You probably are aware that seeing tri-jets [those airliner with that third jet in the tail] is becoming a rarity, especially in the United States. Luckily for us AvGeeks, there are still quite a few cargo carriers [and a scheduled passenger airline] still flying these classic beauties.

Recently SpeedBirdHD shared a compilation video of tri-jets that still fly in and out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on a daily basis. Hard to believe that someday these birds will only be found in a museum, but until then — enjoy!

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For me the tri-jet will always be the best. The MD-11 was such a cool looking plane. It’s a pity there just wasn’t the market for it.

My only trip on a tri-jet was a VASP MD 11 to Brazil and back, sadly I was too young to really appreciate it. I just remember it being quite the bumpy ride on approach into GRU.

KLM still flies some MD’s from their AMS hub…such a sight especially when an MD is parked next to a 747.

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