Aviacsa Boeing 737-200 at McCarran Int'l Airport in Las Vegas

Aviacsa Boeing 737-200 at McCarran Int'l Airport in Las Vegas

Due to reports of irregularities of Aviacsa’s airline maintenance, Mexico has demanded no more of their planes fly and have 60 days to fix any issues. The airline has a fleet of 26 planes, serving 17 cities, including Las Vegas.

The airline is defending themselves saying the problems were only “cosmetic — opaque logos, dull lights and scratches on the wings.”

The Transportation and Communications Department however stated that the issues found “put passengers at risk,” and it would be odd for a government to shut down an airline due to faded logos. The fact that 21 of their planes are Boeing 737-200’s and the others are Boeing 737-300 (as of Sept 2008), they are not new planes and could likely have other issues.

Source: AP Image: gTarded

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