We’re giving away a scale model of this Marimekko liveried Finnair A350 to a lucky reader! – Photo: Airbus & Finnair

During our trip to Helsinki with Finnair, we sat down for a chat with Sara Mosebar, Program Manager of the airline’s A350 fleet. Check out Part One of that interview if you haven’t already. Here in part two, we discuss Sara’s favorite airplane type (it’s not what you’d think it would be!), the best part about her job, and her message for young women who may be interested in aviation careers.

Just as importantly, we’re also going to give away a Finnair A350 scale model to a lucky reader! It’s adorned in a special Marimekko-designed livery. Read on for instructions on how you can qualify for the giveaway. Don’t worry — it’s easy to enter!

Photo: Finnair

Continuing our chat with Sara Mosebar, Finnair’s A350 Program Manager

Q: What’s the most fun part of your job?
Sara: For me, it’s the learning. I feel like I’m always learning something new. There are a lot of really knowledgeable people at the airline who have a great deal of expertise, and I get to talk to them and learn how they do what they do. Finnair has a long history in aviation, and most of the people here are very experienced. For me that’s very exciting. And of course, everyone here loves airplanes! It’s not an industry you get in to unless you love the airplanes.

Q: What is the most challenging part of your job?
Sara: It’s hard to identify anything, because I really do love my job. Even when it becomes stressful, I love it.

Finnair’s A350s replaced its older, much less fuel efficient A340s – Photo: Manu Venkat | AirlineReporter

Q: Do you get to fly much as part of your role?
Sara: I love to travel so I fly as often as possible. It’s one of the best parts of being an airline employee. But for me the best flights are when we take delivery of an aircraft in Toulouse. The delivery team five to ten people are usually onboard.

Q: Do you have any fun facts that you think passengers may not know about the A350?
Sara: You may not realize this when you’re flying, but the humidity levels onboard are significantly higher than what you would experience on most other airplanes. Most people on a traditional aircraft like the A330 or older Boeing planes will end up at their destination feeling dehydrated, tired, and lethargic. But with the A350, because of increased humidity levels, you feel rejuvenated and relaxed when you arrive.

Photo: Manu Venkat | AirlineReporter

Q: We know your work today focuses on the A350, but if you had to pick your personal favorite aircraft, which one would you pick?
A: As much as I love my babies my fleet of A350s the Boeing 777 will always have a special place in my heart. It’s the first plane I worked on, and if you talk to anyone in the industry, the first plane you work on is always special for you. So as much as I love and know all the special quirks of the A350, the 777 is special for me.

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Q: Given that there is a gender imbalance in the aviation workforce, what would you say to young women who may be interested in aviation careers?
A: I’d say that if you love it, don’t let anything stop you. In my graduating class in aerospace engineering, I was one of five women in a class of 100. There is definitely a minority element to being a woman in aviation. But my experience has been that once you get into the workplace, if you are good at what you do, nobody cares about your gender. So if this is what you want to do if it’s what you love just keep going. I never thought I’d be running the program that I was just supporting in the beginning. But now I’m here, and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.

Video caption: breaking through some clouds on a Finnair A330-300

Q: Do you notice that passengers are enthusiastic about the A350 when they fly with Finnair?
A: Absolutely. Some passengers will book routes specifically to fly on the A350. It is a different experience! I’m glad that people have that enthusiasm. The aviation geeks especially me being one of them!

Finnair Marimekko A350 Model Giveaway

If our chat with Sara got you excited about the Finnair A350, we have a way for you to get a piece of the action! We’re giving away a 1:250 scale model of an A350 in a special Kivet Marimekko livery. Its real-world counterpart has the tail number OH-LWL.

To enter for your chance at this model, just comment below with EITHER:

  1. Your favorite aircraft type from the Finnair fleet; OR
  2. A Finnair destination that you’d be excited to travel to.

We’ll announce the winner on Twitter in a week!

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My favorite Finnair type is definitely A359!
And I want that model…

A350 is now my favourite.

Alan Patrick Hua

Finnair”s A350-900 is my favorite aircraft type.

I love the A350. I want to go to Tokyo with Finnair!!!

Luka Mikhailenko

Oh, my favourite type is A350-1000 and also all A350 🙂

I would like to take Finnair to Dublin! And then win the model!

