Neon vests required for Aviation Geek Fest 2016 – Photo: Future of Flight/ Boeing

IT’S HAPPENING! Aviation Geek Fest 2017, is a go! There was a lot up in the air (heh), so things were kept a bit hush-hush, until we knew we could announce something. Here is the announcement coming from the Institute of Flight:

The international Aviation Geek Fest 2017, the most important event for commercial aviation fans from around world, is set for September 29, 30 and October 1 at the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour at Paine Field, Mukilteo. The annual confab brings the top AvGeeks for three days of intense networking, VIP tours, special speakers, drone flights and more. Presented by the Institute of Flight with sponsorship and support from Details are being finalized. Preregistration will open in August.

I know. That doesn’t give you much time to plan and you have lots of questions. Things are going to be moving fast, so hold on to your AvGeek boots. Be sure you have joined our e-mail list — folks on that list get all the juicy details as they go live. Also be sure to check back on our page


Aviation Geek Fest is an opportunity for fans of flight to get together and experience some awesome behind-the-scenes aspects of airlines, airports, and aviation. Much of it — is not open to the general public. The event can be as small as 10; the largest we have had so far is about 350.

The last event was held in Seattle in April of 2016, and 250 tickets sold out almost instantly. The demand is high for people who are interested in aviation to have a unique, special, and fun experience.

Previous events have done VIP tours, including the Boeing wide-body factory floor, the 737 factory, Dreamliner gallery, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Alaska Airlines maintenance, and much more!
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Did it have to be scheduled the same day as the southwest max inaugural… really…

Yup! That was the first thing we asked. “What is that darn WN inaugural?
Let’s book it then!!!” :). The great thing about aviation is there is always cool stuff going on around the year. That is hard when you are trying to plan an event.

David | AirlineReporter

Ken Bateman

I am one that would like to be part of this group, but will be unable to be in Seattle at the end of September. What does it take to be part of this group say, next year, 2018?

A desire to want to do cool things with planes 🙂 Also sign up on the email list so you don’t miss it.

Thanks! David

I’m psyched. Last year was my first AGF and I’d love to come back this year. Will the size be about the same as last year?

Kevin Horn

Hoping to attend! Looks like a great time!

Missed out last year, but had an amazing time at AGF16. Definitely worth whatever it takes to get there.


Have never been to this event…looks like an amazing time! Would love to attend…actually going to be in Seattle area end of September…hopefully it works out!

Hope to see you there Sebastian!


David, is there any update on registration? We are quickly approaching the 1 month mark and people (myself included) need to get airline reservations underway if we want any chance to attend. It is a bit strange that AirlineReporter has been completely silent on this. Looking forward (and I’m sure everyone else on this page) to hearing for updates.

Oren Ben Ibghei

I am definitely looking to register to this event and same as Sebastian, I need to make travel arrangements ( international).

Oren Ben Ibghei +972528531126

Oren Ben Ibghei

I am from Israel, looking forward to fly for the event, anyone know the ticket cost from previous years?

Let’s see… last year, per person (all USD) – $135 main weekend events ticket, $70 for the Dreamliner gallery tour and reception the first evening, $20 for a group breakfast one of the mornings. Of course the events and prices may change this year.

Due to additional costs, they will be higher this year. However, we are planning to have to broken down, where you can purchase just a particular day and do not have to get the whole weekend! Still going to be worth it!


Oren Ben Ibghei

Great info!
Looking forward for the registration in order to get flying and hotel arrangements.

Looking forward to it. Hope to make the trip down with a couple members from our flight school.


Any updates on registration? Will there be a maximum number of tickets allotted? I don’t want to miss out, ha!

Oren Ben Ibghei

Hi folks any ETA for tickets registration?

I have known recent WHAT IS AVIATION GEEK FEST ? Really it is a helpful post who is interested to learn about that.

Oren Ben Ibghei

Hi Jamesanthoni, I am interested.

Oren Ben Ibghei

Stephen Doyle

Looking forward to it, any idea when registration will open?

Oren Ben Ibghei

Any chances to pre-register -:)
Just take my card!

Oren Ben Ibghei

Hi David,
Any update in regards to pre-registration?
Looking forward.

Oren Ben Ibghei

Hello geeks! I am arriving internationally for this even, can anyone estimate when registration starts?

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