Ryanair Boeing 737-800 in March 2005 showing off the airline's first winglets

Ryanair Boeing 737-800 in March 2005 showing off the airline's first winglets

Normally one has to take whatever Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary says with a grain of salt. He says a lot of crazy things, most likely to get a few news stories written about him. When he first started talking about charging passengers to use the bathroom, I thought it was another crazy publicity stunt, but…

Ryanair plans to add credit card readers to the bathrooms in their Boeing 737-800 jets and even remove two of the three bathrooms to provide more seats. O’Leary is quoted as saying, “We are flying aircraft on an average flight time of one hour around Europe.” Is it crazy for this to start making a little sense to me now? I mean, some people ride buses and trains without bathrooms for longer than an hour on a daily basis. 

The airline plans to charge about $1.50 for each bathroom usage and no word on emergency situations for people without credit cards. They plan to have the new system in place within 2 years.

Source: NYT Image: jordi757

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Makes sense. Ryanair is more like a train company than an airline.

OMG, this is ridiculous! I can’t believe they are doing this!

I will carry an empty bottle with me the next time I travel on Ryan Air.

Ha! I think I rather pay $1.50 to go to the bathroom than try to go into a bottle on a moving plane 🙂


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