Stephen Dawes

A 330 800

I would like to travel to Kittilà¤!

I”d love to fly Finnair on an upcoming trip to Tokyo or Hong Kong

Simon Lewis

I would love to one-day fly Finnair to Osaka x

That 350-900 is sleek as HECK! Though honestly, any of their planes rock that understated yet bold livery.

Mohamed Ahmed Shoieb


Adam Verdoorn

HEL, because it’s one of the few Scandinavian cities I haven’t been to yet.

How can you not choose the flagship Finnair A350 as your favorite? As for a destination, I have never been to Helsinki, Finland.


My favorite aircraft type is the Finnair A350-900 🙂

Vitor Freesz

For the current fleet, the A350, obviously! But, going back in time, it would be de Caravelle!

Innsbruck would be lovely!

Quentin Lau

It has to be the A350-900! I’d love to fly to Helsinki as my first Scandinavian experience.

I have not yet flown in one but I have a feeling that my new favorite will be the A350. I really like it virtually at this point…

Michael Moscaritolo

I would love to fly to Moscow! And somewhere in the journey on the ATR-72 (never been on one of those!) 🙂 The 350 is a sweet airplane! The model would look great next to the Eva 777 model I have! 🙂

Bill Scott

My favourite aircraft type is the A350 with Finnair


This time of year it has to Kittila to see the man

A350 is definitely my favorite. They fly to Salzburg, flew in there on a Air Berlin Q400. I love that city

I would be excited to go to Hong Kong.

Mark Lawrence

Definitely the A359!!! Stunning bird that it is!!!

I love their A350! Also want to fly to Innsbruck!

Kevin O'Brien

A350 is my sons and my favorite hands down! Such a smooth bird.

I love to fly with Finnair, my favorite airline, no matter where they go. But another visit to Kuusamo at Midsummer would be just perfect.

Mehmet Akif Atalay

Embraer 190. I love short haul planes.
And I would like to have a Finnair A350 model.

Luis Suarez

Embraer 190 is the best

Ryan Moeller

Sara and I have the same favorite airplane which is the 777.. However for Finnair, I’d have to go with the A330 since it’s the closes to the 777.. Haha.. Good luck everyone!

Rick Maki


Julia Fasiang

A320. But the prospective deliveries of A320neo and/or 737Max aircraft make me excited!

Alex Tambiev

As great as the A350 is, I”ve always had a special place in my heart for the A340. And a Finnair destination I”d love to go to has got to be Hong Kong, which I”ve been wanting to visit for a while now…

Of course Finnair`s Home! ———> Helsinki!

Gatis Stanga

A350 – nice cabin and crew on board

Javier Campos

I would love to fly to Helsinki!

I”d love to fly on an A350 to Sidney

flight often finnair with A319,320,321,330, are frequent flyer finnair.
next year, finally, I will be able to fly on the a350 to Nagoya.

Earlier MD-82/83 and DC10 but now of course A350.

I know they’re old and tired, but I love the Finnair A340

I look forward to fly with Finnair to Singapore.

Venkatesh Shyam Kumar

Reykjavik & A321s

Airbus A350
To San Francisco

A350, flying to Helsinki! (from the US)

On my bucket list is to visit Helsinki. I”ve read a lot about it really is one special place to visit. I”m hoping to fly there on FinAir.

Having never been to Finland, I would live to visit Helsinki. But I would also combine it with other Scandinavian countries, so Stockholm and Oslo as well! I do love the 777 in the Finnair livery.

I would love to go to Helsinki some time.

The A350-900 to Helsinki would do nicely thanks!

Airbus 350-900, and would love to fly to Lisbon, Portugal

Christian Bohn

I want to fly with Finnair A350 from Hong Kong or Singapore to Helsinki then onwards with them to Frankfurt on the A320 family

Edwin Yuen

The A359 and back to Helsinki for me.

Of modern fleet the A359. Caravelle from the old days. Frankfurt for my destination.

Cameron Scott

While I’ve never been on-board one, the A350 sounds and looks like a great aircraft. The AY livery isn’t too bad looking either.

Airbus 350-900

Aditya Pradhan

Ibiza for my destination.
As for the fleet I like the A350-900.

