On August 6th, Boeing unveiled the first Boeing 787 Dreamilner to be delivered to All Nippon Airways (ANA). Invited guests and media were able to tour the interior of the aircraft and see what the future holds. This is my interior tour video with shots of  the economy layout, the cockpit, some exterior shots and the new windows.

One of the first things passengers will notice, when boarding the 787, are the windows.  The 787’s new composite body allowed Boeing to make the windows larger, allowing much more natural light into the cabin. Passengers will also notice a lack of sunshades, they have been replaced with a button where one can choose different levels of tinting. This means, even on the darkest tint, people can sleep or watch their in-flight entertainment, all while being able to see outside. The cabin crew have the ability to lighten or darken all the windows at the same time, which will reduce turn around time and eliminate having to ask passengers to raise or lower their shades (see photo of cabin in dim mode).

According to Jon Ostrower, Boeing has completed certification testing for the Dreamliner on August 13th. At this point, Boeing has not yet confirmed it, but an announcement is expected later today. Boeing has stated that they hope to complete FAA certification before the end of August to deliver the first aircraft (ZA101) to ANA in September. To date, seven 787 test planes have completed more than 4800 hours of flight testing.

* Interior photo tour of ZA101
* Exterior photo tour of ZA101
* Interior photo tour of ZA003
* Video of ZA001’s first flight

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Denver Dan

Thanks for the tour David. He pilot said it was very much like a 767 to fly. How did it feel to you as a passenger sitting in coach? I see that its a 2-4-2 setup where on a 767 its 2-3-2. How did the seat width and pitch seem? I can’t wait for United to get one and see how they outfit it!

Hey Dan,

This 787 is in domestic configuration, so the seats don’t have that much seatpitch. They would be fine for your shorter domestic flight, but a little small on a longer one. ANA stated that their international configurations will have more seat pitch.

Even though this has the 2-4-2 layout, the very center seats have a double armrest providing more room: https://www.airlinereporter.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/DSC_6013.jpg

This is an airline’s choice on how to configure it, I am thinking United might not have that since they will want their seats a bit wider for wider Americans — but we shall see.


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