HI RES IMAGE (click for larger). JAL's Boeing 787 Dreamliner taking off at Paine Field. Photo by Boeing.

HI RES IMAGE (click for larger). JAL's Boeing 787 Dreamliner taking off at Paine Field. Photo by Boeing.

Today, Japan Airlines (JAL) has officially taken delivery of their first Boeing 787 Dreamliner (JA822J). There are also strong rumors that JAL might take (or has already taken) delivery of their second aircraft (JA825J) as well.

Although the official paperwork has been signed, Boeing and JAL will not celebrate the delivery until tomorrow morning. There are some smaller media events today (ie tour of the 787 flight simulator), but the main event will start at about 9:30am PT on Monday and last until Noon. You are invited to follow along with the delivery adventure via Twitter; be sure to follow #JAL787, @AirlineReporter, @FlightBlogger and of course @BoeingAirplanes.

UPDATE: Boeing confirmed that they delivered two 787 Dreamliners to JAL on the 25th.

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Japan Airlines Takes Delivery of Their First Two Boeing 787 Dreamliners

Am I the only one who thinks JAL’s new livery is ugly?

Mark C. (OKC)

I wouldn’t call the livery ugly…… just boring for such a well known airline and a new type of plane.

At the rate Boeing is delivering 787s we’ll probably see starships on the market before they’re a regular sight at airports.

It will for sure pick up. Two just went to JAL and one is also schedule to go to ANA today.



Looks like they did not opt to put two headrests in middle of four abreast seating like their competitor ANA. Such little things would really make flying coach a bit better experience.

Well, airlines do have the option to out 9 seats across vs 8. Also there might not be a double armrest, but that means there is a bit more width at each seat.



Oops in prior post I meant to say arm rests!

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