Peter Franco Jr

I love flying the A340-600. I would love to go back to Oslo,Norway. Been there 7 times. Love the people and scenery. Love going to the Aker Brigger (spelling) on the weekends.

A350! Big planes are funnest

Fly to Helsinki on any Finnair jet, but would love to try out the A-350!

Finnair never had the A346 only the A343.

Melvin and Sharon

We would love to go to Rovaniemi, Finland via Finnair.

Love the A350 and would love to visit Helsinki

Clark Kendrick Go

I want to go to Helsinki! I have never been!

The A350. Love seeing it at ICN! Destination would be Helsinki.

Airbus 350 never. Rather we go with the Boeing 777 or the Boeing 787-9
Boeing got the natural style, don’t have to jack it up to make a impression.

Thahirah Taslim

Definitely the A350

Javier Vaquero

A350-900 the best!!
Finnair destination … Helsinki!

A359 is my favorite model in the Finner fleet!



Would love to fly on Finnair to Rovaniemi via Helsinki to meet Santa!

By far my favourite aircraft that Finnair operates is the A350.

Sebastian Kelley

It has to be the embraer 190 for me, and since ive never been to Finland it would be Helsinki with a flight over to Reykjavik as I have always wanted to go to Iceland

The A330-300 has always been my favorite Airbus. I still like it the most, until the 350 gets a few more years under its belt.

The A350 for sure 🙂

Out of their current fleet, I like the A350-900 the best. But for all time I”d have to go with the incredibly elegant De Havilland Dragon Rapide.

Las Vegas:-)

I would love to travel with Finnair to Sydney!

Gabriel Pfeiffer

A350-900 is my favorite Finnair type.

My favourite historic Finnair plane has always been the great DC-10 but I had to choose one from the current fleet I would for sure choose the brand new A350.
Would love to flight in one of this from Vantaa to Narita!
(But after a Finnair flight from Madrid, my home town, to Helsinki)

Michael Restivo

The A333 is my current favorite but I loved the MD-11 in the Finnair fleet back in the day ! I would love to go to Helsinki someday and see the beautiful airport there

Definitely the A350-900 – it’s the first aeroplane I worked on and as Sara says your first has a special place in your heart

Mark of OKC

It would have to be A350-900… she’s sleek and styling like the beauty she is.

My favourite is the A350-900. Love it!

Joe Smith

I like it that her favorite airplane is still the 777! Take that Airbus!

My favorite aircraft in the Finnair fleet is definetly the Airbus A350-900! I often see some A350s at the airport – it’s great to watch them!

My wife and I planned a trip to Finland a few years ago. Our plans ultimately changed but I was most excited about Rovaniemi. I hope we can do it one day!

Michael MacKay

I’d love to fly SFO-HEL. Indeally on the new A350!

Lauren Leighton

Helsinki is where I’d go!

Pascal Housieaux

A350 and whatever the destination it”s going to be fine

Definitely the Finnair A350-900 and flying it to Tokyo Narita

I’d love to go to Trondheim (after traveling on a relaunched Seattle – Helsinki leg that they used to fly with DC-10s)

Hey! I flew that HEL-SEA leg once about 25 years ago. It was great. Haven”t heard whether they are interested in adding SEA to their network again though.

Joe Hansen

We were in Helsinki last year and would love to go back.

Chris Thompson

Definitely the A350 and would love to fly to Helsinki

Bruce Damasio

Count me in!
The A350 to Singapore over the pole via Helsinki
Then, it will be a hot and cold experience to have on Finnair.

I liked the A340 but since it”s no longer in the fleet I have to say the A350 is now my favorite. I”m hoping it is used on the trips to Kuala Lumpur, because that”s where I want to go after I visit Helsinki.

Jim Twyford

A359, Helsinki, never been there.

definitely A350!

Love the A350 too but I have to choose the A330. Especially during night flights I prefer window seats and it’s nice having the 2-4-2 seating instead of 3-3-3.

The A350 is my choice.

My Favorite is a350-900XWB

Favorite Finnair Destination HKG

Since the A340 is gone, my choice is the A350

A350 by a mile to Tokyo!

I have never been to HEL and I have never been on an A340, so those would be my picks!

