, such as all-leather economy seats with built-in LiveTV systems at JetBlue, where he was a founding executive. Fast forward to 2016, Wilcox founded what is now JSX, a public charter company with the idea to give a super fast and convenient service to its customers. The company is known to serve travelers with ’œthe best of private travel at not-so-private fares.’

The JSX team saw a need for cheaper and more convenient travel, and set out to fix it. ’œIt’s cheaper now than it’s ever been in history to get from Point A to Point B on Planet Earth,’ explains Wilcox. ’œMillions of people fly every year but one market, at least in this country, has been left behind: short-haul flights.’ In the private business, people pay upward of $5,000 to fly from airports such as Oakland to Seattle with 1-2 persons on board. At JSX, the 30-person carrier semi-private jet offers one way tickets for roughly $200.

’œThat’s what we’re here to fix,’ says Wilcox. ’œThe premise is you show up 20 minutes before the flight, you get on and you go. We’re creating a joyfully simple experience, and something that our customers are really loving.’

Earlier this summer, JSX started flights from Seattle-Boeing Field to Oakland, two major tech hubs in the U.S., adding ease for business travelers. Read a flight review of that inaugural service.

This story was written by Caitlin Basilio for AirlineReporter. She is a Seattle-based student pilot with a background in journalism and marketing. Most of her published writing are restaurant reviews back in her home state of Hawaii. She’s excited to dive deeper (or rather, soar higher?) into the publishing world of aviation as she also learns to fly!

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Is JSX going public?


Is JSX going public?

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