One year ago today many waited at Paine Field for the first flight of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner ZA001. The aircraft’s first flight had already been delayed and the weather wasn’t looking so great, but hopes were still high. After the clouds cleared, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner ZA001 made her way to the south end of the runway for take off (photo). Boeing employees had lined up along the runway to watch the airplane they have worked so hard on take off for the first time (photo). The energy was amazing as the first 787 Dreamliner started to move for takeoff. I was standing on the Future of Flight’s strato deck (photo) with folks that yelled in excitement as ZA001 lifted off. It was quite amazing and a memory those of us that were there will always have. You know, one of those stories you will tell your grandkids that they won’t care about.

Yes, the Boeing 787 hasn’t been living the dream. The last year has been riddled with issues and more setbacks. Not to re-create the wheel, Jon Ostrower has an very comprehensive look at the 787’s year in review. I have had the privileged of watching the Boeing 787 take off and land multiple times since the first flight, but I have to say it never gets old. The way she looks, how her engines sound (just listen) and of course how her wings bow up during flight; she is one beautiful airplane. I still hold that now it is easy for us to look at the constant delays, but I am sure a few years after the Dreamliner is in service and successfully flying, people will start to forget all the issues and delays and enjoy the next generation of airliner. So, cheers to Boeing and all those who have worked hard on the 787 on this one year 787 Dreamliner flight anniversary.

* My photos of Boeing 787 ZA001 First Flight
* Liveries of all the 787’s that have been seen at Paine Field
* Video of ZA001’s take off from Liz Matzelle (@imperfectsense)
Video of ZA001’s landing from Liz Matzelle (@imperfectsense)

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Wow, a year has pass already David, I remember it like it was today. It almost brought tears to my eyes when I saw that beautiful bird taking flight for the first time, hearing the cheer of the Boeing employees who put their heart and souls on that proyect for years and finally watching their hard work in the air. For me that was as historical as the first flight of a 747 in 1969 (of course I wasn’t even borned yet at that time), the start of a new jet era. In my believe if this bird deliver what promised is going to be a model for future generations of aircrafts and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the aviation industry.
I know there is a lot more testing to do but, do Boeing already have a date for the first delivery?

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