A340 because even though it is inefficient fuel-wise, it has the aesthetics of the early jetliners (707, dc-8)

Fav aircraft type definitely is the A359 after A343 is retired.
Would like to travel again HKG-HEL!

Wil Baldwin

I would love to take Finnair to Oulu, Finland!

HEL, even in the middle of Finnish winter.

John Lapham

Finnair A350 of course! So sleek in design!

Rui Bernardo

1. A330-300 (OHLTN in particular)

Favourite was the A340, now the A350!

Andrew Hodgins

My favorite aircraft type from teh Finnair fleet would definitely be the Airbus A350-900. My Finnair destination would definitely be Edinburgh. I was there once as a kid and would love to go back.

How can it not be the A359??? Let”s go to Tokyo!! Just at futuristic as the plane

Andrew Hendry

Got to be be A350

Robert Gustafson


A350, had a great flight on it from Seoul to Helsinki, would definitely do it again–


The A350, definitely. Two years ago I took the long way home from Manila to New York just so I could fly it! (MNL-BKK-HEL-JFK!)

Rida khan

I will love to fly with Finnair to Edinburgh and my favorite aircraft is Boeing 777…

Julie Metzler

Airbus A350-900

To anywhere in Lapland please 🙂

Mallard Duck Aviation

The a330-300 is my favorite Finnair Plane and I’d love to see Helsinki some day

Robert Grier

I would definitely want to fly Finnair to Helsinki. As a retired airline employee my favorite aircraft was the Boeing 707, followed closely by the 747 and L-1011.

Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle

I’d love to travel to Helsinki, preferably on one of the Finnair A350s…

Hans Mueller

My favourite is any 747 variant. Would love to travel to Singapore!

The A350 looks great.. doesn’t it?

My favorite aircraft is the A350
I would love to travel to Helsinki

Chris Kail

Historically the Caravelle. Current day the A350 – a beautiful airplane. And I’ve not been to BKK.


Airbus A350-900 XWB <3

Steve McCoy

Definitely A350 and would love to visit HEL some day!

Not much love for the A330 here but it”s my favorite.

Brian Bakken

My favorite will always be their old DC10s. But current would be their new hot rod A350s.

Oscar Páez González

I want to travel from Puerto Vallarta, Mxico to Helsinki

Michael Garko

I want to go to HEL!

Mayor Quimby

My favorite aircraft is the A350!!

took the A350 to taipei…loved it of course!

Mark Johnson

Definitely the A350.

Starting at Helsinki and then exploring beyond.

Jerry Stevens

WOW, this aircraft looks amazing, always a fan of all Airbus aircraft, so my vote definitely the Airbus A350. Now Finnair operates them, it’s got to be time too fly for that unique experience. Helsinki I’m on my way!!

Petros Zorzos

350 by far

Martin Z.

The new A350 is my new favorite now. Traveling on it to Tokyo would be a perfect combination. I”ve never travelled with Finnair but this article made me very curious about it!

Leo Martin

My favourite aircraft from the Finnair fleet is the A350, a wonderfully designed aircraft that is a credit to the Finnair fleet.

Paul Borish

A350 is my favorite, I had a flight booked , but they did an equipment change. Next time!

Fer Yomaha


Definitely the A350!!

Helsinki-Málaga in A350.
A dream that Finnair can become a reality

For me it has to be Hong Kong

Curt Black

Helsinki to Miami


Lets visit Helsinki!

John Emmett

The A350 Hong Kong the destination

A350-900 and Helsinki

Jordan Hillier

I would love to fly Finnair to visit Helsinki again, doing it on an A359 would make it even better

Ooh I love the Finnair A350 it has just the right proportions and ratios

Laura Mabey

The A350-900 is my favorite!

Andrea Somers

Helsinki to another state

so who won? didn’t see anything on Twitter.

Thanks for entering in our giveaway, everyone! We selected a winner at random and notified them. Once they put the model together we’ll post a photo of it on Twitter.

The more people who enter these giveaways, the easier it is for us to do more of them in the future. So we’re very grateful to all 160+ of you who entered!

Atul Jain

1- A350.
2- Helsinki.
Thank you….

Wow these are so beautiful Planes .

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